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Facing Jihad Conference, December 14, 2008 via GoV (foto © Snaphanen)

Yderligere to minutter her men ikke resten …..endnu ?   OBS: Fr. Geller anvender ikke  stativ.

Thank you very much.

It’s a privilege for me to be here in this beautiful city Jerusalem, the capitol of the only democracy in the entire Middle East. When I was a teenager I lived some years here in this city and after that I visited Israel more times than I can count. Israel: the only country in the region with a functioning parliament, a rule of law and free elections. The only country in the region that shares the values of our Western societies, in fact is one of the foundations of our Judeo-Christian identity.


We are here to voice our concern over the growing Islamisation of the West. We do this in this city, the city of David. The city that, together with Rome and Athens, symbolizes our ancient heritage.

Perhaps a few of you may be new to Jerusalem, yet, Jerusalem is not new to any of you. We all carry Jerusalem in our blood, in our genes. We all live and breathe Jerusalem. We talk Jerusalem, we dream Jerusalem. Simply because, the values of ancient Israel have become the values of the West. We are all Israel, and Israel is in all of us.

This city is the capital of a democracy under threat. Israel is under siege, like the Jewish community in the Land of Israel is under siege for over a century now. Israel with all its glory and splendour is unique, and its history unparalleled. Yet, Israel’s security situation is not unique, and neither is its enemy.

Samuel Huntington writes it so aptly: “Islam has bloody borders”. Israel is located precisely on that border. This tiny country is situated on the fault line of jihad, just like Kashmir, Kosovo, the Philippines, Southern Thailand, Darfur in Sudan, Lebanon, and Aceh in Indonesia. Israel is simply in the way of the Islamic advance. Just like West-Berlin was during the Cold War.

Israel is simply receiving the blows that are meant for all of us. If there would have been no Israel, Islamic imperialism would have found other places to release its energy and its desire for conquest. Therefore, the war against Israel is not a war against Israel. It is a war against the West. It is jihad. Thanks to Israeli parents who see their children go off to join the army and lie awake at night, parents in Europe and America can sleep well and have pleasant dreams, unaware of the dangers looming.

At present the front-line of jihad runs not just through the streets of Tel Aviv and Haifa, but through the streets of London, Madrid, and Amsterdam as well. Jihad is our common enemy, and we better start Facing Jihad before it is too late.

Therefore, if we voice our concern over the Islamisation of the West, we have to do it here, where our civilization borders on Islam. Where jihadists fire Qassams into civilian homes in Sderot and Ashkelon, and where a doctor like Aryeh Eldad is characteristic of our civilization by treating terrorists the same way as he treats the Israeli victims. I salute Professor Eldad for his work for humanity, and for his patriotism. And I thank him for hosting this conference in this great city. Aryeh I am proud to be your friend.

I will say a few things about the Islamisation of Europe and my film Fitna. I will use some examples from the Netherlands, because they are indicative for the situation on the continent.

The mass migration to the Netherlands continues full-speed ahead. Currently, a staggering number of new immigrants arrive every year, many of them Muslim, often uneducated, if not illiterate. Bringing along with them the local customs of the mountains and deserts of backward Islamic countries. Thousands and thousands of Muslims arrive in the Netherlands every year, while already one million Muslims are living in our tiny country.

There are many problems concerning this massive influx: immigrants are overly represented in social benefits and crime statistics and the overall costs are staggering. The financial costs of mass immigration in the Netherlands exceeds 100 billion euro’s.

But what we have to fear most is the creeping Islamisation, the stealth jihad. Because every Islamic neighbourhood, every Islamic shop, every mosque, every Islamic school, every burqa, every veil is regarded by many Muslims as building blocks towards a larger goal, towards domination.

This is in fact the essence of the problem. Not crime, not even the financial burden. The biggest problem is the demographic development, and the way it influences our society at large. Immigration from Muslim countries and the demographics will result in the Eurabia that the brave Bat Ye’or is warning about. It will become reality if we don’t act now.

A decade and a half ago, a then unknown American politician used the following slogan in his political campaign: “it’s the economy, stupid.” From now on the motto of my party will be: “it’s demographics, dumbo”.

