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One of the claims presented against Islam-critical writers is that they suffer from paranoia about a secret Islamic conspiracy to Islamize Europe and the Western world. This is of course not true. Nobody ever sad that it was secret, at least not entirely so. The long-term goal of Islamic theology is for Islam to be triumphant across the entire world, including Europe and the Western world. This is simply mainstream Islam, as it has existed for centuries; it is not a recent innovation by a few radicals.

Besides, the truth is that far from exaggerating, even critics of Islam can be taken by surprise at the sheer speed of events, and by how quickly many Western leaders are caving in to Islamic pressures.

In Denmark, the writers Helle Merete Brix, Torben Hansen and Lars Hedegaard in 2003 published the book I krigens hus: Islams kolonisering af Vesten (“In the House of War: Islam’s Colonization of the West”). According to them, we are now experiencing a third great wave of Jihad, yet another attempt to conquer, colonize and Islamize Europe after Arabs and Turks spent centuries trying to do so before. Predictably, these courageous authors were ridiculed for their warnings, most aggressively by individuals from the political Left.

For instance, Michael Jarlner in the left-wing newspaper Politiken in his review from 2003 dismissed the book as “spiteful.” He claimed that the “ravings” of those sounding the alarm against an ongoing Islamization of Europe were “delusions” and “prejudiced paranoia of the worst order.”

The conservative columnist Mikael Jalving some years later admitted that he didn’t take such allegations about Islamization entirely seriously at first, either. However, he later came to realize that these warnings might be on to something real after all. Many of the problems related to political violence, the burning of schools, kindergartens or cars and rising Islamic threats against free speech were problems that only a brave few warned against some years ago. These problems have now become a daily reality in a number of cities.

In fact, even some allegedly delusional pessimists have underestimated how bad things truly are. Lars Hedegaard, one of the co-authors of I krigens hus, was attacked and nearly killed in his own home in 2013. Moreover, in 2003 these authors did not foresee that because of Islam, Denmark would merely a couple of years later be involved in one if its greatest foreign policy crises since the Second World War.

The Mohammed Cartoons Crisis took place after the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published some relatively innocent cartoons of Islam’s founder Mohammed on September 30, 2005. I was one of the first people outside of Denmark to write about this case in English. Already in October 2005, I was campaigning in support of the paper and free speech on my old blog.

Did I understand at this point in time that this was a significant story? Yes. Did I foresee that it would become a big international incident that would cause many deaths, planned terror attacks, assassination attempts and the burning of embassies a few months later? No. What this means is that even a notorious so-called Islamophobe like myself actually underestimated the scale of events.

Between 2013 and 2014, Ahmed Akkari, one of the imams who had been heavily involved in whipping up international Islamic hatred against Denmark during the cartoons crisis, decided to switch sides and apologize for his previous actions. In a book published in 2014, Akkari revealed that a Danish delegation of imams had secretly met with the Islamic terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah in the Middle East in the autumn of 2005, in order to draw attention to the Mohammed cartoons and utilize them for their own purposes.

Akkari further admitted that he and many other Muslims were very happy over the mass-murdering Jihadist attacks of September 11, 2001. I was living in Egypt and that time and had myself seen celebrations among local Muslims there. However, Ahmed Akkari talks about 9/11 celebrations that he witnessed first-hand — among Muslims living in Scandinavia and the Western world, not in Saudi Arabia, Iran or Pakistan.

Overall, Ahmed Akkari confirms virtually everything that so-called Islamophobes have been saying for years: That some Muslims speak with two tongues, that many Muslim leaders seek to infiltrate our institutions and Islamize our nations and that far too many Muslims quietly despise the non-Muslim countries in which they have freely chosen to settle. They also seek to silence critics of Islam, one way or another.

The author, editor and free speech activist Lars Hedegaard was assaulted in his own home in Copenhagen on February 5 2013. He survived because his assassin missed with the first shot against his head, fired from the range of one meter, and because the 70-year-old Hedegaard fought back against his much younger would be-murderer. The gun jammed during this life-and-death struggle, preventing further shots, before the assailant fled on foot. “It comes as a surprise that I should be shot at, but apparently I should be,” Hedegaard stated at the time.

