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Franske myndigheder advarer mod muslimsk jernbanesabotage

The turning point in the propaganda. Concretely, the intelligence services have spotted a “propaganda jihad of the last three months,” calling on the jihadists to gain the trust of unbelievers in concealing his radicalisation “, and encouraging “lone wolves” to cause “Europe”, ” derailments, forest fires, or poisoning of food. “

In July, the site expert SITE Intelligence Group already showed that Daesh encouraged his soldiers to cause damage by derailing trains and blowing up gas pipelines or petroleum. In August, in his review of propaganda Inspire. Al Qaeda was also named to his lone wolf to organize operations to sabotage of the railway tracks in the West, ” by using materials easily accessible “.THE AUTHORITIES WARN ABOUT THE RISKS OF SABOTAGE OF RAILWAY LINES IN FRANCE, Terrorisme : mise en garde contre de possibles déraillements de train en France

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