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Text and photos by Fjordman

I visited Greece in the spring of 2013. Once a leader of ancient European civilization, Greece is now at the epicenter of many of the ills befalling modern European civilization. These include the financial crisis in the Eurozone and non-European mass immigration.

In Athens, the Thiseio metro station is situated close to the Temple of Hephaestus at the ancient Agora. When I visited it on several occasions, I saw immigrants urinating near the temple in broad daylight. The migrants who gathered in this area seemed to come from places such as Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. I doubt all of them had entered legally.

Twenty-five centuries ago, Socrates lectured here. Today, Adbul Karim the illegal immigrant urinates here. This was in 2013. Things were about to get a lot worse.

Aristotle once founded biology as a scientific discipline while studying marine life on the beaches of Lesbos. More recently, Lesbos, Kos and other islands in the Aegean Sea have witnessed a flood wave of predominately Muslim immigrants entering uninvited.

The number of illegal immigrants coming to Europe was already significant in 2013. It continued growing in 2014 and exploded the following year. In 2015, more than a million people from the Islamic world and Africa forced their way into Europe, causing chaos from the Balkans to Germany. Most of the migrants were young and physically fit men of military age. Some of the hostile Muslims shouted “Allahu akbar!” while attacking the local police. Yet these aggressive intruders are still routinely labeled “refugees” by the Western mass media.

In the autumn of 2015, a single Greek island could receive thousands of boat migrants in a single day. I watched several drone videos during the peak of this influx. It looked like an invasion on a nearly industrial scale. It resembled D-Day on the beaches of Normandy in 1944, only without the tanks.

An invasion does not always require tanks or fighter jets.

Lesbos alone had to deal with tens of thousands of life jackets abandoned by the migrants.[1]

It would be tempting to call these culturally alien intruders Trojan seahorses, since many of them arrive in small boats or rubber dinghies. But perhaps that is unfair. Seahorses are gentle animals, after all. It is a documented fact that some of these Muslim asylum seekers were involved in serious crime and deadly terrorist attacks in Europe afterwards.

In December 2016 and January 2017, I spent some days on the islands of Kos and Rhodes. The town of Kos has a small but worthwhile archaeological museum, situated next to a mosque dating back to Ottoman times. Compared to world-class institutions in Athens such as the Acropolis Museum or the National Archaeological Museum, it was modest. Yet it contains a fine collection of statues and other ancient artifacts. It is testimony to the incredible richness of Greek art history that even local museums contain objects of such high quality.

Kos #3: Kos town

An Askleipion was a healing temple dedicated to Asklepios, the ancient Greek god of medicine. In addition to the ones in Thessaly and Epidaurus in mainland Greece, the Askleipion on Kos was among the greatest such establishments in the Greco-Roman world. Hippocrates of Kos, perhaps the most important Greek physician in Antiquity, probably received his medical training here. Galen, another prominent Greek physician, studied at the Askleipion at Pergamon on the west coast of Asia Minor.

The Staff of Asklepios, a serpent-entwined rod, is still used internationally as a symbol of medicine, healing and pharmacies. When visiting Kos around New Year’s, there were very few tourists on the island. I literally had the entire Askleipion all to myself. You can see from the ruins that it must have been a big and prominent temple a couple of thousand years ago.

 Kos #1: Asklepion of Kos, where Hippocrates once studied and worked

There is a statue of Hippocrates next to the modern harbor in Kos town. It is inscribed with the Hippocratic Oath for the ethical practice of medicine. “Do no harm,” the basic message of the Hippocratic Oath, remains a guiding principle for many modern physicians.

Kos #6: Statue of Hippocrates in the harbor of Kos town

For several days in a row I could see a small group of illegal immigrants sitting directly behind this statue. They were literally hiding in the shadow of Hippocrates. There was some symbolism to this. Muslims force their way into Europe, using European ethical ideals and humanism as a weapon to gain entry. The migrants I saw in January 2017 did not speak Arabic. Based on their looks, I would guess that some of them came from South Asia, perhaps from Pakistan or Bangladesh, while others may have come from Afghanistan or Central Asia.

Kos #4: Migrants in Kos

Kos is located very close to the west coast of Anatolia or Asia Minor, the country we now call Turkey. Using only the naked eye, I could clearly see individual houses in Turkey. You hardly need a motorized boat to travel this short distance. A kayak would be enough. In calm weather, an able swimmer might be able to swim from Turkey to Greece and the EU.

Several other Greek islands such as Samos, Lesbos and Chios are also situated close to the Turkish coastline. All of these islands have experienced major problems with illegal immigrants. Some of these problems still remain in 2017.

Turkey has been rocked by a series of deadly terror attacks in recent years. The number of foreign tourists visiting the country has fallen sharply because of this between 2014 and 2017.