In late April 2014, a 26-year-old Muslim man with Danish citizenship was arrested in Turkey, suspected of having carried out the assassination attempt on Hedegaard. The suspect has studied engineering in Denmark and was described as a moderate Muslim. However, according to press reports, he was also connected to extremist Islamic circles in Denmark and Sweden and has probably taken part in the fighting in Syria. It should be pointed out that this man has not yet been convicted of anything. However, his life’s story is nevertheless interesting. This is an educated man described as well integrated, who nevertheless developed ties to radical Islamic groups.

It is sometimes suggested in the media that Islamic radicalism is caused by ignorance and poverty, and can be cured by more education. The problem with this Marxist-inspired theory is that it is not based in facts. A number of different studies clearly demonstrate that militant Muslims often have at least average income and above average education.

Mohamed Atta was a Jihadist terrorist who crashed American Airlines Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11 2001. He was the university-educated son of a lawyer who also lived and studied for several years in Hamburg, Germany. Yet his Western-style education taught him how to use Western technology to kill Western non-Muslims more efficiently.

I once attended a lecture and debate with Morten Storm from Denmark, who had converted to Islam and then some years later left the religion behind. He currently lives with credible death threats because of this. However, during those years when he was a genuine Muslim, he became a hard-line militant Muslim who enjoyed friendly relations with Jihadists and terrorist groups.

When explaining how he went from being just a regular Muslim to a radical and militant Muslim, Morten Storm gave a simple answer: He studied the Koran and took it seriously. He became more and more militant and hateful because he honestly adopted militant and hateful texts as his guide. His view was that Islamic texts and teachings are hateful and violent at their core. Storm therefore argued that you could become more hateful and violent if you study Islam and take it seriously, not less.

What we are dealing with in the West is unfounded optimism. Supposedly smart people say that we should be optimistic, and that the problems we are currently seeing will somehow “work themselves out.” Optimism can be good in certain ways, but it can also be dangerous when it is totally misplaced. In that case, it prevents you from dealing properly with real problems. For example, a striking number of people in positions of power in the Western world today seem to assume that the many Muslims we keep importing will adjust to our culture and become “less Islamic” over time. Yet available evidence currently indicates the exact opposite.

There are plenty of examples where young immigrants of the second or third generation are more Islamic and more aggressively hostile to native Europeans and their culture than were the immigrants who first arrived here. Some of them go abroad to fight Jihad in places such as Syria.

Occasionally, they will be joined there by white converts to Islam. Young Europeans have been taught to be at best indifferent towards their nation and their cultural heritage, at worst to actively despise it. It should hardly be surprising that some of them then choose to be proud of somebody else’s culture, when they are systematically prevented from being proud of their own. For the same reason, it is unclear why young immigrants should want to assimilate into our culture. After all, large parts of our media and academia keep telling them that our culture us evil, racist, oppressive and spiritually empty. Who wants to be a part of something like that?

Besides, the sheer number of immigrants, also non-Muslim immigrants, is now far too large to be assimilated in any meaningful way. What we are witnessing is a de facto fragmentation of our societies along religious, ethnic, racial and cultural lines.

The first Muslim immigrants who came here had to keep a lower profile because they were few. Now there are so many of them that they can establish parallel Islamic communities in the West, in effect colonizing our countries. That is precisely what is happening. Modern communications technology has made it easier than ever to stay in touch with their ancestral homeland, by email or satellite TV, as if they never left home. It is perfectly possible to use intercontinental flights to pick up a bride from Pakistan and bring her to Berlin or London.

More women in European cities wear the veil now than twenty years ago. I have even seen face-veils or full-blown burkas. This was unheard of just a few years ago, but not anymore. Once more, we can see that reality is worse than what many pessimists predicted a generation or two ago. A few foresighted observes did warn against this, but they were either vilified, ridiculed or just plain ignored.

