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12,000 years ago, we were all hunter-gatherers. The population at that time has been estimated to be probably less than ten million human beings.[1] A single major city such as Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Karachi, Mexico City, Lagos, Mumbai or Cairo now has more inhabitants than all the continents combined back then.

With the Neolithic Revolution and the beginning of agriculture, the number of humans grew gradually for thousands of years. In the last couple of centuries, after the Industrial Revolution and the birth of modern medicine, the global population has virtually exploded. It is now almost eight times larger than it was in the year 1800.

Overpopulation is one of the greatest problems facing our planet. It has a negative effect on the lives of many humans and causes very serious environmental problems. Quite a few animals have been pushed to the brink of extinction due to human activity and the loss of their natural habitat.

If you move people from countries with a low technological level to countries with a higher technological and economic level, they will consume more natural resources. This will only make the environmental problems worse. Migration cannot solve the issue of overpopulation. It must be addressed locally.

According to a United Nations (UN) report from June 2017, the current world population of 7.6 billion is expected to reach 8.6 billion in 2030, 9.8 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion in 2100.[2] We surpassed the 1 billion milestone for the first time shortly after the year 1800. It took all human populations hundreds of thousands of years to grow into one billion people. Now, we add another billion people every few decades.

The UN is hostile to nearly everything Europeans do to limit immigration, even illegal immigration, or preserve their native homelands. The UN has discussed “replacement migration” as a possible solution for Europe.[3] Peter Sutherland, who until 2017 was the UN’s special representative for migration, has stated that the European Union (EU) should” do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states.[4]

While the Japanese, Germans and other technologically advanced nations have low birth rates, some of the least developed countries on the planet have very high birth rates. The world’s population growth is mainly concentrated in the global South, especially in Africa and many Muslim majority countries. Africa alone is expected to grow by several billion people in this century. That is several times the combined population of the entire European continent, from Russia and Ukraine to Portugal and Ireland.

Roughly 83 million people are now added to the world’s population every year. If we use the official estimates made by UN demographers in 2017, the world population grows by about 227,246 people per day. That equals more than 1.59 million per week, over 9,468 per hour, 157.8 per minute and 2.63 per second.

If you spend 38 seconds picking up something cold to drink, there will be 100 more human beings on the planet during those few seconds. If you go to bed at night and sleep for seven hours, the Earth’s population has grown by over 66 thousand people by the time you wake up in the morning. In about four and a half days, there will be one million more mouths to feed. One million more people to provide with water, food, shelter, jobs and education. This situation is clearly not sustainable.

Population estimates for the Roman Empire at the beginning of our era range from 45 million to over 100 million people.[5] A relatively common estimate is 60-80 million. The world population is thus growing at a rate of roughly one Roman Empire every single year. Today’s mass migrations are much larger and faster than the Migration Period in Europe that we associate with the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

Water demand globally is projected to increase by 55% between 2000 and 2050. Much of the demand is driven by agriculture, which accounts for 70% of global use of fresh water. Food production will need to grow by 69% by 2035 to feed the planet’s growing human population. Many of the world’s freshwater sources are now being drained faster than they are being replenished. The Ganges Basin in India is being depleted, due to population and irrigation demands. Some believe that increased water shortages around the world could lead to wars.[6]

India will surpass China as the world’s most populous nation by 2024. Nigeria is projected to overtake the USA and become the third most populous country in the world before 2050. From now through 2050, half of the world’s population growth will be concentrated in just nine countries: India, Nigeria, Congo, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, the USA, Uganda and Indonesia. The populations of 26 African countries are expected to at least double before 2050. One African country, Niger, has exploded from 3.5 million people in 1960 to nearly 20 million today. 80% of its citizens live in poverty and are close to the brink of starvation.[7]

Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland in 2017 have a combined population of nearly 27 million people. That number already includes several million recent immigrants who did not live in this region 40 or 50 years ago. By early 2017, an estimated 29 million people were unemployed in Nigeria.[8] A single African country thus has more unemployed people than there are people living in all of the Scandinavian and Nordic countries combined. Nigeria is considered to be Africa’s regional economic powerhouse.

Polls conducted in Nigeria show that 40 percent of people there would emigrate to the Western world if they could.[9] With about 190 million people living in Nigeria in 2017, there are 76 million potential migrants from just one country. This number keeps growing rapidly.

