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This documentary may be the most important film on islam in europe to date. It is the film which everyone should keep in mind when hearing the deceitful word, “Islamophobia.” (Kitman TV)

Filmen blev vist på DR 2 onsdag den 30 marts 2011. Hvor mange ser DR 2 en hverdag aften kl 23.45? Har 10.000 set den ? Næppe.

Vold har altid ret

EDL må ikke demonstrere … fordi andre ikke kan styre sig. Den britiske indenrigsminister Theresa May har imødekommet politiet ønske om at forbyde EDL at demonstrere i østlondon, som i dag er domineret af muslimske indvandrere. Det er ellers ikke fordi EDL laver ballade eller hærværk, når de demonstrerer. Se f.eks. den britiske politiblogger, Inspector Gadget, som ellers ikke er nogen fan:

Here are some points:
1. They passed several unguarded police vans and did NOT trash them.
2. There was NO criminal damage or large-scale violence.
3. NO police officers were assaulted.
4 They achieved mass media coverage for their cause.
Many people are asking why the EDL can cooperate in a perfectly acceptable way with these tactics when according to the perceived left-wing wisdom, ‘Kettling’ causes people to boil over and be violent?
The answer is simple:
1. They didn’t ‘kick off’ because they decided to remain peaceful because it suited their agenda.
2. The organisation itself was VERY CLEAR on social networking sites beforehand that they did not want any trouble.

Karnevallet i Notting Hill forventes på den anden side at gå amok, men det forbydes ikke – det tør myndighederne velsagtens ikke. Det virkeligt ironiske er, at det var samme Theresa May, der efter tre nætter med ildspåsættelser, plyndringer og vold afviste at indsætte vandkanoner: “The way we police in Britain is not through use of water cannon,” she said. “The way we police in Britain is through consent of communities.”

Pointen er: Er man kendt for sin brug af vold, tør lovlige myndigheder ikke trodse én. Er man en hovedsageligt fredelig gruppe, kan man endda forbydes brugen af lovlige parlamentariske aktionsformer som demonstrationer – især hvis dem, man vil demonstrere imod, er notorisk voldelige.

Hvad blev der af holdningen “The way we police in Britain is through consent of communities.” – jeg har på fornemmelsen at hun ikke anser EDL for at være et af hendes ’communities’, og skam tage hende for det.
– Nemo

England skifter befolkning, og det går stærkt

One out of four babies born in Britain in 2010 were born to migrant women, including those from India and Pakistan, official statistics show. Figures reveal that migrant mothers gave birth to 181,514 babies — 25.1 percent of 723,165 newborns in 2010, the Daily Express said. In 2000, it was 15.5 percent, and 11.6 per cent in 1990. – Newham in east London had the highest levels – with a staggering 75 percent of all babies born to migrants. Most were from India, Pakistan and Poland. 25 percent of British babies born to foreign mothers, THREE out of four babies born in some parts of Britain last year were born to foreign mothers, Immigrants cross seven million mark for first time in UK .

Blairs og Brown arv er så massiv, så ikke engang svenskerne kan følge med, selvom de ikke er langt bagud. Mark Steyn har også læst tallene. Han kalder det, der sker Outsourcing the Future, ganske vittigt, men lidt for venligt når man tænker på de sagesløse stakler, der skal lægge liv og helbred til dette hasardspil i fremtiden:

My previous book was famously “alarmist” (and so no doubt is my new one), but, if you’re disinclined to meet me halfway in my demographic analysis, try the United Kingdom’s Office of National Statistics…….For my own part, I’d bet that many parts of mid-century Britain will be a violent, brutish, Balkanized ruin. Let’s meet for lunch circa 2035 and see who’s right.

“De erklærede multikulturen for en fiasko alt for sent”

Mass immigration a mistake: Had one understood the disadvantages of increasing complexity a few decades ago, Europe would not have allowed mass immigration of non-Westerners, especially considering that xenophobia is ubiquitous in Europe. To make matters worse, significant percentages of these immigrants are adherents to ideologies alien to the rule of democracy. Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, David Cameron and several others have declared — far too late, however — that multiculturalism is a failure.
Manfred Gerstenfeld: Learn from Europe’s errors.