At the Gatestone Institute, the writer Soeren Kern carefully tracks the ongoing Islamic infiltration of Western nations, from Spain and Italy to France and Belgium. A complex plan by hard-line Muslims in Britain to infiltrate and Islamize public schools has been uncovered. Militant Muslims who promote sharia laws are trying to do the same in other countries, for instance in Germany. Again, this is something that is taking place now, not in some dark and distant future.

In the early hours of May 19 2014, a hand grenade exploded in Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, destroying many cars and smashing windows in nearby buildings. This was the fifth case involving hand grenades in Malmö alone in the first five months of 2014. Raza Arnaut stated to the local newspaper that she fell out of her bed due to the powerful explosion outside of her flat. She is now scared and wants to move. The situation has been deteriorating steadily for years, she warns. With the latest rounds of explosive attacks, “This was just like during the war in Bosnia” in the 1990s, which she once fled from. Apparently, an armed conflict of sorts is brewing in parts of Sweden, too. This is Scandinavia, today.

At the same time in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, a man was shot dead in the 20th shooting incident in the city so far this year. In the capital city of Stockholm, people fear that the massive immigrant riots of May 2013 could return at any moment. The underlying problems have not been resolved.

Several other Western European cities such as Paris and London have experienced large-scale riots. In Marseille, France, the level of street crime and gang fighting has become so bad that Socialist politicians with an immigrant background want the army to be sent in, to reestablish some semblance of law and order. The authorities lost effective control over hundreds of areas in France years ago. In May 2014, it was announced that Chinese police would help patrol tourist destinations in Paris after a rise in muggings and attacks on Chinese tourists.

Meanwhile, the waves of illegal immigration into Europe from the south and east, especially from Africa and the Islamic world, keep increasing on a nearly monthly basis in 2014. It is worse than the year before, and the year before that. These huge migration waves show no sign of slowing down. On the contrary, the unsustainable population of many African and Muslim countries continues to grow, at the same time as European countries have nearly abandoned effective border controls because of the EU. Thanks to a myriad of human rights conventions and pressure groups, immigrants who have managed to get here illegally can often not be deported.

People smuggling has grown into a major global industry. The author Torben Snarup Hansen warns that hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from Africa and the Middle East are currently waiting to enter, by any means necessary. This number shows no sign of declining. On the contrary, it keeps increasing as the population of Africa and the Islamic world keeps rising. The influx of migrants across Mediterranean has reached “Biblical proportions,” Italy’s navy chief warned. Hansen fears that Europe’s future existence could be on the line.

Europe’s share of the world’s population has never been lower in historical times, and still it keeps shrinking. Europe has already been demographically eclipsed by Africa, and is in the process of being economically eclipsed by Asia. Native Europeans are rapidly losing their homelands and the ability to shape their own destinies. To continue mass immigration and open border-policies as before in such a situation is sheer madness. It constitutes a massive betrayal of future generations of Europeans to dump future social and ethnic conflicts on them. We have an obligation to do whatever damage limitation we can, if nothing else.

Sometimes we can experience surprising or shocking events, as Breivik’s attacks in Norway in 2011 reminded us. However, this event probably did not have much effect on the long lines of history.

Looking back on the past decade, I see one positive major trend and one negative major trend. The good news is that opposition to the dissolution of Western nations is growing. Ten years after Theo van Gogh was murdered in Amsterdam for mocking Islam, the Islam-critic Geert Wilders is heading one of the largest political parties in the Netherlands. Opposition to the totalitarian and repressive aspects of the EU is mounting among regular voters. A rising number of native Europeans are rebelling against the cultural elites. Many young Europeans are fed-up with facing harassment from aggressive criminal gangs in the streets, and afterwards being called “racists” by the Establishment if they do not want more hostile immigrants let into the country. This offers a glimmer of hope for the future.