There are many Nigerians among the boat migrants in the Mediterranean headed for Europe.[10] Other illegal immigrants come from Bangladesh in South Asia.[11] There is no war in Bangladesh today, just Islam and overpopulation.

In July 2017 the American business magnate Bill Gates, founder of the software giant Microsoft, warned in an interview that Germany and other European countries cannot possibly take in the huge number of people who want to make their way to Europe. The policies many European governments have followed will motivate more people to migrate to Europe. Gates stated that Europe must make it more difficult for Africans to reach the continent via the current transit routes. At the same time, he also encouraged more aid to Africa.[12]

The Italian politician Antonio Tajani is President of the European Parliament. Hundreds of thousands of boat migrants from Africa and the Islamic world have flooded into Italy and the EU for years. Many of them have been picked up near the coast of Libya, in a form of ferry service. Tajani warned in July 2017 that millions more illegal immigrants are ready to enter Europe. He thinks that there will be an exodus “of Biblical proportions” in the coming years that will be “impossible to stop” if Europe does not confront the problem now. He claimed that the only solution to this is a massive investment in Africa to stop people from leaving in the first place.[13]

It is good that prominent members of the Western elites now finally voice concern that mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East is more than Europe can handle. Some observers warned about this years earlier, but we were not listened to by the ruling classes.

However, the suggestion that mass immigration will end if Europe invests more in Africa is highly questionable at best. Some information indicates that migration could even increase if the level of income increases slightly. More people will then be able to pay for transportation and possibly people smugglers. If this is true, then more Western money to Africa and the Middle East will not stop the migration waves from these regions. It will simply drain our limited resources even further.

Europeans constitute a rapidly shrinking part of the global economy and population. Europe has many internal problems to deal with, and may face serious conflicts due to ethnic and religious tensions over Islam and immigration. Besides, Africa is a big continent. It is three times larger than Europe and full of oil, gold, diamonds and other natural resources. Africans should take care of themselves.

Some regions of Africa can barely feed themselves even today. They cannot base their societies on the hope that outsiders will continue feeding them. This could lead to a humanitarian disaster.

If the Islamic world and Africa were to send 300 million immigrants to Europe in the next five or six years, the population of these regions would still be growing. Yet a number of European nations would probably collapse.

From 1996 to 2016, Egypt grew by about 30 million people. That was the increase in a single Arab country in just one generation.[14] Egypt is projected to have 119 million inhabitants in 2030. The country’s population in the year 1900 was just over 10 million.[15] Egyptian officials warn that the rapid population growth cements poverty and unemployment. It presumably also fuels more Islamic religious fanaticism.

The only possible way for Egypt to improve the quality of life for its citizens is to actively reduce its population growth. The same goes for most of Africa and the Islamic world. External aid to these regions should be specifically aimed at reducing birth rates there. That would be good for them and good for the rest of the world.


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14. www.memri.org/reports/egyptian-economic-crisis-leads-increased-calls-r educe-countrys-birthrate Egyptian Economic Crisis Leads To Increased Calls To Reduce The Country’s Birthrate. December 5, 2016.

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Peder Fjordman Jensen

Posted: 17 juli 2017 - 20:40 - Svar

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    Fnord 73

    Posted: 18 juli 2017 - 15:36 - Svar

    Det morsomme er jo at du fremdeles tar feil. General Mattis og de voksne holder Trumpismen fra å eksplodere, og det sprer seg. Hvor mange stemmer fikk UKIP? “Folk flest” har lært seg å bo i byer.


      Posted: 19 juli 2017 - 22:11 - Svar

      Hvordan,og i hva mener du Fjordmann tar feil?
      Og hvem er de “voksne” som holder Trumpismen, (hva nå det er for noe) fra å eksplodere?
      Må “folk flest” lære seg å bo i byer?