The Islamic State (ISIS) is suspected to be behind several attacks on Turkish soil. This is somewhat ironic. Accusations have earlier been made that Turkish authorities quietly aided ISIS, as long as they were fighting the Kurds.[2] 2017 was just a couple of hours old when Turkey was hit by yet another bloody attack. This time, the target was a nightclub in Istanbul.[3]

For all its substantial social and economic problems, Greece is still a safer travel destination than neighboring Turkey. You will see more veiled Muslim women in Brussels, Berlin, Stockholm or Amsterdam, not to mention London or Paris, than you see in Rhodes or Kos.

Most of the migrants who arrive in Greek islands do not want to stay there. They want to get to countries in northwestern Europe with more generous welfare states.

Migrants in Kos

The number of migrants entering Greece from Turkey was sharply reduced in 2016 compared to 2015. However, some illegal immigrants continue to arrive in Greek islands. Boat migrants crossing the Mediterranean along the longer route, from North Africa to Italy, reached record levels in 2016.[4] Moreover, this temporary reduction in the flow of migrants into southeast Europe is entirely dependent upon the actions and policies of Turkish authorities.

The Turkish government and President Erdogan engage in open blackmail and demographic warfare against Europe. They have repeatedly stated that they want money and visa-free access to the EU for millions of Muslims in Turkey.[5] Otherwise, they will unleash the hordes from the Middle East again.

That is not the worst-case scenario. The worst-case scenario is that Turkey, an increasingly Islamic and unstable country, itself might descend into a full-blown civil war. Such an event would trigger even larger population movements towards Europe than we have seen so far.

Greeks have been at the receiving end of one of the longest campaigns of ethnic cleansing in human history. For nearly 1,400 years, Muslims have been wiping out communities of Greek-speaking Christians in the eastern Mediterranean. Greeks fought a long and bloody struggle to liberate themselves from centuries of brutal and oppressive Turkish rule.

Now, Multiculturalism, the EU and mass immigration bring Islam back. Greeks and other Europeans are expected to celebrate this. In 2017 Athens will get its first new mosque since Ottoman times.[6] This happens partly after pressure from the pro-Islamic policies of the EU.

By early 2017, the migrant situation in Greece was calmer than in 2015. Yet I sensed an underlying fear among some of the local Greeks that the troubles could restart again at any moment. The Islamic world and Africa have booming populations and dysfunctional societies.

Hundreds of millions of people in these overpopulated regions would potentially like to move to Europe. The apocalyptic scenes of 2015 may simply be a prelude to what is yet to come.


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Co-published with Gates of Vienna.

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Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 10:05 - Svar

Jovisst Fjordman, är vi invaderade av muslimer från MENA. De vill utrota oss och ta över våra länder.
Som barn läste jag ibland Sci-Fi böcker som handlade om invasion från t ex Mars. Då handlade det om att vi skulle upptäcka svaga punkter hos invaderarna samt bekämpa dem på dessa.
Idag lider Sverige och EUropa av en mental förlamning kallad kulturmarxism som hindrar oss från att bekämpa inkräktarna. Denna kulturmarxism kan åtminstone härledas tillbaka till WW2 Ett symptom på dess utbredning kan vara att man inte får använda ord som zigenare eller neger (fast det gör de själva), inte ens i Avpixlat.
Vi måste klarlägga hela denna mentala förlamning samt frigöra oss ur densamma, annars är vi chanslösa mot invaderarna.

    MartinG-Vetenskapliga partiet

    Posted: 20 januar 2017 - 05:22 - Svar

    Jag tror det är bättre att använda accepterade ord om man vill få ett enat folk bakom en enad rimlig politik.


      Posted: 20 januar 2017 - 08:21 - Svar

      Accepterade av VEM?

        MartinG-Vetenskapliga partiet

        Posted: 20 januar 2017 - 23:45 -

        Av majoriteten och allra helst av alla i hela samhället, naturligtvis. Det förhindrar inte ett rikt språk.


        Posted: 21 januar 2017 - 07:43 -

        Men vi har inte den situationen f n. Det sitter PK-folk (folkuppfostrare) som stjäl ord för oss, ord som vi behöver, för att förhindra en sund debatt. Samma PK-folk hittar på nya ord som ska låta bättre men är otydliga (flummiga) och kan därmed vridas och vändas på som det behagar dem. Vi ska inte låta dem hållas för då är nyspråket snart ett faktum.