On the negative side, however, mass immigration and Islamization continues as before. Ideological censorship is by some standards getting worse. So is the ongoing social decay of what was once called Western civilization.

Apart from a few brave souls, Hardly anybody publicly predicted in the 1970s or 1980s that a significant number of Western intellectuals and artists would soon have to live with daily police protection. This is now a reality. Even in Scandinavia, several artists live as virtual prisoners in their own homes, simply because they made some drawings of a man who may or may not have lived in the seventh century. In the worst-hit Scandinavian cities, attacks in public areas with hand grenades have become an established fact. This rivals or exceeds what many so-called racists predicted several decades ago, yet this is now happening.

If we look back at the past two generations, many of the warnings that were sounded years ago have turned out to be accurate. Some were even understated. I was naïve myself about some of these issues as late as in the 1990s. I simply did not realize the full scale of the demographic and cultural transformation that was underway. I’m not proud of it, but I was stupid. I believed what I had been taught in school and by the mass media.

However, there is a limit to how stupid you are allowed to be. The problems are now so big that they are impossible for anybody to ignore. They are all around us to see, for anybody with eyes. Time is running out. It is no longer credible or acceptable for people in positions of power to claim that they “didn’t know.”

It is deeply irresponsible, and a massive betrayal of future generations of Europeans, to continue failed policies of mass immigration and open borders in the hope that they will “turn out well in the end.” This constitutes a gigantic social experiment on an entire continent and an entire civilization. It needs to end.

Publiceret sammen med Gates of Vienna

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Posted: 23 maj 2014 - 20:53 - Svar

“More women in European cities wear the veil now than twenty years ago.”

Yes, indeed.
Sist uke støtte jeg på et vesen i niqab, for første gang i Trondheim sentrum. Jeg ble skremt.
Neste gang jeg møter det samme, vil jeg konfrontere vedkommende, og fortelle at her i byen er ansiktskamuflasje uønsket.


Posted: 23 maj 2014 - 20:56 - Svar

“Besides, the sheer number of immigrants, also non-Muslim immigrants, is now far too large to be assimililated in any meaningful way. What we are witnessing is a de facto fragmentation of our societies along religious, ethnic, racial and cultural lines.”

“Thanks to a myriad of human rights conventions and pressure groups, immigrants who have managed to come here illegally can often not be deported.”

Ja, det er en rullende-bragende katastrofe, som vil smadre Vesteuropa til ukendelighed. Og det er menneskerettigheds-imperiets uundgåelige konsekvens. ALLE mennesker er dækket af denne utopiske jura, så ALLE kan søge til Europa og få deres “sag” behandlet. Der er tale om en UENDELIG strøm.

Dertil kommer den interne europæiske fri bevægelighed, der sender tusinder og atter tusinder af østeuropæere afsted på jagt efter en bedre tilværelse.

Under dette pres vil de Vesteuropæiske stater bryde sammen. Det er naturlov!


Posted: 23 maj 2014 - 20:57 - Svar

Når vi møter kamuflerte vesener, MÅ vi nå begynne å si ifra direkte til vedkommende, at dette ønsker vi IKKE iblant oss. Det hjelper ikke å bare se en annen vei.


    Posted: 24 maj 2014 - 08:33 - Svar

    Helt uteslutet att jag törs göra det i Sverige, inte ens tanken på det. Jag tittar bort.


      Posted: 24 maj 2014 - 08:50 - Svar

      Bra Bernt.


      Man kan inte ge sig på enskilda personer i det allmänna rummet. Det är inte ett gott råd.

      Bättre att samtala om, resonera om, analysera och reflektera kring för och emot dessa heltäckande slöjor. Se på olika bevekelsegrunder som finns, för det ena eller det andra. Se bakomliggande traditioners uppkomst, (levnadsvanor i öknen, i beduintält?), samt se de präglingar från barnsben som påverkar, se seder och bruk, ta i beaktande.

      Att framföra verbala åsikter, analyser och synpunkter för eller emot dessa seder och traditioner kan man göra.