Posted: 18 juli 2017 - 08:19 - Svar

Tack, Fjordman för att du tar upp världens i särklass viktigaste problem. Tyvärr har det länge varit bannlyst att ens nämna det. Hur många kan vi egentligen vara på Jorden för att balansen skall upprätthållas? Någonstans mellan 500 miljoner till 1 miljard gissar jag på själv. Vi får nu lära oss på ett hårdhänt sätt att vissa problem inte kan sopas under mattan. Antingen tar vi itu med det eller så gör naturen det.
T ex kan vi gå tillbaka till 1350 och studera Digerdöden som ungefär halverade Europas befolkning på 5 år. Emellertid, efteråt både bodde och åt folk betydligt bättre än innan.
Vi har fått en “religion” på halsen som förordar full fart på barnafödandet, islam. Detta ger mig anledning att fråga: När slår vi huvudet i taket? Du har redovisat en uppskattning om befolkningsutvecklingen fram till år 2100.
Tror du inte att det kommer att inträffa händelser innan dess som böjer kurvan nedåt?


    Posted: 18 juli 2017 - 15:38 - Svar

    Nej! Digerdöden behövde ca 200 år på sig för att nå en dödssiffra, som motsvarar halva Europas befolkning. Detta är lätt att analysera fram! Justianska pesten sammanföll med en hungerperiod orsakad av några större vulkanutbrott. Samma skedde under tiden digerdödens upprepade serier av utbrott. Kanske var befolkningen försvagad av den svält resp vulkanutbrotten orsakade, så att imunförsvaret inte funkade.

    Den värst kända farsoten, som vetenskapen känner till är vad som hände den relativt täta indianbefolkningen i Sydamerikas inland – i princip Brasilien. När de vita anlände till östkusterna ca 1500 beräknas 10-40 miljoner indianer befolka inlanden. Det dröjde till ca 1600 innan officiella expeditioner sökte sig västerut över kustbergen för att undersöka hur det såg ut där. Det antecknades att man hittade förfallna byar och ibland stötte man på traumatiserade “förrymda negerslavar”, som infångades. Präster och munkar upptecknade deras berättelser. Vad som hänt verkar nu vara att de vita fört med sig de vanliga sjukdomarna typ förkylning, influensa, mässling, röda hund etc, och urbefolkningen saknade all imunitét, varvid på 100 år 99.9% av urbefolkningen dog. Att scenariot är sannolikt bekräftas av vad som hände längs Missisippi-Missouri i indianstaterna där, vilka dog ut på enbart 50 år och att Mellanamerikas resp Andernas indiancivilisationer snarare enligt munkars/prästers anteckningar besegrades av de vitas inducerade pandemier än av militära nederlag. F ö var det tidigare besegrade indianstater, som i allians med de vita, besegrade Azteker, Incas m fl. De vita styrkorna hade en marginal effekt, men genom giftermål tog de makten över de nya indianska segrarna.

    När man började avskoga inlanden för några 10-tals år sedan kunde man från satellit lätt se alla cropmarks som indiancivilisationen i Brasilien m fl lämnat efter sig . Faktiskt är merparten av Amazonas regnskogar återbildade sedan ca 1600. Dessförinnan var dessa skoga väl tuktade över översvämningszonerna. Indianerna bodde t o m relativt tätt inne i regnskogarna, där de i strandzonerna till översvämningsområdena hade släpat samman mängder med växtdelar och byggt upp konstgjorda åkrar under lövverket för odling. Dessa åkrar har börjat återanvändas i nutid, även om nybyggarna inte förstått hur de tillkommit. Regnskog är på marknivå ungefär lika steril som öken och kan inte odlas om skogen tas ned.

    Kuriosa är vilka som odlade upp Sydamerikas inland. Dessa människor har utvecklat sin civilisation sedan ca 60000 f kr (enligt arkeologi i främst Piaiu) och har samma breda ursprung som Australiens Aboriguinéer resp Nya Guineas Papuaner. De var alltså relativt kortvuxna, med satt bål (ungefär som våra Neanderthalare brukar beskrivas), mörk nästan svart hy och krulligt hår och ev blå ögon. Gör man ett fotomontage av Amazonas indiangrupper, så kan man hos ca 25% av fotona urskilja nämnda drag. Nya grupper av människa vandrade in i de utdödas tomrum och assimilerade in sig hos det överlevande fåtalet av urbefolkningen – men mycket dna-forskning återstår förståss här.


