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Endnu en video fra konferencen forleden, en konference der fastholdt København som Europas intellektuelle centrum og Vestens forpost, som den efter min mening har været i mere end ti år nu. Man er stolt over at have været vidne til det. Stolt over TFS, stolt over Danmark. Hør også Mark Steyn, Douglas Murray og Vebjørn Selbæk.

Secret EU plan to throw out thousands of migrants

EU synes at have indset, at invasionen af Europa også er knyttet til EU’s egen overlevelse. Så sker der pludselig noget:

Hundreds of thousands of failed asylum seekers will be deported from Europe within weeks under secret plans leaked to The Times. Brussels will threaten to withdraw aid, trade deals and visa arrangements if countries such as Niger and Eritrea refuse to take back their economic migrants. The proposals also envisage EU states detaining thousands of migrants to prevent them from absconding to avoid deportation.

More than 400,000 people who entered the EU in the first half of this year are expected to have their asylum claims rejected, posing a humanitarian and political challenge for EU leaders. A draft diplomatic text to be discussed tomorrow by EU home office ministers, including Theresa May, warns that countries must send more migrants home. “Increased return rates should act as a deterrent to irregular migration,” it says.

“Member states must systematically issue return decisions, take all necessary steps to enforce them and provide adequate resources, necessary for identifying and returning illegally staying third-country nationals,” the document says.

The plan also calls on EU member states to detain people, to prevent the high rate — up to 60 per cent — of failed asylum seekers absconding before they are deported. “All measures must be taken to ensure irregular migrants’ effective return, including use of detention,” the document says.

The deportation plan marks a tipping point for European leaders who have been divided over how to handle the biggest exodus of migrants since the Second World War, many trying to escape war in the Middle East and poverty in Africa. The Times.

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