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“The left will bring islam to power, then islam will do the left in”

Læg mærke til afsnittet om demografi! Simon Harris blogger på Barcelonas.com. British Expat In Barcelona – Expat Interview With Simon Harris

Romanians disrupt muslim prayer with national anthem

We reported last night on a multicultural opera from London that was imported into the city of Cluj in Romania and foisted on the population as an enlightening cultural experience. The performance included a muezzin yodeling the Muslim call to prayer, including the notorious call, “Allahu Akhbar!”

A number of Romanian patriots in attendance were not impressed with all the cultural enrichment, and voiced their opposition by singing the national anthem and unfurling a flag as soon as Allah made his presence known onstage. Needless to say, they were ushered out of the opera house by police. A Night at the Opera

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