More than forty years ago a British politician gave a famous speech. He stated that, looking into the future, he saw ‘rivers of blood’ as a result of the uncontrolled influx of immigrants. Enoch Powell’s speech was the starting point of a debate on mass immigration in Europe. As usual, the leftist establishment labeled him an extremist and his career went down. But the British people loved him, and supported Powell. London’s dock workers took him to their hearts, marching by the thousands in support of Mr. Powell.     (video : Israelsk TV)

Looking back, I share Enoch Powell’s alarmist views on mass immigration, but ‘rivers of blood’ is not something I see happening. We will not face civil war. Our political elite is trying to make us believe that the influx of Muslim immigrants is similar to the waves of immigration that took place centuries ago. Or they say that “Christianity developed towards modernity, and therefore Islam will do the same”.

How are we to remain a democracy if a large part of the growing Muslim population is in favour of introducing sharia law? How is Amsterdam to remain the gay capitol of Europe if gays are regularly beaten up by non western immigrants, often Muslims? How are the Jewish communities of Europe to survive with a growing presence of an ideology that is so blatantly anti-Semitic? How are we to remain a centre of cultural and scientific excellence if Islam opposes art, and academic exploration? How are we to remain an open and tolerant society if we are faced with part of the Muslim community favouring self-segregation and showing no desire for assimilation? How can we look to the future with confidence, when a large part of the population turns to a seventh century desert for answers?

These are the questions the multiculturalists don’t want to answer.

Instead of providing leadership our political elite fooled us by using our own principles against us. I will give you five examples.

First. Our tolerance is used as an argument to bring in more Islam, to bring in more Muslims, and a way to tell us that we should not criticize their Islamic culture, if you do you are labeled intolerant and racist.

Second. Democracy. A growing Muslim electorate is too hard for politicians to resist, so they give in to their grievances and demands to win their vote. Before long sharia law will be introduced, legally and democratically, by means of majority vote. The former Dutch Minister of Justice once said that sharia law could be part of the Dutch legal system if a two third majority of the population would be in favour of it.

Third. Our religious freedom is utilized by an ideology that has no plans whatsoever to play by our rules, yet demands the same rights our traditional religions have had for centuries;

Fourth. Our welfare state that once was the envy of the world, now functions as a magnet for a lot of non-Western immigrants, dreaming of a cushy life in wealthy Europe.

Fifth. Our open borders came to symbolize our open mindset, an example of our cosmopolitan hospitality. But now we have lost control of our borders and we can’t even keep track of who is entering our countries, let alone prevent them from entering.

Our Western principles are hollow if they are not accompanied by a desire to sustain our culture and our civilization, based upon knowing who we are and where we come from. We are not from Saudi-Arabia. We are not from Iran. We come from Rome, Athens and Jerusalem. That makes our civilization special, and certainly worth preserving.

In spite of all that, the political elite are still madly in love with their pet project, the multicultural society, as they call it romantically. Apparently they don’t live in the neighbourhoods that are turning Islamic. They will tell you “they are nice people. I don’t see the problem?” The Muslim immigrant’s demands sound reasonably to them, like: “let us have an extra-large mosque”.

It is very difficult to remain optimistic in the face of the growing Islamisation of Europe. The tide is turning against us. We are losing on every front. Regarding the demographics, Islam is gaining momentum. The ruling elite is even proud of the Muslim immigration. After all, this way they can show everyone that they are not racists. Academia, the arts, the media, trade unions, the churches, the business world, the entire political establishment have all converted to the suicidal theory of multiculturalism and cultural relativism.

Cultural relativism is the biggest disease modern day Europe suffers from. Not all cultures are equal. Our Western culture is better than the Islamic culture. In the words of the brave Dr. Wafa Sultan: “It is a clash between civilization and backwardness, between the civilized and the primitive, between barbarity and rationality”. Indeed also here in Israel you are not fighting a territorial war, it’s not about territory it’s about ideology. The Islamic ideology does not seek cooperation or assimilation but aims for submission and dominance over non-Muslims. There is no moderate Islam, there will never be a moderate Islam. There might be moderate people who call themselves Muslim, but there is no moderate Islam.

Leftist journalists and leftist politicians hasten themselves to label anyone critical of the Islamisation a ‘right-wing extremist’. The entire establishment has sided with Islam. Leftists, liberals, and Christian-Democrats are now enslaved to Islam. They are Dhimmi’s. Lenin once labelled ignorant people that unknowingly aided his cause ‘useful idiots’. Well, the West is now full of these ‘useful idiots’, and they are even proud of it.