    Posted: 22 juli 2017 - 19:02 - Svar

    Jorden kan opprettholde en befolkning på 2 milliarder, men pga mekanisert landbruk, kunstgjødsel, og dyrkede plantearter er vi nå ca 7 milliarder. Av disse 7 milliarder lever 1000 millioner mennesker uten tilstrekkelig mat, ytterligere 1000 millioner i ytterste fattigdom. Hvor mange som lever i diktaturer, religiøs underkuelse, eller i slaveri vites ikke. It’s a wonderful world for only a few….


Posted: 18 juli 2017 - 08:49 - Svar

Irony at its best!
It is good that prominent members of the Western elites now finally voice concern that mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East is more than Europe can handle.

Not so in Sweden, the politicians there claiming that they need them to save their pensions and by the way it’s only highly educated people coming like doctors and engineers. The initial costs will be dealt with in the form of a little tax increase to about 100%, but from there on it will only be profit.
It’s not just that the people arriving have high education, they are also disciplined Lutherans which demand nothing but to contribute to this cohesive society.
And like all settlers they arrive in couples happy together, imagine if women and children would be left outside Sweden were it’s war everywhere that’s unheard of.
We’re in good hands!


    Posted: 19 juli 2017 - 04:59 - Svar

    Sweden (and Norway) is vacum cleaning Middle East and North Africa for doctors and engineers to save their own pensions in future, leaving these poor countries without any physician and dentist left, how can this be possible? But surely, for them peasants and herds will do – for breading nothing but children to migrate to Europe and send money back home, inshallah.


      Posted: 19 juli 2017 - 10:44 - Svar

      Problem is, we’re not getting the doctors and engineers. They all move to the USA or Great Britain. We get the doctor- and engineer-wannabees that don’t know shit but wish they did.


Posted: 18 juli 2017 - 15:00 - Svar

Fjordman! A sad, but wrong story!
Did you know, that about 400 milj years ago the CO2 was at the level of 0,08% of the gases in atmosphere. At that time ALL life thrived as never before or after. Somebody don´t know this (or may be very well know, but wants to execute what the scientist told when they alarmed about all these “peaks” of resources – among others that people on earth have to be reduce – that is “white western people”) and have organized an attack on the only substance all life on earth direct or indirect is depending on, that is CO2.

To make a long story short, if you rize CO2 level to over 0,05% in the atmosphere you get so rich harvestes, you can feed at least ten times nowerdays people on earth. AND at same time give back half of nowerdays cultured areas to the nature. At same time desserts will reduce and become steppes. steppes and tundras will be afforestated, the forestes of all kinds will thrive like 400 milj years ago.

All this attack on the base of life, that is CO2, are going to kill all life on earth in the form we know of (coalbased, catalyzed by chlorophyll) and that inklude humanity. When you have a CO2-level of 0,02% all base of life is starving, desserts and tundras expands etc and higher lifeforms such as humans starve to death. At the level of 0,01% all form of coalbased life is terminated. Anyone can test this in simple labb´s.

The attackers of life argue that if all agriculter use GMO, humans can survive and feed more people on earth, BUT . . .
GMO only gives the promised harvestes (at lest for now) when you use a lot of special poisoning chemicals to fertilize the ground. The crop can only use a few % of all that is spread and the rest is soner or later swilled out in lakes and oceans, STILL POISONING ALL OTHER LIFE. This will have to go on for thousands and thousands of years.
If you instead raise the level of CO2, then ALL life may take advantage of it and it is not poisoning anything.

Think for yourself. If you travel for vacations, why do you prefere warmer areas before cooler areas. We don´t know if more CO2 will raise the global temperature a bit, or not, but earth will NOT be a sauna even if it does.
Think for yourself! There are several more dangerous scenarious than up to 2-3 more degrees in global temperature. If we get a new glacier period, there will be NO LIFE on the iced areas. Even a “little iceage” will make a great problem to human population to survive. A greater threat is if one of the volcanic hotspots on earth blow or if a large meteor hit earth. Don´t count if there is a nuclear world war.

Humanity have to start raising the CO2 level in the atmosphere if ALL life on earth is going to survive in long term!!


    Posted: 22 juli 2017 - 10:31 - Svar

    Are you deaf, blind or d*mb? Who are you that accept 1 billion humans are living with too little food?
    You should not accept unright that does not affect yourself…


      Posted: 22 juli 2017 - 11:33 - Svar

      I am perfectly capable to THINK FOR MY SELF on bases of facts I observe! Do it, you too! Observe!