        MartinG-Vetenskapliga partiet

        Posted: 22 januar 2017 - 18:40 -

        Fyll gärna på i min egen lista!
        https://vetenskapligapartiet.wordpress.com/2016/08/07/godhetens-sjalvm otsagelser-lista-pa-speciellt-dumma-politiska-oxymoroner/

        Även Anette och säkert fler än henne, har noterat samma sak som du, nämligen att man uppfinner nya lögnaktiga ord för att skyla över sina ildåd:
        http://anettes-paradis.blogspot.com.es/2013/05/sanningsministeriet.htm l

        Men jag hävdar ändå att man kan kalla saker och ting för vad de egentligen är, så att orden inte kan tolkas fel. Alla vet idag vad både romer från Rumänien är för något och alla vet namnen på de flesta afrikanska stater. Apostaten Mona Walter är ex från Somalia och har säkert inget emot att bli kallad chokladbrun om nu hennes hudton skulle ha minsta betydelse för hennes budskap.


        Posted: 23 januar 2017 - 11:47 -

        Jag tänker på kampanjen “Hela Sverige ska leva”. Politikerna ville att alla bensinmackar skulle börja sälja E85, så mackarna på landet var tvungna att investera i en etanoltank+pump för att få fortsätta sälja bensin och diesel. Dock var det nästan ingen som tankade E85 eftersom man kom längre på 95 blyfritt (som inte var så mycket dyrare), så mackarna gick kraftigt back på denna investering. Många fick lägga ned och då rök ofta ortens livsmedelsaffär också, eftersom den låg tillsammans med macken.
        Eller, när politikerna ska visa godhet och humanitet mot alla som inte är svenskar för svenska skattemedel, men hela tiden bortser från svenskarnas behov, har resultatet blivit att jag fasar för politikernas “godhet”.
        Så floskeln “allas lika värde” verkar innebära att klassamhället återinförs, fast med svenskarna i botten.

Peder Fjordman Jensen

Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 10:47 - Svar

Takk for publisering, Steen.

Jeg publiserer mange av mine tekster gratis. Av og til er det derimot rimelig å be leserne om en liten donasjon. På alle mine poster på Gates of Vienna finnes det en knapp for donasjon via PayPal under teksten. Hvis du leser mine tekster og synes de er verdt å lese kan du vurdere å gi en frivillig donasjon. Det behøver ikke være store summer. 150 kroner eller 15 dollar er mye bedre enn ingenting.

PK svada

Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 15:42 - Svar

En ny og opplagt sak for snaphanen.
EU benytter nå DDR metoder for å sensurere islamkritikere.
http://jyllands-posten.dk/politik/ECE9287669/udenrigsminister-blaastem pler-eutaskforce-anklager-dansk-debattoer-for-at-sprede-russisk-propag anda/


    Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 16:11 - Svar

    Uten å ta stilling til selve problematikken, må jeg bare si at interessen ser ikke ut for å fenge danske politikere..
    1 spørrer og 1 som svarer….og hvor er resten…til lunch…

      PK svada

      Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 16:26 - Svar

      Det er tydelig at Merkel skritt for skritt gjeninnfører DDR`s totalitære ideologi i EU.


        Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 16:58 -

        Hun prøver desperat, men slik utviklingen er nå..brexit og Trump..konsekvenserna..tror jag inte det…
        Hun taper politisk terreng i Tyskland pga økoinnvandringeningen..ingen tvekan…

      Chingachgook Jensen

      Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 19:04 - Svar

      De holder sig væk fra folketings-salen, så de senere kan sige at de ikke havde del i ulykkerne og ikke anede hvad der foregik.
      Det vil være deres forsvar når folket begynder at bygge galgerne.


        Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 19:12 -

        Jeg tror deg…men det var da meget påfallende…så jeg måtte kommentere det.


    Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 16:32 - Svar

    En styg sag, den får nu ret meget medieopmræksomhed


    Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 21:00 - Svar

    Jeg har alltid lurt på hvorfor folk i Europa er så likegyldige til EU ? i Norge har vi folkeaksjonen mot EU, noe slikt finnes ikke i medlemslandene, folk er som zombier i Vest Europa.

PK svada

Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 17:12 - Svar

Et tankekors at Sveriges scorer så lavt på disse spørsmålene, det lover ikke bra for neste valg og utviklingen der for øvrig.
https://www.buzzfeed.com/jamesball/now-is-the-winter-of-our-discontent  ?utm_term=.miGB27x17#.uldBvxaWx


    Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 18:31 - Svar

    ..og hvilke konklusjoner/tankekors trekker du så ut av denne art..

      PK svada

      Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 18:38 - Svar

      Merkelig spørsmål, hvis folk er stort sett fornøyde så betyr det vanligvis at de ikke vil ha noen store endringer.


        Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 19:03 -

        Helt feil,.. ikke det svenske folket i alle fall.. og statistikker av dette slaget gjør meg bestandig meget skeptisk…svarene er ønsket på forhand, spes utvalg av de som intervjues også lages spørsmålene etter det..har studert statistikk så jeg kjenner de fleste trix.
        Da følger du ikke med å hva som skjer i Sverige…svenske hverdagen igjennom PK media og ikkePK siter/blogger…det gjør jeg og mine medarbeidere.
        Det svenske folket vil ha og trenger endring før islam sluker oss som nasjon.
        SD er det partiet som vil hindre dette..ved sin innvandrings/kriminalpolitikk mm.
        så stort sett fornøyd, ..virkeligheten forteller noe helt annet som er…Det er de ikke og valget i 2018 vil avgjøre.. Sveriges/svenskers være eller ikke være.

        PK svada

        Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 19:12 -

        Undersøkelsen er ikke laget spesifikt for Sverige, den er utført i mange land og resultatene viser at Sverige har lavest score på omtrent samtlige spørsmål.
        Jeg er enig i at man må ta en slik undersøkelse med en klype salt, men dog så var resultatet så svakt for Sverige at det må være noe som er inngrodd i befolkningen.
        Man ser jo hvor langt det allerede har gått i Sverige, og det er neppe tilfeldig at det har blitt slik.


        Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 19:17 -

        Det var det for Trump også..og hva skjedde i virkeligheten…
        Trump blir USA`s kommende president på fredag…hipp hipp..
        Pkèrne spyr ut slike statistikker…og bare hjernevaskede velger å tro på de..gjennomskuet.

        PK svada

        Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 19:19 -

        De meningsmålingene jeg fulgte ang Trump var de som viste seg å være riktige 🙂


        Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 19:19 -

        ..har du linkene…

        PK svada

        Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 19:21 -

        Husker ikke de lenger nå.

kenneth hovestøl

Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 18:33 - Svar

Sitat Peder Fjordman: “Muslims force their way into Europe, using European ethical ideals and humanism as a weapon to gain entry.”

Members in NATO, the EU and Heads of State have stated their goals openly.
Their goal is to genocide white people through massive non-white immigration and assimilation.

China did (almost) the same thing to Tibet and the UN condemned it as genocide.

(Politicians condemn genocide by assimilation of aboriginal groups.)

What’s happening to us is White genocide.
This is not happening to Blacks, Asians, or Arabs.
(Even Aboriginals have their reserves.)
White people are not even allowed those.

Diversity means chasing down the last white person in Europe.
It’s genocide.
“Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

Excuse my way of writing. Since article writer writing in English, I do it too. I then feel more free to write what I really mean … Sorry.


Posted: 17 januar 2017 - 22:20 - Svar

Så länge människor leker godhetsapostlar och mamma till all jordens befolkning, tjafset om allas lika värde, rädslan över att kallas rasist, nazist eller fascist. Man ska skämmas över att vara vit.

På ett skruvat sätt anser man sig även vara överlägsen att man tror att vi vita främsta uppgift är att vi, ska “lära” människor från jordens dysfunktionella länder, hur man ska vara och annat skit. Storhetsvansinne till max, man kan inte lära människor saker. Bara en naiv idiot med hybris tror det.


Posted: 18 januar 2017 - 11:06 - Svar

Grundproblemet är befolkningsexplotionen i muslimska länder. År 1900 föddes det ett barn i Europa samtidigt som det föddes 1 barn i Europas muslimska grannländer. Idag är siffran 1:20. – År 1900 bodde det 8 miljoner i Egypten och 5 miljoner i Sverige. Idag bor det 100 miljoner enbart i Egypten. Kairo har 18 miljoner innevånare. Dubbelt så många som i Sverige. – Den muslimska och afrikanska världen behöver en enbarnspolitik som KIna införde för 35 år sedan. Idag “saknas” det 400 miljoner Kineser tack vare detta. Vilket motsvarar Europas befolkning. – Befolkningsökningen är så stor idag i de muslimska länderna att Europa kan ta emot 50 miljoner per och det svämmar ändå över. Till ingen nytta – Arabvärlden och Afrika behöver kondomer, steriliseringar och inte 4 fruar och 6 barn per fru. År 2100 kommer det att födas 100 ggr fler muslimer och afrikaner än Européer enligt forskare.


Posted: 18 januar 2017 - 13:20 - Svar

Tenk at Europa, den kulturelt rikeste region på planeten, skulle ha et tvingende behov for kulturell berikelse.

Eva på Södermalm

Posted: 19 januar 2017 - 07:17 - Svar

Filmen “Troja” hade premiär 2004 och är producerad i Hollywood, planetens största “mind control industry”, som globalistkapitalisternas förebud om vad som komma skall. På senare år har stora arméer med papperslösa krigare utan uniformer släppts in i Europa, vars inre och yttre gränser EU har monterat ner. Flyktingförläggningarna och moskéerna är 2000-talets trojanska hästar.

“Mind control triggar invandringen
Henning Witte”:

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