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Die Welt giver Enoch Powell ret

I “liberal-kosmopolitiske” Die Welt, et af de tre- fire flagskibe i tysk presse, skriver historikeren Michael Stürmer den overraskende debatartikel: Enoch Powells frühe Warnung vor der Massenmigration. Dette er syv år efter at BBC gav Powell en overraskende oprejsning i dokumentaren “Rivers of Blood.” “Alle politiske karriere ender i fiasko” – opsummerede Powell. Hvis han skulle have kommenteret nyhederne i dag, ville han uden glæde konstatere, at han havde set det meste tidligere og mere tydeligt end andre.”

Reporting the classical source of his now infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech — the Roman poet Virgil — the column by German historian Michael Stürmer said no one in British politics had been “punished” so “mercilessly” as Powell for stepping out of line.

Remarking that Powell’s message was not just “against the political correctness of the 1960s”, it also offended the interests of British industry which wanted to import cheap labour. Pursuing that goal, the editorial contends, Britain like Germany did not at the time give attention to “the idea of long-term consequences” and so suffers today.

Closing, the article contends Mr. Powell would have experienced no pleasure at seeing his predictions fulfilled — a dose of schadenfreude. Yet it states he had the ability to see the future of mass migration “earlier and more clearly with others”. Major German Newspaper: 1960s Anti-Immigration Firebrand Enoch Powell Was Right

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