      I have followed you and respect you as a person with large integraty.
      But I don´t agree, when you indirectly accept poisoning all life on earth in long terms. I don´t accept any thoughts of reducing population on earth by force. Nor killing all life in nature. It is not needed anyway. There are no “peaks” of anything, at least until this day, and it´s just politic subversive propaganda. We have never had so large crops harvested globaly, as all statistic reports, as when now CO2 have raised 0,005% to nearly 0,04% of the gases in athmosphere. Just start producing more “clean” CO2 and ALL forms of life on Earth are going to thrive.

      When humans starve localy, most are concequenses of human activities like politics, war, terrorism. We have enough food globaly and if humanity act responsible we would easily be able to feed 10 times or more population on earth – where they live.

      Have you heard of “the emperors new clothes?”. Someone have to be enough simple and “dumb” to see reallity.


Posted: 18 juli 2017 - 20:10 - Svar

Slapp av folkens, snart kommer en ny svartedød igjen.


    Posted: 22 juli 2017 - 10:26 - Svar

    man kan håpe før det er for sent, natur og dyreliv er under press av menneskearten


      Posted: 22 juli 2017 - 11:49 - Svar

      Om mänskligheten producerar mer CO2, så att nivån i atmosfären hamnar över 0,05%, kan vi försörja minst 10 gånger nuvarande befolkning på jorden, OCH SAMTIDIGT ÅTERFÖRA HÄLFTEN AV DAGENS ODLADE MARKER TILL NATUREN. Livet i nuvarande form existerar enligt formeln CO2 +H2O + värme/energi under katalysering av klorofyll. Alla kan väl förstå en så enkel formel?

      Livsmedel är en långsiktig maktfaktor och några tysta makthavare försöker få mänskligheten att acceptera ett tillstånd med hot om svält, som idag, och med full kontroll av den lilla extra livsmedelsproduktionen, som erfordras för att inte full svält skall råda – d v s genom GMO-grödor, som f n inte kan odlas utan årliga mängder av förgiftande kemikalier tillförs, Utan kemikalierna beskedliga skördar. Mer CO2 ger enligt enkla labb lätt ca 10 ggr mer UTAN att förgifta. Tänk er GMO i årtusenden och vad som då samlas i sjöar och haven?


        Posted: 22 juli 2017 - 13:28 -

        Dagens jordbruksproduksjon kan kun opprettholdes ved bruk av plantegifter, kunstgjødsel, og drivstoff. For å lage kunstgjødsel trengs energi, og fosfor, og i 2030 er mesteparten av verdens fosfor oppbrukt. Vi forbruker stadig mer ikke fornybare ressurser, og med en stadig økende befolkning er dette oppskriften på katastrofe.


        Posted: 22 juli 2017 - 18:08 -

        Behovet av konstgödsel minska radikalt om CO2-nivån höjs globalt. Enbart CO2-höjningen innebär att svältande växter får bättre med “mat”. Visst kan vi behöva bekämpningsmedel, men det allra sämsta alternativet är i så fall glyofosfatbaserade bekämpningsmedel. Enkla labb:s bevisar vad jag anger. Du kan själv utföra de flesta i din bostad. En höjd CO2-nivå och att växtligheten inte längre svälter innebär samtidigt att växtligheten har större motståndskraft mot olika sjukdomar (svamp, virus, bakterier, insekter etc), torka, kyla, översvämningseffekter, hormonellt krig växter emellan etc.

        Varje gång FN skrämts med dylika “peaks”, så har mänsklighetens uppfinningsförmåga och nya fynd av resurser bara inom några år gjort dessa peaks obsolete. Nämnde jag i något av inläggen om varmvattenskorstenarna längs sprickzonerna under oceanerna? Dessa är till stor del uppbyggda av utfallna mineraler, däribland fosfor. Eftersom det handlar om miljoner och de ständigt återuppbyggs, så kanske de är dags att skördas. (Innan dagens livsform- det kolbaserade – tog över, så fanns föregångare av liv baserat på bl a fosfor eller kväve eller kisel – så skördar man skorstenarna, så skulle detta utrota 2 av dessa kvarvarande livsformer). Vad jag vet så finns stora återbildande fyndigheter av fosfor i åtskilliga vulkaner. Bara människan mekaniserar (robotiserar) skördandet av mineralet. (idag låter man en massa fattiga människor dö för att bryta behovet av fosfor).