Now some words about my film Fitna.

I felt I had the moral duty to educate people about Islam and the Islamisation of Europe. The duty to make clear to everyone that the Koran stands at the heart of what some people call terrorism but is in reality jihad. I wanted to show that the problems of Islam are at the core of Islam, and do not belong to its fringes.

I have warned against the dangers of the Koran and Islam in numerous interviews, opinion articles, speeches and of course parliamentary debates, but pictures often say more than words. That is why I made Fitna.

Fitna is a documentary that shows what is being done in the name of Islam. Without placing all Muslims into the same category, I think I have succeeded in showing that the Koran is not some dusty old book, but that it is still used today as a source of inspiration for, and justification of hatred, violence and terrorism across the world.

A few weeks ago the world has once again seen what Islam is capable of. In Mumbai, jihadists separated Muslims from non-Muslims, according to a witness in a Belgian newspaper. The non-Muslims, the Kaffirs, were subsequently shot. The terrorists also went straight for the tiny Jewish centre in Mumbai, where, according to reports made to an Indian news website, they horribly tortured Jewish people before brutally murdering them.

Most of the Western media stick to naming the culprits as being members of ‘separatist movements’. In doing so, they are missing the main point and are unjustly ignoring the Islamic nature of the terror attacks. After all, if it is a conflict about borders, why are they killing Jews in Mumbai? Why, in a city of tens of millions, find the jihadists the shortest way to the only rabbi in town — in order to kill him and his wife? Why are Israel’s enemies always shouting “Allah hoe-Akbar” and “kill the Jews” if all they want is peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding? Maybe, I’m just guessing, is it because they have an ideology that tells them to kill Jews, to kill unbelievers, and to advance Islam until there is world domination. Islam, after all divides the world in a dar-al-Harb, and dar-al-Islam. Islam is a totalitarian ideology full of hate, violence and submission.

From the day the plan for my short film was made public it caused quite a stir, in the Netherlands, in Europe and across the world. First there was a political uproar, with government leaders across the continent in sheer panic. The Dutch Minister for Foreign Affairs called on me to abandon my film project. The Minister of Justice let it be known that post hoc criminal proceedings could be initiated if the movie was shown. The Dutch government investigated the possibility of having Fitna banned in advance. The Dutch branch of the Islamic organization Hizb ut-Tahrir declared that the Netherlands was due for an attack. Internationally there was a series of incidents. The Taliban threatened to organize additional attacks against Dutch troops in Afghanistan and a website linked to Al Qaeda published the message that I ought to be killed, while the Grand Mufti of Syria stated that I would be responsible for all the bloodshed after the screening of the film.

In Afghanistan and Pakistan the Dutch flag was burned on several occasions. Dolls representing me were burned as well. The Indonesian President announced that I will never be admitted into Indonesia again, while the UN Secretary General and the European Union issued statements in the same cowardly vein as those by the Dutch government. I could go on and on. It was an absolute disgrace, a sell out. It was treason to our Western principles, it was treason to freedom of speech, it was treason to liberty itself. My own government was not defending me, but became my worst enemy in the process.

Because of Fitna the State of Jordan is currently litigating against me. Jordan wants to prosecute me for blasphemy, demeaning Islam and slandering the Prophet Muhammad; violations of the Jordanian Penal Code, even though the alleged violations did not even occur in Jordan. As you all know, Jordan is a non-democratic country, without an independent or impartial judicial system and without a strongly developed civil society. According to a recent study by Human Rights Watch, torture is a routine and widespread practice in Jordan.

Jordan’s attempt to prosecute me is an infringement on the sovereignty of my country, the Netherlands. It is an infringement on freedom of speech. Jordan’s attempt is in fact a hostile act towards freedom itself.

If Jordan succeeds in prosecuting a democratically elected member of a Western parliament, what kind of precedent would that set? But its not about me. The principle is not Geert Wilders. If you look at the press and the rest of the political elite in the Netherlands, nobody cared. Nobody gived a damn. This was the worst thing. A nondemocratic country like Jordan cannot use the international or domestic legal system to silence anyone. If this starts, if we allow this, we can get rid of all parliaments, and we should close down every newspaper, and we should shut up and all pray to Mecca five times a day.

