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Douglas Murray and Stefan Molyneux

The Terrifying Way Sweden Is Killing Itself

Jeg plukkede i Bruce Bawers nye artikel:

I could be writing every week about Sweden. Every day. Every hour. For reasons that will be analyzed by historians for a long, long time – provided the Western world doesn’t become so thoroughly Islamized that the possibility of objective historical scrutiny is utterly obliterated – the Swedes have chosen a path of cultural and societal suicide that puts all other countries in the shade.


No, Sweden isn’t North Korea. The ugly news does get out, one way or another. Some of it, anyway. It’s just that, with extremely rare exceptions, the important facts about the nation’s disastrous Islamization don’t find their way into the country’s own mainstream media. On the contrary, Sweden’s major TV, radio, and print outlets are notorious for the fidelity with which they parrot the government line and omit or whitewash uncomfortable news developments.

No, if you’re looking for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about most of the nasty stuff going on in Sweden these days, you’re better off checking out Swedish websites such as Avpixlat and Fria Tider, the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, and two Norwegian sites: document.no and rights.no, the latter being the site of the organization Human Rights Service.

I’ve previously quoted a March 11 Jyllands-Posten editorial that spelled out the Swedish situation quite frankly: what should “most worry Sweden’s neighbors,” the Danish editors wrote, is the Swedes’ “unwillingness to openly and honestly discuss the government-approved multicultural idyll. … In the long run, the mendacity that characterizes the Swedish debate cannot be maintained. The discrepancy between the official, idealized version of Sweden, ‘the people’s home,’ and the brutal reality that everyone can see has simply become too great.”

No surprise, then, that on July 7, Jyllands-Posten reported that the Swedish government plans to alter the nation’s Constitution in such a way as to give itself the power to limit online free speech about precisely these ticklish matters. Among other things, wrote Jyllands-Posten, it will become illegal “for certain websites to publicize information about private persons’ ethnicity or conviction of crimes.”

Of course: the best way to address the ever-rising tide of Muslim criminality is to close down every last media outlet that reports honestly about it. The mainstream Swedish media are already playing ball; it’s just a few recalcitrant websites that need to be scrubbed clean. Presumably the next step will be to block access in Sweden to Jyllands-Posten and other foreign news sources that tell Swedes the truth about what’s going on within their own borders. The Terrifying Way Sweden Is Killing Itself

Donér engangsbeløb?Kan du forpligte dig til fast betaling?

  • Peter Zichau

    Italienerne har langt om længe fået en genial idé. De migranter der kommer til deres kyst, bliver skippet til det land hvis båd de kom ind med.
    Ta’ den Sverige, Holland og Tyskland. Nu falder EU snart.

  • invernes

    Jeg vet ikke når galskapen startet i Sverige ? om det var Pippi Langstrømpe eller olaf Palme ? men en ting er sikkert, Sverige er et tydelig eksempel på at sosialdemokrati er livsfarlig for folk og land.

    • InHocSignoVinces

      Uden at sige for meget, så tror jeg svenske kvinder som dem her er et ret godt bud på hvor galskaben startede…

      • Det ligger mycket sanning i dina ord.

        • InHocSignoVinces

          Der kan efterhånden ikke være meget tvivl om at det ikke handlede så meget om kvinders ligestilling, som det handlede om at smugle en marxistisk agenda ind af bagdøren. De “kære” feminister har jo, ikke overaskende, været forbavsende tavse, efter at den virkelige ‘Rape Culture’ i højere og højere grad har markeret sig i de vestlige lande.
          -Altså når de ikke direkte har forsvaret samme eller åbenlyst støttet den, selvfølgelig…

        • Det gör ont att bara lyssna på Linda Sarsour.

    • Olav Ødegaard

      Det endte vel med at marxist-leninistene inntok viktige samfunnsposisjoner; også i vårt land, bare litt mer moderat.
      Med det forsvant også de konservative i begge land..
      De mest vellykkede samfunn på jord noensinne, mister de som skal ta vare på det som er vunnet samfunnsmessig; konservative politikere.
      Og får folk som driver med ytre venstrepolitisering gjennom sitt arbeide innen utdanning. Som vil “dekonstruere majoriteten slik at den aldri vil kunne kalle seg majoritet”, eller “demolere samhället inn til sitt minsta atom..”, henholdsvis her og i vårt naboland.
      Samtidig er befolkningen utsatt for påvirkning fra venstre, noe som gjør at heller ikke der møtte/møter man noen som sikrer samfunnet, og overleverer det til generasjoner etter..