        Posted: 22 juli 2017 - 18:46 -

        Er du rådgiver for den svenske regjeringen?
        David Attenborough har sagt det samme som meg at menneskerasen er i ferd med å rasere jorden, og at all overpopulasjon av en rase vil nødvendigvis føre til kollaps. Håpet er at vi ikke dreper for mange dyre og insektarter før det skjer.


        Posted: 23 juli 2017 - 01:15 -

        Med all respekt för det stora verk Attenborough står för, så är han uppenbarligen samtidigt naiv och lättlurad, samt ser inte de lösningar som är självklara. Det är väl nu 2-3 år sedan FN:s senaste resursagenda togs (vilken i ordningen är det de skräms med), och redan så är hälften av resurserna inga problem längre av olika orsaker, inte minst m anl a ny teknik, samtidigt som nyfynd ständigt görs. Förra agendan var t ex helt obsolet redan efter 5 år. FN är så inkompetent att de inte ens begriper att en mängd nya tekniker innebär att också nya peaks kan beräknas (som snabbt kommer att arbetas bort de också).

        Svenska MUPPAR är så hjärntvättade att de inte skulle (vilja) förstå ett dugg av vad jag pläderar för. Den svenska idiotiska gröna politiken kommer att göra Sverige bankrutt om några år, ovanpå vad migrationsvansinnet gör.
        Kanske har du lagt märke till att 3:e världen inte alls tror på dessa “peaks”. Vad deras korruptiva ledarskikt däremot tror på är alla de pengar som de tror (anser utlovade i FN-beslutet) de kan mjölka ut från västländernas “skadeståndsbetalningar” för egen räkning. Sedan gör de ändå vad som är bäst för befolkningarna i deras resp statsbildningar.
        I varje fall har BRICS inte någon som helst avsikt att i verkligheten underkasta sig FN:s order (även om de ger sken av att vara positiva) – som tur är för resten av världen. Ryssland, Kina och Indien bekämpar t ex GMO och Ryssland har officiellt förklarat sig för GMO-fritt. Samtidigt har de Ryska skördarna blivit så omfattande att inget land med självbevarelsedrift helt vill stänga samtalet med det land som f n disponerar världens livsmedelsreserv – och detta innan en effekt av ökande CO2 slår in på allvar. Samtidigt komiskt att Ukraina som en gång var Sovjets kornbod, står på randen att importera livsmedel.


        Posted: 23 juli 2017 - 10:45 -

        Det gleder meg at vi er enige om en rekke ting, at Sverige snart er konkurs, at den grønne politikken er tull, at sverige bedriver migrasjonsvanvidd, og at BRICS landene har egen agenda. Tror vi kunne hatt en interessant diskusjon om vi noen gang hadde møttes:-)


        Posted: 23 juli 2017 - 12:31 -

        Gärna det!


Posted: 19 juli 2017 - 11:49 - Svar

While you have welfare states, they will come, and they will keep coming until you can no longer afford a welfare state.

It’s really that simple.


Posted: 19 juli 2017 - 14:37 - Svar

Hvorfor diskuteres dette åbenbare problem aldrig blandt de politisk korrekte?


    Posted: 19 juli 2017 - 15:44 - Svar

    Ubehagelige fakta skal gjemmes bort.


    Posted: 22 juli 2017 - 10:24 - Svar

    Fordi karrierepolitikere får retrettstillinger i FN, ser de skal være sååå politisk korrekte, og moralsk opphøyde, selv om FN’s medlemsstater i hovedsak består av diktaturer og religiøse stater. De fattige land ønsker migrasjon fordi migrantene sender penger hjem, og de er i flertall. Det finnes knappest noen organisasjon som er mer korrupt enn FN.


Posted: 23 juli 2017 - 07:08 - Svar

En enkel fråga: Är det ett tillräckligt snabbt sätt att lösa överbefolkningsproblemet på om vi konsekvent bara skaffar högst ett barn per familj eller måste processen gå fortare?

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