But there is some hope. For instance there is some hope with the middle class workers. Underneath the empty bravado of the elite, the middle class worker, the average Joe, is starting to realise that there is something terribly wrong with Islam. In the Netherlands, sixty percent of the population considers mass immigration to be the worst mistake since the second world war. And an equal sixty percent sees Islam as the number one threat to our national identity. But the Freedom Party is the only political party in the Dutch parliament that shares their view.

And there is hope that political parties critical about the Islamisation of the West are gaining momentum all over Europe, are getting stronger. And we will work together with common legislation, with common initiatives, perhaps even with a common group in the European parliament as defenders of the West, defenders of our culture, defenders of our identity, defenders of our freedom.

We need a new way of thinking, a new paradigm, to defend our liberties. Just reiterating our devotion to tolerance and democracy is not good enough, as we are Facing Jihad. We need a new set of goals and ideas. We need new leaders. And we should always remember where we come from. We all come from Jerusalem.

Let me wind up. The essence of my short speech today is that Europe is in the process of Islamisation, and that we need to fight it. Because if we don’t fight the Islamization we will lose everything; our cultural identity, our democracy, our rule of law, our liberties, our freedom. We have the duty to defend the ideas of Rome, Athens and Jerusalem. The ancient heritage of our forefathers is under attack; we have to stand up and defend it.

A century and a half ago, on the other side of the world, a young President said exactly what I mean. This is what Abraham Lincoln said in 1862, and I leave you with that:

The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise — with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.

(Abraham Lincoln, Annual Message to Congress, December 1, 1862)

It is five to twelve. Freedom must win, we have to win and we will win.

Se Pamela Gellers fotos fra konferencen


Wilders slams Islam at J’lem conference

og  Praise for Geert Wilders — But Not at Home

Gert Wilders nævner  Enoch Powell. 8 marts i år sendte BBC en fremragende, lærerig dokumentar om ham i anledningen af 40 året for Rivers of Blood talen. DR 2  gad  ikke sende den, de  gang  sådan set ikke engang svare på en henvendelse, men heldigvis er man ikke afhængig af hvad  DR 2 gider.  Man kan se den online. Anbefales varmt: BBC: Enoch Powell – “Rivers of Blood”

Donér engangsbeløb?Kan du forpligte dig til fast betaling?


Posted: 15 december 2008 - 13:58 - Svar

Geert Wilders´ tale i Jerusalem er som sød musik i mine ører. En dedikeret frihedstale.

Meget symbolsk at holde denne tale i Jerusalem. Denne helt fortryllende, historiske bjergby.
Man overvældes hver gang man træder ind i den gamle bydel bag murene med de fire kvarterer; det kristne, det jødiske, det armenske og det muslimske.
At kigge ned på grædemuren og klippemoskéen ved solopgang er et syn for guder. 🙂


Posted: 15 december 2008 - 14:40 - Svar

“But there is some hope. For instance there is some hope with the middle class workers. Underneath the empty bravado of the elite, the middle class worker, the average Joe, is starting to realise that there is something terribly wrong with Islam. In the Netherlands, sixty percent of the population considers mass immigration to be the worst mistake since the second world war. And an equal sixty percent sees Islam as the number one threat to our national identity.”

apropos Orwell og Janne Josefsson !


Posted: 15 december 2008 - 15:21 - Svar


I en tid hvor opositionen, medierne og alle deres ‘eksperter’ hyler op om ‘Tuneser-loven’ strider mod den udviste Tunesers menneskerettigheder er denne lille historie fra Norge måske værd at bide mærke i:



Posted: 15 december 2008 - 15:40 - Svar


Posted: 15 december 2008 - 16:22 - Svar


Hør og se skønne og humoristiske Peter Frödins julevideo:

h t t p://ekstrabladet.tv/musik/article1098610.ece


Posted: 15 december 2008 - 23:09 - Svar

Wilders tale i Jerusalem er super. -Facing Jihad.
Wilders skar det ud i pap hvordan islamiseringsmekanismen, og i sammenhæng hermed, mekanismen ved de vestlige politiske lederes
nærmest panikagtige eftergivenhed.
-Sådan er det blevet.
-Som et fly i spin, som i dødsspiral styrter mod jorden.

Der er virkelig mange facetter i Geert Wilders tale.
-Flere end jeg ærligt talt kan holde rede på.

F.eks. at Schengen-ydergrænserne, som skal holde uønskede ude, i form af FRONTEX-organisationen, er en illusion.