      Rent logisk, – bør ikke velutviklede samfunn (som gir alle fysisk og økonomisk trygghet) sikres gjennom konservatisme, mens Somalia samt en rekke andre er de som behøver radikale endringer for å oppnå tilnærmelsesvis vårt nivå?

      • PK svada

        Det er riktig, venstrepolitikere er også infiltrert i tradisjonelle høyrepartier nettopp fordi det nesten ikke er forskjell på høyre og venstrepartier i et sosialdemokrati.

  • Lawrence

    Det er ikke unikt hvad der sker med Europa nu, og den uvirkelige måde at møde en invasion med åbne arme og blottet hals er set før, da maorierne, den krigeriske stamme, invaderede morioriernes, de pascifistiskes land:

    A council of Moriori elders was convened at the settlement called Te Awapatiki. Despite knowing of the Māori predilection for killing and eating the conquered, and despite the admonition by some of the elder chiefs that the principle of Nunuku was not appropriate now, two chiefs—Tapata and Torea—declared that “the law of Nunuku was not a strategy for survival, to be varied as conditions changed; it was a moral imperative.”[176] A Moriori survivor recalled: “[The Maori] commenced to kill us like sheep…. [We] were terrified, fled to the bush, concealed ourselves in holes underground, and in any place to escape our enemies. It was of no avail; we were discovered and killed – men, women and children indiscriminately.” A Māori conqueror explained, “We took possession… in accordance with our customs and we caught all the people. Not one escaped…”[177]


    • …some 4,500 Saxons, often assumed to be nobles and leading figures, gather[ed] at Verden on the Aller to meet with Charlemagne for peace talks after their leader Widukind had fled to Denmark. […] Charlemagne beheaded all 4,500 Saxons, who had publicly put down their arms as a sign of their peaceful intentions, in a one day orgy of bloodshed that Barbero chalks up to Charlemagne’s looking to the Old Testament for precedents on how to deal with his ‘heathen’ enemies. Charlemagne: Defender of the West or Servant of the Jews?

      Was geschah in Verden?
      Wer den niedersächsischen Ort Verden besucht, wird keinen Wegweiser finden, der auf den dort befindlichen Sachsenhain verweist. Links und rechts der Wege dieses Haines, die von großen Eichen gesäumt sind, stehen 4.500 Findlinge, herangebracht von Königsberg bis zur niederländischen Grenze. Wenn man beim Fremdenverkehrsamt des Ortes Verden nach der Bedeutung dieser Steinsetzung fragt, drücken die Mitarbeiter einem etwas in die Hand, was vom Landesjugendpfarramt Hannover herausgegeben wurde und von Superintendent Erich Leßke verfaßt ist. Dieses Blatt ist ein solcher Skandal und eine solche Verhöhnung von Opfern eines Massenmordes, wie es wenige Beispiele gibt. Das, was dort auf diesem vierseitigen Blatt ausgeführt wird, ist aber durch vielfältige kirchliche und kirchlich beeinflußte Kanäle verbreitet worden, so daß eine umfangreiche Richtigstellung notwendig erscheint.
      * Sachsenmord und Sachsenhain in Verden. – Vollständige Aufnahme des Vortrages von Jürgen Rieger: Sachsenmord und Sachsenhain in Verden (1h 20min)

      *What happened in Verden?
      If you visit the Lower Saxon town of Verden, you will not find a signpost that points to the Sachsenhain located there. On the left and right of the paths of this grove, which are lined with large oak trees, there are 4,500 boulders, from Koenigsberg to the Dutch border. When asked about the importance of this stonework at the tourism office of the town of Verden, the employees are pushing something into your hand, which was published by the Land Youth Parishioner Hanover and written by Superintendent Erich Leßke. This sheet is a scandal and a mockery of victims of mass murder. But this mockery has been spread by a variety of ecclesiastical channels, so that an extensive correction appears necessary.

      When Christianity replaced Saxon Paganism

      Die umgeknickte Irminsul der Externsteine – Bild

      Donar’s Oak
      Jove’s Oak (interpretatio romana for Donar’s Oak and therefore sometimes referred to as Thor’s Oak) was a sacred tree of the Germanic pagans located in an unclear location around what is now the region of Hesse, Germany. According to the 8th century Vita Bonifatii auctore Willibaldi, the Anglo-Saxon missionary Saint Boniface and his retinue cut down the tree earlier the same century. Wood from the oak was then reportedly used to build a church at the site dedicated to Saint Peter. Sacred trees and sacred groves were widely venerated by the Germanic peoples.