NYC borgmester Bloomberg: “We are all Muslims”

Overskriften her er måske lidt mere sensationalistisk end der er belæg for, helheden taget i betragtning. Det man måske snarere skulle fokusere på end hovedløs dhimmitude er det ahistoriske forsøg på at omskrive virkeligheden, jfr. “and we always have been”. Det er helt parallelt til EUs forsøg på at pådutte europæerne historiske rødder i ‘kristendom, jødedom og islam’. M. Islam, borderline-drengen der er blevet smidt ud fra utallige børnefødselsdage for at lave ballade og ødelægge stemningen, men som velmenende pædagoger prøver at gøre til en del af festen ved kreativ omgang med sandheden, imod alle deltageres ønsker (LFPC).

[…] We are now in the Islamic holy month of fasting called Ramadan, and Bloomberg hosted last night an annual iftar, or fast-breaking dinner, at Gracie Mansion. […]

Bloomberg ended his talk by quoting some words from the embattled Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf:

At an interfaith memorial service for the martyred journalist Daniel Pearl, Imam Rauf said, ‘If to be a Jew means to say with all one’s heart, mind, and soul: Shma` Yisrael, Adonai Elohenu Adonai Ehad; Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One, not only today I am a Jew, I have always been one. If to be a Christian is to love the Lord our God with all of my heart, mind and soul, and to love for my fellow human being what I love for myself, then not only am I a Christian, but I have always been one.’

“In that spirit,” Bloomberg concluded, in words that echoed John F. Kennedy’s “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech, “let me declare that we in New York are Jews and Christians and Muslims, and we always have been. And above all of that, we are Americans, each with an equal right to worship and pray where we choose. There is nowhere in the five boroughs that is off limits to any religion.” Stephen Prothero: New York’s Bloomberg: We are all Muslims

Donér engangsbeløb?Kan du forpligte dig til fast betaling?

Allan Hansen

Posted: 27 august 2011 - 19:16 - Svar

Diktatorer kommer og går – mens fattigdom og undertrykkelse består!

Dem, der ønsker at forstå den islamiske mentalitet, så er det disse bøger man skal læse.
De bedste historiske afhandlinger, om islam grusomme og blodige historie
finder man hos Robert Spencer:

The myth of islamic tolerance – how islamic law treats non-muslims.
Edited By Robert Spencer 2005.
( 590 bloddryppende sider).
Islamic Jihad. A legacy of forced conversion, imperialism, and slavery.
M. A Khan 2009.

A thing without a name escapes understanding,” warns preeminent Islamic scholar Bat Ye’or of jihad and dhimmitude-the Islamic institutions of, respectively, war and perpetual servitude imposed on conquered non-Muslim peoples. Both, Ye’or notes in an essay entitled “Historical Amnesia,” are in the process of globalization.
This is not the benign economic globalization that most Westerners laud. Islamic jihad and dhimmitude trade in every available means-military, political, technological and intellectual. And if the towering collection of 63 essays (including Ye’or’s) contained in this new book is to be believed, these specific Islamic processes are globalizing at a disturbingly rapid pace. The book, courageously assembled by Robert Spencer, provides historical and contemporary profiles of jihad and dhimmitude.
In six sections, the book delineates how Islamic ideology has affected non-Muslims both historically and in the contemporary world. The first three sections cover the myth vs. historical realities and Islamic law and practice regarding non-Muslims. The last three sections cover how the myth of Islamic tolerance has affected contemporary geopolitics, power politics at the United Nations and, finally, academic and public discourse. It is Ibn Warraq’s forward and the latter 400 pages in which this book really shines. He explains:
Islam is a totalitarian ideology that aims to control the religious, social and political life of mankind in all its aspects; the life of its followers without qualification; and the life of those who follow the so-called tolerated religions to a degree that prevents their activities from getting in the way of Islam in any way. And I mean Islam, I do not accept some spurious distinction between Islam and ‘Islamic fundamentalism’ or Islamic terrorism’.