      Men inte ge sig på enskilda personer i det allmänna rummet, även om man – vågade – .

      Det förändrar helt enkelt ingenting till det bättre.


Posted: 24 maj 2014 - 09:10 - Svar

Bedre da, enn å gjøre noe, er som Bergfast å skrive uendelig lange “avhandlinger” på Snaphanen ? Som om det skulle ha noen virkning ?

Gå selv ut på gater og torg, og si ifra at dette tåler vi ikke !

Selv sier jeg “Vennligst flytt deg inntil veggen !” til tiggere som sitter med sine beger midt på fortauet og hindrer ferdsel, så folk må gå omveier rundt dem for å komme fram.
Da flytter de seg uten protest. De forstår utmerket godt at det ikke er “deres” by, og at de er “gjester” her.

Forøvrig tar jeg ikke imot “gode råd” angående masseinnvandring og tigging fra Sverige.


    Posted: 24 maj 2014 - 09:31 - Svar

    Såja, såja. Det är endast för Marit att undvika att läsa mina texter. Hur enkelt som helst.

    Vill Marit ta sig för att ge sig på enskilda människor på gator och torg, så är det naturligtvis Marits eget beslut.

    Lycka till.


      Posted: 24 maj 2014 - 23:23 - Svar

      Hei Bergfast !
      Jeg “ger meg inte på” enkelte mennesker. Jeg sier bare at jeg ikke gillar deres oppførsel. Det er min fulle rett å hevde min mening. Og flertallet av det norske folk er enige med meg. Vi vil hverken ha niqab eller tigging i våre gater. Det er påtvunget oss av dumme politikere, som tror de er “snille”, og som ønsker å tekkes EU, som Norge IKKE er medlem av.


        Posted: 24 maj 2014 - 23:37 -

        Det är bra.

        Lycka till.

Crass Børsting

Posted: 24 maj 2014 - 11:11 - Svar

Right you are, Mr. Fjordman, right on the nail.


Posted: 24 maj 2014 - 11:26 - Svar

Fjordman tar upp flertalet incidenter, som i dagsläget har passerat både Norge, Frankrike, Danmark och Sverige. Massupplopp och massbildbränder i Frankrike, efter att två ungdomar dog efter polisjakt. I Norge med massmord på ungdomspolitiker av en hysterisk fanatiker. I Sverige med bilbränder efter dödsskjutning av polis mot en äldre galen man. I Danmark upplopp efter en förödmjukande, och uppenbarligen sårande karikatyr, som just var ämnad att just förödmjuka och såra, och de därpå följande uppviglande upploppen, med hatiska flaggbränder osv., samt det otäcka mordförsöket på Lars Hedegaard, som han själv lyckades värja sig från.

Fjordman skriver:…” So is the ongoing social decay of what was once called Western civilization”…

Nja, denna upplösning, nedgång och dekadens och kanske sakta undergång, har nog i själva verket pågått ganska så länge. För att inte säga mycket, mycket länge.

Att idag vilja mena att västländer, med en överdimensionerad invandring till främst de nordeuropeiska nationalstaterna, samt England, och anse att detta tillstånd för väst, enbart och endast skulle bero på en överdimensionerad invandring (flykting-, migrations- samt anhöriginvandring), är nog en felbedömning. Att det endast och enbart skulle bero på muslimsk invandring att denna västerländska kultursfär är i självupplösning och i tillbakagång, det är nog ändå att vilja försöka förenkla saker lite väl mycket, samt kanske också att vilja hitta en – syndabock – , främst då i islam.

