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How Poland Deals With Immigrants… Polish police already monitors 200 jihadis

Vaclav Klaus: “I have deep concerns about the future of European civilisation”

The former President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, has accused politicians welcoming migrants to Europe of doing a disservice to the continent. He warned that the purpose of the welcoming policy is the disintegration of Europe as it is known, and the creation of a new society.

Vaclav Klaus was writing in German newspaper, Die Welt, taking aim at “irresponsible” European politicians such as Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Joachim Gauck. He lays the blame on them for “hundreds dead in the Mediterranean” as migrants, their children and family members heed their call to come to Europe and pay exorbitant sums to smugglers unaware of the risks and threats of such journeys.

Citing it as an example of social sciences operating “in rare harmony with common sense”, Klaus writes that a community’s internal cohesion is “essential to the smooth and productive functioning and the necessary stability of any society.” He specifically refers to the economic concepts of “human and social capital” without which he says “a healthy functioning state is impossible”.

Klaus also identifies the “fatal mistake” of believing that short term problems caused by migration are outweighed by long-term effects. He says that Germany’s own experiences to date with immigrants and guest workers stands in “stark contrast” to the idea.

Klaus draws attention to the fact that up to 40 per cent of migrants to Bavaria in recent weeks came from Kosovo, where there has been no fighting for 15 years, and nearly as many again from Afghanistan, where no new emergency has prompted it. Both streams of migration have been responses not to recent “dramatic change” at home, but to Merkel’s implicit and explicit invitations.

Klaus concludes:

“Maybe [Merkel and Gauck] believe her invitation is a positive humanitarian gesture. They are wrong. On the contrary, it is a disservice to Europe. I have deep concerns about the future of European civilisation.” POLITICIANS INVITING MIGRANTS INTO EUROPE WANT ‘DISINTEGRATION’ SAYS FORMER CZECH PRESIDENT VACLAV KLAUS

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