The September 11, 2001 murderers acted canonically. They followed Sharia, a collection of theoretical laws and ideals “that apply in any ideal Muslim community.” This body of regulations, based on divine authority, according to devout Muslims “must be accepted without criticism, without doubts and questions.” It sacrifices the individual’s desires and good to those of the community.
That apostasy is not today mentioned in the legal codes of most Islamic countries, Warraq notes, hardly implies freedom of religion for Muslims in those states; their penal codes are filled with Islamic laws. The myth of Islamic tolerance is defied by the massacre and extermination of the Zoroastrians in Iran; the million Armenians in Turkey; the Buddhists and Hindus in India; the more than six thousand Jews in Fez, Morocco, in 1033; hundreds of Jews killed in Cordoba between 1010 and 1013; the entire Jewish community of Granada in 1066; the Jews in Marrakesh in 1232; the Jews of Tetuan, Morocco in 1790; the Jews of Baghdad in 1828; and so on ad nauseum.
Ironically, despite Islam’s immutability, the myth evolved through the Western propensity to criticize its civilization. In 98 CE, Roman historian Tacitus in Germania compared the noble simplicity of the Germans with the vices of contemporary Rome. Michele do Montaigne (1533-1592) in circa 1580 painted noble savages based on dubious secondhand information in order to condemn his own civilization.
Later writers substituted Islam for savages to condemn Christendom and materialism. In 1686-89, for example, Huguenot pastor Pierre Jurieu exclaimed that Christians had spilt more blood on St. Bartholemew’s Day than had the Saracens in all their persecutions of Christians. Of course, Islam had claimed millions of lives-in 1399, Taimur killed 100,000 Hindus in a single day. But during the 17th century, and later the Enlightenment, writers perpetuated the “two ideal prototypes, the noble savage and the wise and urbane Oriental,” substituting Turks for Muslims, and Islamic tolerance for Turkish tolerance.

Actually, 18th century Turkey was no interfaith utopia. In 1758, a British ambassador noted that Sultan Mustafa III had non-Muslim Christians and Jews executed for wearing banned clothing. In 1770, another ambassador reported that Greeks, Armenians and Jews seen outside their homes after dark were hanged. In 1785, a third noted that Muslim mobs had dismantled churches after Christians had secretly repaired them.

“The golden age of equal rights was a myth, and belief in it was a result, more than a cause, of Jewish sympathy for Islam,” Bernard Lewis wrote in 1968 in the Encyclopedia of Islam. “The myth was invented in 19th century Europe as a reproach to Christians-and taken up by Muslims in our own time as a reproach to Jews….”
Until the late 19th century, Jews in North Africa, Yemen and other oriental Muslim lands, were obliged to live isolated, in special quarters, and “were constrained to wear distinctive clothing.” They could not carry arms (including canes), and could not give sworn testimony in Muslim jurisdictions. Even in 1968, an Egyptian sheikh explained at Cairo’s Islamic University of al-Azhar, “the Jews… are dhimmis, people of obligation, who have betrayed the covenant in conformity with which they have been accorded protection.”
The International Institute of Islamic Thought was established in 1981 to Islamify Western history and thought. Western thinkers succumb to jihad and dhimmitude when we refuse to identify the Turkish perpetration of Armenian genocide, or (conversely) present Andalusia-complete with harems, eunuchs, and Christian slaves-“as a perfect model of multicultural societies for the West” to emulate in the 21st century.

Only testimony can counter the pathological trends. Thus, Walid Phares and Bat Ye’or tackle the forgotten tragedy of the Middle Eastern Christians-10 to 12 million Egyptian Copts; 1.5 Lebanese Maronites, Orthodox, Melkites and others; 7 million Anglican, Protestant and Catholic southern Sudanese Africans; 1 million Christian Syrians; 1 million Iraqi Assyrians, Nestorians, Chaldeans, and Jacobites; 500,000 Iranian Persian, Armenian and Assyrian Christians; and perhaps 100,000 Christian Arab Palestinians. Patrick Sookhdeo and Mark Durie cover the rise of anti-Christian persecutions in Nigeria, Sudan, Pakistan and Indonesia since Sept. 11, 2001.
Western failure to recognize this subservient condition, much less its historical or contemporary results, has put democratic civilization in danger. All this and much more in this book can help to turn the tide.

Mvh. Allan Hansen.


    Posted: 29 august 2011 - 19:34 - Svar

    Intressant skrivet av Bernard Lewis. Men har myten om den muslimska guldåldern i Spanien verkligen använts av muslimer för att anklaga judar för något? Den enda användning jag känner till är den som riktas mot det vita Västeuropa.