Europa slutade att tro på kristendom och övergick till att tro mer på socialistisk demokrati, med alla människors lika värde för alla människor, och i samband med frihet, jämlikhet och broderskapsideologins införande i samband med den s.k. upplysningen. Då började man också tro alltmer på vetenskaplighet, inte minst på social vetenskaplighet och på att ateistiska läror som t ex den ateistiska kommunism, skulle vara lösningen på alla sociala samhällsproblem av olika slag. Om bara det kommunistiska lyckoriket hade lycktas införas först, med hjälp då av våld, med dödande och med mördande av en fruktansvärd massa människor…

När så både kommunism och kristendom, (som var den mest dominerande religiösa präglingen på Europa), båda har tvingats att i stort sett överges, så står då Europa där som en ganska så avklädd och ideologilös kontinent? En kontinet som inte har någonting att kunna ideologiskt hålla sig till? För att alltså då kunna hålla sitt huvud över vattenytan? Istället riskerar Europa just att helt enkelt drunkna, och gå under, just i sin egen avsaknad av ideologiskt självförsvar, utan riktning, tro eller hopp, för sig själv, när varken kristendom eller kommunism är särskilt starka längre.

Det som då har ersatt de tidigare – ismerna, eller religionerna, i det offentliga politiska rummet, är just ismen – multikulturalism – .

Detta är då bliven den offentligt sanktionerade senaste ismen, eller religionen som alla som vill anse sig själva som varande goda eller rentav som varande godkända måste omfatta och anamma.

Ställer de sig avvisande, ifrågasättande, undrande eller rent av kritiserande, till denna ism förträfflighet och godhet, så befinner de sig med automatik i ett s.k. utanförskap till den vedertagna, och godtagna ismen och normen.

Detta är ju ganska logiskt på sätt och vis.

Att islam skulle kunna efterkomma denna den senaste godtagna – ismen, multikulturalismen, och få alltfler européer att helt enkelt och resolut konvertera till islam, det skulle ju heller inte egentligen te sig alltför förvånande eller ologiskt.

Nedmonteringen av det gamla Europa´s ismer, har ju pågått mycket, mycket länge.

Som tidigare sagt, det bäste som Europa skulle kunna göra, och särskilt nordeuropéer själva, det är nog trots allt att helt enkelt just ”konvertera” till islam.

Som unga och friska människor, skulle de skaffa sig mycket, mycket stora familjer, med många, många barn. Kanske t.o.m. – fler-fru-familjer – , där en man då enligt islamisk lag har rätt att gifta sig med fyra fruar.

Om alla fyra fruarna då föder ca 10 barn, så skulle det ju bli en väldig massa nordeuropeiska barn, på relativt kort tid….

Hur som helst….

När nationer, kulturer eller hela kontinenter, tappar sin ideologi, sin tro, hopp, tillit, förtroende, självrespekt och framtidstro, så är det ändå mycket svårt att kunna peka ut endast en enda faktor som medverkande till ett sådant skeende. Den utvecklingen eller den ned-vecklingen, är helt enkelt väldigt, väldigt många samverkande faktorer, ja, förmodligen oräkneliga faktorer, både orsak och verkan till.

Att idag vilja bedriva s.k. – skräckpropaganda – , eller vilja försöka dämpa alltför stor, och s.k. förblindad optimism, samt mena sig vilja upplysa, undervisa och avslöja, samt peka ut, en endaste faktor som orsak och verkan, så är nog det egentligen en mycket svår sak att kunna göra.

Flera motsatta intressen samverkar helt enkelt på ett märkligt sätt till att kunna åstadkomma en sådan händelseutveckling som idag sker i Europa idag.

Om hela Europa plötsligt skulle vilja omfatta islam, så kanske det inte vore det allra, allra värsta.

Detta därför européer då eventuellt skulle börja reproducera sig själva i betydligt större omfattning än idag. Vilket i sig inte nödvändigtvis vore någonting dåligt.



    Posted: 24 maj 2014 - 13:38 - Svar


    Och för övrigt, att tro att gemene människa i de europeiska nationalstaterna idag, är sådär jätteintresserad av varken historia, ideologier, kulturella präglingar, eller ens av politik, men framför allt kanske inte av så särskilt avancerade filosofiska, eller ekonomiska, teoribildningar åt varken det ena eller det andra hållet, det är nog kanske att tro för mycket….