Skændigt er det i det tilfælde EU hjælper islam i form af Euro-Med.
Den Euro-Med. som fra 2010 gør Maghreb landene langs Nordafrika
til EU-partnerlande.

Bemærkelsesværdigt var omtalen af Enoch Powell (1912-1998), hvilket
andre også synes.
Enoch Powell var den første politiker som advarede mod masseindvandring fra tredieverdenslande til Europa.
http://dansk-svensk.blogspot.com/2005/08/gade-jensen-om-hannah-ahrendt -enoch.html
Endvidere havde Jyllands-Posten en kronik om hans tale.
Rivers of Blood talen blev afholdt den 20.april 1968, symbolsk på Hitlers fødselsdag.
Enoch Powell var Mogens Glistrups forgænger.
Begge advarede mod følgerne af masse-indvandring af ikke-vestlige
, og særligt muslimske, folkeslag.
Begge fik en krank skæbne, og blev ofre for justitsmord.

Wilders var i sin tale inde på, at Israel er vestens front stat.
-Det er Israel som tager slagene, for at man i vesten kan sove trygt.
Jeg er ikke fuldstændig inde i israelske samfundsforhold,
jeg holder bare allermest med Jøderne, dette gæve folk.
Som årene går bliver der flere og flere stridbare Palæstinensiske
░dskud det israelske militær skal holde i skak.
Israel er nødt til at have en høg som lederskikkelse,
og jeg kan ikke vide om Tzipi Livni er en høg efter valget til februar 2009. De må ikke have en politisk leder som er så svag, at de omkringliggende arabiske lande kan kaste jødene i havet.
Finder araberne i ødelæggelsestrang på at rive Grædemuren ned,
håber jeg fromt, at klippemoskéen også styrter i grus. 😀
Det af Herzl opdyrkede land, ved hårdt arbejde, kan blive
til sumpområder igen, så palæstinenserne ikke kan være der 😀

224 Palæstinensere blev frigivet fra israelske fængsler som en gestus til Abbas. De er sikkert hævntørstige, men i denne sammenhæng er der sikkert regnet med en kalkuleret risiko.


Posted: 15 december 2008 - 23:51 - Svar


Langt de fleste indvandrere formåede eller gad ikke at sætte sig ind i det yderst beskedne pensum, der skulle give dem statsborgerskab.

Sprogskolerne gør sig selv til latter med hysterisk reaktion. Nogle steder dumpede 90 pct., og det har de sikkert fortjent.

Hvad skal vi dog med alle de idioter?



Posted: 16 december 2008 - 01:59 - Svar

Geert Wilders är en frihetens fyrbåk, en symbol för alla av oss. Låt oss bara hoppas Israels nuvarande dhimmi-regering snart försvinner innan dom hinner ställa till med mer skada.


Posted: 16 december 2008 - 09:51 - Svar


“Israels nuvarande dhimmi-regering”

Hvem ser du hellere i regering?
Likud sammen med Kadimah? Eller Likud sammen med Eldads Hatikva og Liebermanns Israel Beiteinu?

Jeg har dog lidt fidus til udenrigsminister Tzipi Livni fra Kadima, endskønt jeg bestemt hælder til højrefløjspartierne.


Posted: 16 december 2008 - 10:09 - Svar


Er Tzipi Livni og hendes parti Kadima ikek hvad man kan klade centrum-højre?? Hun virker faktisk ganske fornuftig, og hendes fortid i Mossad gør vel, at hun ikke gør sig nogle urealistiske forventninger om ‘den gode vilje’ hos arabere. Kort sagt, en realist der på den ene side kan se fordelen i at få en fred med Palæstinenserne (og dermed den øvrige arabiske verden), men som omvendt er ikke har naive forstillinger om deres mangel på ‘varme følelser’ overfor Israel??