      • Neuschwabenlandpost.wordpress.com ser ut til å ha opphørt å eksistere. Foredraget Sachsenmord und Sachsenhain in Verden er tilgjengelig her sammen med en rekke andre fra perioden 1984 til 2009: Audiovorträge mit Jürgen Rieger

    • Snowflinga

      Moriorifolket påminner mycket om dagens västeuropéer. Det pågår en invasion som kommer att leda till européernas undergång men på grund av deras patologiska tolerans vill de inte göra motstånd. De har helt enkelt förlorat sin självbevarelsedrift. De förtjänar att bli uppätna. Det är klassisk Darwinism.

      • Lawrence

        Jeg har ikke mistet min selvbevarelsesdrift. Men vores “ældre” holder os nede, som moriorifolkets ældre gjorde det.

    • Triturus cristatus


      Jeg kom først over historien om moriori-folket i fjor eller så, og tenkte umiddelbart på situasjonen i Europa generelt og Sverige spesielt.

      Tenkte å begynne å poste moriori-historien på diverse innvandringskritiske nettsider for å gjøre den kjent, men du kom meg i forkjøpet, her på Snaphanen i alle fall. 🙂

  • InHocSignoVinces

    Sweden’s Population Growth Second Highest in EU Due to Mass Migration.
    http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/07/12/swedens-population-growth-s econd-highest-eu-due-mass-migration/

  • Skåning

    I have already said all I need to say about that upper class posh chicken, calling himself Douglas Murray, who’s only goal in life is to document the death of Europe, while fitting into polite society.

  • PK svada
  • Lars-Erik Eriksson

    Ännu kan jag hitta FOX news på nätet. Varför har inte svenska myndigheter täppt till denna subversiva och farliga läcka? Via kabel har man effektivt stoppat FOX news och därmed en nyhetsförmedlare som potentiellt förgiftar rena oskuldsfulla sinnen och väcker deras latenta rasism.

    • Snowflinga

      Det är förskräckligt vad som håller på att ske om det inte är åsiktsregistrering så begränsar man yttrandefriheten. Man vill även nu införa lagar som avskaffar yttrandefriheten. Det är samma parti som beslöt att Sverige skulle bli mångkulturellt och att landets historia skulle avskaffas för att man lättare skulle kunna styra och manipulera svenskarna. Den brittiska journlisten Roland Huntford såg denna utvecklingen för länge sedan och beskrev Sverige i The New Totalitarians, 1972 (Det blinda Sverige)

      ”Liksom härskarna i Aldoux Huxley Du sköna nya värld har de svenska politikerna avsiktligt avskaffat Sveriges historia i akt och mening att klippa av det förflutna och genom att göra invånarna desorienterade i sin tidskänsla, göra dem lättare att manipulera” skriver den brittiske
      journalisten Roland Huntford i Det blinda Sverige (The New Totalitarians, 1972).”//G.C.

  • Martin Larsson

    Den unge svensken Tobias Bratt har släppt en hyllad och lärorik youtube-dokumentär i veckan. Den är så pass välgjord att den borde visas på SVT eller TV4. Dokumentären EUROPA – The last Battle är den första av flera utlovade dokumentärer som tar oss från den bolsjevikiska revolutionen 1917 i Ryssland till Holodomor i bland annat Ukraina till vilka det är som de europeiska folken illa. I dokumentären finns det förstås besvärande svenskkopplingar med Olof Aschberg som tvättade rent det stulna tsarguldet i Stockholm och valutahandlaren George Soros som finansierade EXPO i valrörelsen 2014 för att på bolsjevikiska manéer jaga livet ur dissidenter. Olof Aschbergs sonson, tillika en kommunist, Richard Aschberg har varit styrelseordförande för stiftelsen EXPO. Så liten är världen. Samma klick som förvandlade Ryssland till ett slakthus gör detsamma i dagens Europa.

    EUROPA – The Last Battle ger ett annat perspektiv på ödeläggelsen av Europa jämfört med kontrajihadisten Douglas Murray.

    Citat från dokumentären: “Communism was not created by the masses to overthrow the bankers, Communism was created by the bankers to overthrow and enslave the masses.”

    God fornojelse!