    Jewish romantics found an additional point of interest in the tragic fate of their own ancestors in Spain – a fate which was becoming better known through the labors of historians. One of these was Disraeli’s cousin Elias Haim Lindo, whose History of the Jews in Spain and Portugal appeared in 1846. The broad
    outlines of the story, in the simplified and dramatized form in which great historic events so often reach the popular imagination, were well defined. The Jews had flourished in Muslim Spain, had been driven from Christian Spain, and had found a refuge in Muslim Turkey.

    The reality was of course more complex, less idyllic, less one-sided. There had been times of persecution under the Muslims and times of prosperity under Christian rule in Spain – and many Christian states, as well as Turkey, had given shelter to the Spanish Jewish refugees. Even at its best, medieval Islam was rather different from the picture provided by Disraeli and other romantic writers. The golden age of equal rights was a myth, and belief in it was a result, more than a cause, of Jewish sympathy for Islam. The myth was invented by Jews in nineteenth-century Europe as a reproach to Christians – and taken up by Muslims in our own time as a reproach to Jews.

    [ Citerat från s. 148 i Bernard Lewis bok
    Islam in history: ideas, people, and events in the Middle East, Chicago: Open Court, 1993. ]


Posted: 27 august 2011 - 21:30 - Svar

Så har Det ‘Konservative’ Folkeparti da fuldstændig solgt ud:



    Posted: 28 august 2011 - 01:24 - Svar

    Hvad Barfoed og Vestager siger, er at midterstemmer er mere værd end andre. Lad os håbe, han gør partiet så småt, at det må fusionere med de Radikale. Så må Khader jo se, hvor han vil flygte hen næste gang. Hvad skal vi også med to Radikale partier ?


    Posted: 28 august 2011 - 07:48 - Svar

    ‘Det Radikale Folkeparti’?


Posted: 28 august 2011 - 09:42 - Svar


“FBI: Penetration by radical agents worse than thought-

Infiltration of the federal government by members of the radical Muslim Brotherhood is worse than some have warned recently, says a former FBI special agent in Washington.

The agent confirmed that at least three operatives of the Egypt-based Brotherhood – whose credo is “Jihad is our way and death in the cause of Allah is our dream” – have penetrated the Obama administration.

The shocking charge was first leveled by Muslim reformer Tarek Fatah during a recent speech in Toronto.

“When someone says that there is penetration of jihadi Islamists within society, do not dismiss it as some right-wing, xenophobic, racist rant,” warned Fatah, a Canadian journalist.

Today in the White House, there are three members of the Muslim Brotherhood that influence Obama’s policy,” he told the audience gathered for an IdeaCity conference. “One is Rashad Hassan, who is the American ambassador to the 52-nation Organization of Islamic (Conference).”



Posted: 28 august 2011 - 16:31 - Svar

Märkligt att dessa invandrare vill ändra på lagarna dit dom kommer, så var det ju aldrig meningen att det skulle bli.

Allan Hansen

Posted: 28 august 2011 - 22:45 - Svar

En rød diktatur stat.
Socialisme er slaveri.

Lad os se på et eksempel.

80% af den danske befolkning siger nej til moskéer i Danmark
og alligevel bliver de gennemført – hen over hovdet af folkets ønske. Det er det man forstår ved diktatur stat – og dermed er demokratiet en syg slid.

BREAKING NEWS: 28/8 -2011.

Selvmordsbombe dræber 30 muhamedaner i en moské i Bagdad.
Først fik vi vores eget Palæstina ( Gellerup, Vollsmose etc. etc.)
Nu kan vi også se frem til vores (egene) selvmordsbomber i Danmark.

Sådan ser en rød shariastat ud.

P.S. pt myrder muhamedanerne hinanden i Libyen mens alle røber ” Allahu akbar,,
som betyder “allah, er et boldtørstig svin!

Tak for kaffe sov godt Europa – times out.


