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Sixteen Years and one would have thought things would have changed for the better, but they haven’t. In fact, they’ve ratcheted back a couple of notches.

Oh Oh Oh, Pity the Poor Mohammedans

Aung San Suu Kyis fald fra nåde i Vesten over Rohingyaerne (muslimer), har været brat især i Sverige. Aftonbladet mener ligefrem, at hende Nobelpris må trækkes tilbage. Det er svært at finde noget i vestlig presse, der antyder at mønten har to sider. H. Numan, der har skrevet kronikken, bor i området og nuancerer historien.

The darker side of the Rohingya

Yeah really, folks. Because the poor pitiable Rohingya who settled (illegally) in Burma (Myanmar) can’t rape, rob or kill Buddhists as they desire. That’s really sad, don’t you agree? No respect for different cultures. As it happens, I live almost around the corner, in Thailand. I’ve been to Burma a couple of times. That doesn’t make me an expert, of course. Real experts are [white] female professors at left-wing universities who teach Female Gender Mutilation or African Arts. Who have never been to the country at all. What happens in Myanmar is about to happen — or happening already — in the West, too.

What you will see are poor mistreated Rohingya, but you will not see or hear anything the Rohingya do themselves. They rape, rob and murder where they can. Since 2012 Buddhist monks have been their preferred targets, if possible by beheading. You won’t hear a peep about that. It would spoil the picture. What you also will not read in the media is that all those Rohingya are effectively Bangladeshi citizens, and should — since they are no longer wanted or accepted in Burma — go back to that country. But Bangladesh doesn’t want them back. They bring in money, and at the same time work on taking over Rakhine state, something Bangladesh very much wants to add to its territory.

Same story for nearly all other mohammedan countries. Turkey isn’t keen to see its citizens come back, and Morocco even less, for example. In both cases, they make huge amounts of money from their expatriates and politically infiltrate very quietly into those countries. It doesn’t say so in the koran, but we should respect that culture. Once their scum lives in our countries, that is forever.

As always, they want to move to countries where life is a lot better. For example, to Thailand. There are lots of refugee camps in Thailand, where people from Laos, Cambodia and Burma are sheltered. The only group of people Thailand no longer accepts are … you probably guessed it … Rohingya. Their brethren in the faith in Malaysia aren’t willing to receive them either. Why? Every left-wing activist will tell you that’s because of the brutal oppressive regimes there. The darker side of the Rohingya is something you will not read about in the mainstream media. Oh Oh Oh, Pity the Poor Mohammedans

I blandt andet London og Bradford har der været muslimske protester til fordel for Rohingyaerne

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