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Bruce Bawer: Sending Mixed Messages in Sweden

Inviting immigrants with one hand, expelling them with the other.

Even before the so-called refugee crisis began in 2015, immigrants formed a larger percentage of Sweden’s population than of any other country in Europe. During this current wave, Sweden, with under ten million inhabitants, has taken in hundreds of thousands more. Though most of them claim to be in need of asylum, the majority actually aren’t. Many claim to be children, but they look as if they’re twenties or even older.

Sweden has been an easy touch for a generation or more, but the Swedes have never looked more like a bunch of self-destructive suckers than they do now.

To sum up: some ordinary citizens of Sweden are desperately trying to steer the ship of state away from the shoals. But all too many government functionaries in that cuckoo country just can’t shake off the habit of dispersing dough. One gets the impression that in the minds of some of these folks, the Swedish nation is defined by nothing more or less than its status as a generous-to-a-fault welfare state. To pull back on the largess, one gathers, would plunge them into a full-blown identity crisis.

Who am I, if I’m not constantly forking over cash to foreigners? Who cares if they’re technically eligible or not? The less eligible they are, in fact, the more virtuous that makes me for shelling out all those kronor. I subsidize, therefore I am. That mentality is one thing that needs to be quashed if Sweden is to stand any chance of saving itself. SENDING MIXED MESSAGES IN SWEDENInviting immigrants with one hand, expelling them with the other.

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