Posted: 29 august 2011 - 13:00 - Svar

Att. 9/11 kavalkade.
Denne kommentar er måske lidt i udkanten af emnet, men også kun lidt, idet den handler DR’s evner til at placere udsendelser, der ikke passer ind i Institutionens ideologi, men som man på den anden side dårligt helt kan ignorere, hvis man vil bevare et lille skær af troværdighed, på tidspunkter, hvor der sandsynligvis ingen lyttere eller seere er. Fra mine notater:
En forsker – Tine Magaard – havde foretaget en sproglig analyse af forskellige religioners kildeskrifter, omtalt i Jyllands Posten d.13-09-05. Konklusionen var bl.a. (ikke overraskende), at der er temmelig meget voldsretorik i islams kildeskrifter. Jeg stillede mig selv spørgsmålet: Hvornår vil Tine Magaards forskningsresultater blive omtalt i DR (det ligger jo indenfor et emneområde, der fylder meget i DR).
Den 27-09 har Tine Magaard endnu ikke været omtalt i DR, men i en ”dagens debat” denne dag, nævnte en af debattørerne, Søren Krarup, at Tine Magaard havde haft henvendelser fra mange medier, heriblandt Sveriges Radio, men ikke fra DR.
Meget senere noterede jeg videre:
Jeg har lige (marts 2009) erfaret at Tine Magård har været i radioen, nemlig i udsendelsen ”samfundstanker” med Ove Gibskov. Men udsendelsen var udsædvanlig godt gemt. Den blev nemlig sendt i december 2006, mere end et år efter artiklen i Jyllands Posten. Og hvilken dato og tidspunkt? (Hold nu fast!). Den 25. december (juledag) kl. 14.45. Jeg gad nok vide hvor mange lyttere, der er til sådan en udsendelse, på det tidspunkt.

Hvis der var nogen, der gik glip af udsendelsen juledag i 2006 kan den høres her. Ove Gibskov er ikke interesseret i at høre noget om Tina Magårds forskning. Alle hans spørgsmål går på at undergrave hendes ekspertise og mistænkelig hendes motiver; men alligevel får Tina Magård fortalt en masse.


    Posted: 29 august 2011 - 13:09 - Svar

    Beklager, hyperlinket er gået tabt ved kopiering.


      Posted: 29 august 2011 - 15:32 - Svar

      Linket er her (fjern mellemrum i ht tp – kan man mon downloade programmet eller skal man til at finde båndoptager og mikrofon frem 🙂 )

      Tina Magaard sendt 25. december 2006 kl. 14:45 på P1 (41:32)
      “Jeg har gennem min forskning konstateret, at islamisme er en totalitær politisk fortolkning af islam, og islamisterne er indstillet på at benytte ethvert middel for at opnå herredømmet i verden”. Det mener Tina Magaard, som forsker i islamisme på Århus Universitet.

      ht tp://www.dr.dk/P1/Samfundstanker/Udsendelser/2006/12/18162043.htm

      Nye undersøgelser giver indblik i religiøs fritidsundervisning af muslimske børn
      ht tp://www.nyidanmark.dk/da-dk/Nyheder/Pressemeddelelser/Integrationsmin isteriet/2011/April/nye_undersogelser_giver_indblik_i_religios_fritids undervisning_af_muslimske_born.htm

      ht tp://www.nyidanmark.dk/da-dk/Nyheder/Nyheder/Integrationsministeriet/2 011/April/nye_+undersogelser_+af_+religiose_fritidsundervisning_af_mus limske_born.htm

      ht tp://www.tinamagaard.dk/


        Posted: 29 august 2011 - 18:45 -

        Tak for hjælpen. Jeg synes at udsendelsen fortjener flere lyttere end den sandsynligvis havde på en juledag ved frokosttid. Dels på grund af det Tina Magård sagde, men også på grund af Ove Gibskovs spørgsmål.


Posted: 30 august 2011 - 01:22 - Svar

Ja en god udsendelse. Der er flere udsendelser med Magaard på P1 ( hvis det sku’ være 🙂 )

Islamisme er ikke tro men politik
Krause på tværs 28. februar 2007 kl. 10:03 på P1
http://www.dr.dk/search/forside.htm?output=xml_no_dtd&client=default_f rontend&oe=UTF-8&ie=UTF-8&q=Tina%20Magaard%20&getfields=*&filter=p

– Tina Magaard har boet 2 år i Gjelleruppakken
Førstevælger til ghetto
DokumentarTimen 06. august 2009 kl. 14:03 på P1

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