Posted: 16 december 2008 - 10:40 - Svar

Det synes mere og mere påtrængende at bruge israelske metoder til at værne vort land, efterhånden som tiden går.
Dominobrik efter dominobrik er faldet siden de første muslimske
gæstearbejdere kom hertil, i “de glade tressere”.
-De første muslimer som kom til nyt land var ydmyge, det var noget
jeg bed mærke i en kronik i Jyllands-Posten engang samtidig med furoren om “Pave citatet” i efteråret 2006, og som jeg febrilsk
leder efter i mine arkivalier. Det synes påtrængende for mig at
spare sammen til en A3-size scanner.
Første dominobrik som faldt var Enoch Powell, med sin advarsel.
Anden dominobrik som faldt var Mogens Glistrup, som også advarede
danskerne mod muhammedansk indvandring: “de” kastrerer os og kvæler os, sagde han for åben skærm.
Mogens Glistrup fortjener virkelig at rehabiliteres posthumt.
Tredie dominobrik som faldt var det fnidder som gjorde, at Muhamed-tegningerne er tabt på gulvet.
Fjerde dominobrik står endnu, men der er kræfter som vil vælte denne brik, -og det er Pia Kjærsgaard.
Hende må man virkelig give sin støtte.
Vi danskere har ikke råd til at lade flere dominobrikker, bogstaveligt talt, vælte.


Posted: 16 december 2008 - 10:42 - Svar


Nu er jeg jo desværre langt fra ekspert udi israelsk politik. 🙂 Kom aldrig til at studere ved mellemøststudier.
Jeg kender blot personligt en hel del israelere, som stemmer på højrefløjspartierne og interesserer mig meget for israelsk politik.

Tzipi Livni var jo “udbryder” fra Likud sammen med bl. a. Ariel Sharon. Så jo, centrum-højre betegnelsen er ikke helt ved siden af.
I Israel er der i befolkningen og blandt politikerne bred konsensus om den arabiske/islamiske trussel mod Israels sikkerhed. Meget mere udbredt konsensus om faren ved islam end herhjemme, eftersom truslen i dagligdagen er nærværende og militæret er altid i alarmberedskab. Har man været i Israel, så kan man nikke genkendende til den fuldstændige kontrol af luftrummet, som man tydeligt fornemmer.
Der er fortsat Qassam-raket angreb fra islamofascisterne, Hamas på Gaza-striben, som er svære at lokalisere, eftersom de ofte affyrer fra beboelsesområder.

Der er selvfølgelig også venstrefløjsloonier i Israel, som f. eks. Herbert Pundik, Politikens tidligere chefredaktør, blot for at nævne én vi også kender herhjemmefra. Ham med undskyldningsmoskéen. Jeg var tæt på at udvandre fra et foredrag sidste vinter med pågældende, da han udsagde sit mishag ved Muhammed-tegningerne.


Posted: 16 december 2008 - 10:58 - Svar

Jeg glemte lige at nævne, at jeg også – som Wilders – har boet i Israel, dog kun i 1 år.

Danmark skulle tage mere ved lære af det israelske motto:
No defence, no existence.

Forsvarer vi os ikke mod den fremadstormende, formørkede ideologi, som vi er vidne til, så får vi den trældom, som vi fortjener!

Jeg ønsker ikke under nogen omstændigheder at blive slavebundet til islamisk dogmatik. Derfor hilser jeg f. eks. også dette initiativ fra Kvinder for Frihed velkomment:



Posted: 16 december 2008 - 11:33 - Svar


“Har man været i Israel, så kan man nikke genkendende til den fuldstændige kontrol af luftrummet, som man tydeligt fornemmer.”

Jeg har faktisk været i Israel, men det var tilbage i sommeren 1992. Så det med raketterne fornemmede jeg ikke. Men da jeg rejste rundt i landet kunne jeg selvfølgelig ikke undgå at bemærke, at der var soldater alle vegne, (også mange unge kvindelige soldater). Og de havde alle sammen deres våben hængende løst over skulderen, (ihvertfald de mandlige),og det uanset om de var i tjeneste eller ej. Da jeg aftjente værnepligt i den Danske hær skulle vores geværer låses inde om aftenen, og det var absolut ikke lovligt at tage det med hjem 🙂

Men altt i alt fik man et indtryk af et land, som nærmest befandt sig i belejringstilstand, men hvor samfundet alligevel fungerede glimrende, og alle de Israelere jeg talte med virkede meget afslappede, vel nærmest sådan et lidt ‘life and let life’-attitude. Jeg må indrømme, at jeg beundrer Israel og Israelerne meget for deres standhaftighed.

Fine Line

Posted: 16 december 2008 - 11:59 - Svar

Geert Wilders er en gave til det europæiske demokrati, da han skærer det ud i pap, hvad Europa er konfronteret med i disse år.

Desværre er reaktionen på Wilders’ budskab et alt for tydeligt eksempel på, at det går den forkerte vej, og at friheden næppe vil vinde over totalitarismen.


