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‘It is child abuse pure and simple,’

Darul Uloom, Birmingham, en deobandi skole, blev lukket af inspektorer i november 2016. Inspektorerne var selvfølgelig ‘racistiske’. Deobandier er en radikale sunni-sekt, der mest forekommer i Indien, Pakistand og Afghanistan. Man leder efter en fornuftig grund til, at de har lov at sprede deres gift i Europa:

‘It is child abuse pure and simple,’ she told The Daily Telegraph.’Muslim schools should not be allowed in liberal society. ‘These Muslim schools they take opportunity away from the children, they should be banned.’

‘Everyone says we allow Christian and Jewish schools but they are different, the Muslim schools are political ideology masquerading as a religion infiltrating the institutions of learning, preying on really small children and filling their heads up with these extreme ideas,’ Ms Ali said. ‘It is child abuse pure and simple’: Prominent Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali calls for all Muslim schools in Australia to be SHUT DOWN

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