    Simplicitet, enkelspårighet, enkla paroller, de enkla förklaringarna, det enkla livet, de enkla harangerna, den enkla underhållningen osv., är nog vad de flesta människor i allmänhet, mellan arbetsliv, familjeliv och fritidsliv, orkar med, eller ens vill bry sig om, att försöka sätta sig in i.

    Det politiska rummet har på så sätt och vis alltmer blivit ett avpolitiserat rum. Det har blivit neutraliserat till att vara ett slags – underhållningsrum – , bland all annan – underhållning – , i det massmediala underhållningsrummet.

    Det politiska språket, som samtidigt verkar både vilja krångla till det för gemene man genom sin mångfaldighet vad gäller politiska partibildningar med alla sina olika partiprogram, som samtidigt väldigt mycket liknar varandra, och som alltså i praktiken får som konsekvens och effekt att de tröttar ut människor i frågor som rör politik och också att göra alltfler i praktiken mer och mer likgiltiga för politik? Inklusive alltmer likgiltiga för politiker själva…

    Vilket väl är det önskvärda scenariot?

    Ett scenario där alltså fler och fler människor, medborgare, helt enkelt – underordnar sig – den politik, och de politiska beslut, som alltmer beslutas om i EU, eller i USE, osv.

    Därmed praktiseras en allt större konformitet och följsamhet till EU, för att då undvika att stigmatiseras av anklagande, stämplande epitet och också för att undvika sociala eller politiska konfrontationer som i värsta fall kan leda till större eller mindre inbördeskrigiska scenarier….

    Alltså sådana scenarier vilka om de inträffar, då kommer att slås ned mycket, mycket hårt av en totalitär internationalistisk ism, av s.k. multikulturalism, som inte kommer att tolerera något motstånd mot sin isms agenda.


Tim Pallis

Posted: 24 maj 2014 - 12:31 - Svar

Velkommen tilbage til de vigtige sager efter at du har været nødt til at redegøre personligt for så mange afsindige beskyldninger i de sidste par år. Jeg nyder at læse dit glimrende engelsk og blive inspireret af din fine forståelse af både vor tid, den hellenistiske kulturarv, islam og moderne fysik.


Posted: 24 maj 2014 - 13:52 - Svar

Om inte Abd ar-Rahman lidit nederlag mot Karl Martell i slaget vid Poitiers 732 hade kanske även vi nordbor varit muslimer idag, har historikern Dick Harrison skrivit.

Karl Martell var farfar till den franske Karl den store som år 800 e Kr blev kejsare över en stor del av Europa. Dennes rike har setts som en föregångare till dagens EU. Med andra ord – rösta vid EU-valet nu på söndag om du inte redan har gjort det!

Men vem vet – muslimerna kanske bara har bidat sin tid…

Da Capo

Posted: 25 maj 2014 - 00:07 - Svar


Skulle man i Sverige följa ditt GODA råd, skulle det med till visshet gränsande sannolikhet ha till resultat att musliman geschwind plockar fram sin förprogrammerade mobiltelefon, trycker på den utvalda knappen – och inom tre minuter har en eller flera bröder i tron dykt upp; nu kontaktar någon i sällskaper polisen, ger brottsbeskrivning (hets mot folkgrupp och/eller religiös grupp) och löpande lägesbeskrivningar och sedan viker ingen av dessa kollonisatörer från din sida, förrän polisen har anlänt. Du dömes sedermera i domstol för brott av hatkaraktär enligy rådande gummiparagraf: minst 5.000 i böter pch 5-10.000 i skadestånd.
Uti Nya Sverige pågår en t¨ndig folkuppfostran.

Sverige är förlorat, Det är bara att inse verkligheten.
Antingen kan man enligt signaturen Bergfast anamma klotets mest idiotiska religion – och i strid mot alla växande miljöhänsyn, plöja upp de privata 1-4 fertilitetstäpporna och se till att det hela tiden gräddas nya bullar – eller också börja att slipa knivar om nätterna.
Under tiden växer dumheten mot funktionell idioti.

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