Posted: 16 december 2008 - 12:13 - Svar


De kvindelige soldater har også maskingeværer hængende over skulderen i det offentlige rum i Israel. Militæret er allestedsnærværende men det er særdeles betryggende, synes jeg.
I begyndelsen af 1990´erne besøgte jeg en militærbase i Jenin på Vestbredden. Meget ubehagelig oplevelse af køre igennem Jenin i israelske køretøjer.

Jeg kender en kvindelig F-15 jagerpilot i den israelske hær. Der er jo den regel, at kvinder ikke må flyve alene over fjendtligt territorium. Derfor flyver de ikke F-16, så vidt jeg har fået fortalt.

De må også godt flyve med i kamphelikoptere, som vi så under Hizbollah-krigen i 2006. Dog må de ikke forlade helikopteren på fjendtligt territorium. Kønsdiskrimination, ja. Men sådan er reglerne. De kan ikke rumme tanken om tilfangetagelse af israelske kvinder i arabiske lande.
Jeg kan ikke rumme tanken om hverken kvindelige eller mandlige tilfangetagne israelere i de omkringliggende arabiske lande eller hos Hamas.
Jeg havde lige forladt Israel i 2006, da Hizbollah-krigen brød ud. Det var ulideligt med Katusha-regnen ned over det nordlige Israel, hvor de fleste af dem jeg kender bor. De levede i beskyttelsesrum i ugevis, og der var nedslag af Katusha-raketterne lige uden for husene.
Vi så hvad der skete med de to soldater taget til fange af Hizbollah – retur til Israel i body bags.
Piloten Ron Arads skæbne er aldrig blevet klarlagt og på Gazastriben holder de stadig Gilad som fange – hvis Hamas ikke allerede har dræbt ham.


Posted: 16 december 2008 - 13:35 - Svar

At netop Israel af alle har mange dhimmier, og ikke nødvendigvis stemmer politikere ind der er villige til at se situationen klart, er et stort mysterium for mig. Det sætter også situationen her i Europa i et skræmmende perspektiv, for man kunne jo derfor formode at heller ikke konstante terrortrusler vil få vælgerne her på bedre tanker. Det er jo en af mine faste pointer, at der intet kommer til at ske her i Europa som følge af oplysning og holdningsbearbejdning om jihad osv., men kun hvis simpel overlevelse afhænger af realitetsorienterede politikere og partier. Men hvis ellers man kan sammenligne situationen her med Israels kan man åbenbart ikke tage dette for givet heller.

Apropos, så ser jeg på GoV at Geert Wilders overveje at samarbejde med belgiske Vlaams Belang. Jeg håber han ved hvad han gør, for hvis dette parti ikke er blevet ordentligt afluset for suspekte elementer fra dets fortid kunne det give bagslag for ham. Helt sikkert at det vil blive forsøgt brugt mod ham. Og så kan han have talt nok så meget i Israel, dette vil ikke blive krediteret ham i en hadkampagne.


Posted: 16 december 2008 - 15:27 - Svar


” at der intet kommer til at ske her i Europa som følge af oplysning og holdningsbearbejdning om jihad osv.”

Somme tider kan man virkelig frygte, at det eneste der kan få (de vestlige) befolkningernes øjne op for denne trussel er, hvis der kommer et angreb med et masse-ødelæggelsesvåben i en vestlig storby, (gud forbyde det). Det angreb vi oplevede 11/9 var frygteligt, og kostede cirka 3.000 døde, men dette er jo mere eller mindre blevet fortrængt af den store dele af den vestlige offentlighed. Det opfatter mange vist i dag som noget meget fjernt, og holdningen forkommer mig ofte at være den, at “det kan vi jo ikke blive ved med at tale om om” og “nu må vi jo se og lægge det bag os og komme videre”. Denne fortrænings-mekanisme er fantastisk stærk, og er vel drevet frem af både behagesyge, konfliktskyhed, ønsket om ‘fred’ samt frygt/ubehag ved at se de uhyggelige kendsgerninger i øjnene.


Posted: 16 december 2008 - 16:07 - Svar


“De kvindelige soldater har også maskingeværer hængende over skulderen i det offentlige rum i Israel.”

Virkelig. Det husker jeg nu ikke. Jeg kan bare huske, at jeg synes at mange af dem så hamrende godt ud 🙂 Så det med våbnet lagde jeg vist ikke rigitg mærke til 🙂


Posted: 16 december 2008 - 17:09 - Svar


Det er ikke kun de kvindelige israelske soldater, som ser hamrende godt ud. Det gør mændene i udpræget grad.
Og så siger jeg ikke mere. 🙂


Posted: 16 december 2008 - 17:24 - Svar


“Det gør mændene i udpræget grad.”

Det lagde jeg ikke lige mærke til 🙂 Som tidligere soldat lagde jeg bare mærke til, at disse (mandtlige) IDF-soldater lignede soldater der kunne slås om nødvendigt. Hvilket IDF jo så også gang på gang har bevist den kan i Israels blot 60 årige historie.


Posted: 16 december 2008 - 17:55 - Svar


Hvordan kunne du næsten undgå at lægge mærke til det? 🙂

Israelerne kan slås. Det er et spørgsmål om liv eller død.
Man ser også gentagne gange, hvor civile griber ind i en terroraktion og skyder jihadisten.
Vi har set det f. eks. med de episoder, der har været i Jerusalem med angreb på den jødiske uddannnelsesinstitution for rabbinere eller de angreb, der har været med gravkøer.
Her er gerningsmændene blevet skudt af civile israelere, som hurtigt greb ind og skød for at dræbe.

Det er dog trist, at det er nødvendigt at have bevæbnede vagter med på alle skoleudflugter og ved alle fester. Jeg var til bryllup dernede i foråret, og der var ikke færre end 3 vagter udenfor.
Men sådan er det. Det er garanteret også kun os andre, der tænker nærmere over det.


Posted: 16 december 2008 - 18:47 - Svar

21 israelske soldater pr.1000 indbygggere i Israel, har jeg læst der er. Hertil kommer andet sikkerhedspersonnel som ikke er medregnet. Nordkorea overgår Israel med 40 soldater pr.1000 indbyggere.
Endnu kan folk ikke tro det vil komme så vidt, at man i Danmark
skal bruge Lotter til også at passe på os, men det kan jeg forestille mig. Men det forudsætter også at Danmark kommer ud af dette Dhimmi-EU.


Posted: 18 december 2008 - 21:40 - Svar

Pokkers også!: HAMAS ophæver våbenhvile.
Så bliver julestemningen, og Julehøjtiden ødelagt for nogle,
og jeg kan godt sætte mig ind i vedkommendes sted.
-Det angår også os andre som ikke er direkte impliceret
i den ophævede våbenhvile dernede.

Dette er DR1 TekstTV nyhed fra Kl.17:13, ordret skrevet:
»Den radikale Hamas-gruppe erklærede i dag den seks måneder lange
våbenhvile med Israel i Gaza for afsluttet.
Dermed er der udsigt til, at kampene over grænsen mellem Gaza og Israel eskalerer.
-Den ro, der blev skabt med den egyptiskmæglede våbenhvile den 19. juni* , udløber den 19.december.
Våbenhvilen ophæves, da fjenden ikke har levet op til sine forpligtelser**, sagde Hamas-embedsmanden Ayman Taha, der repræsenterede gruppen ved forhandlinger med andre Palæstinensiske
fraktioner. -Roen er ovre, sagde han.

*) -Var det dengang Palæstinenserne brød hul i grænsehegnet til Ægypten med bulldozere ?

**) -Hvilke forpligtelser ? -Forpligtelser på arabernes præmisser?

HAMAS må anse sig for stærke nok til at slå til, hjulpet af våbenforsyninger gennem tunnelerne til Ægypten.
Og hvis et angreb koordineres med Hizbollah mod nord, og de 20%
israelske arabere med blå papirer laver optøjer.

Så må IDF-soldaterne på barrikaderne igen.

I går aftes surfede jeg efter hvad de israelske tanks hed:
Merkava-Tanks, Hebraisk oversættelse af Stridsvogn, מרכבה .
http://military.discovery.com/video/top-tanks.html?playerId=1681730400 &titleId=1240477410
Samt denne skildring:
Og en hyldest til seværdige Power Women -ser efter de mellemblonde:
Jeg kan keller ikke falde til ro igen før HAMAS er blevet åreladet
i denne rotterede Gaza på størrelse med Langeland og 1½ million
Palæstinensere, som hader alt og alle ikke-muslimer.

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