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Kvindemarch til kanslerens kontor i Berlin på lørdag

Menschenrechtsaktivistin Leyla Bilge ruft zu Demo in Berlin auf (Se video)

“Can the swedish people take back their country?”

Artiklen What Future for Sweden? er noget så sjældent som en Sverige-artikel på engelsk med et helt minutiøst lokal- og historisk kendskab som grundlag for sin analyse. “Martin Lund” er et pseudonym for en skribent, jeg mistænker jeg kender, hvis jeg mødte ham, selvom jeg ikke præcis ved hvem. Jeg ville dog ikke røbe ham, hvis jeg vidste. Brugen af pseudonym indikerer, at han befinder sig i Sverige.

“Swedens capitulation is strictly mental”

When Swedes go to the polls in September 2018, it will be one of the most important elections ever in a Scandinavian country. The Swedes will have to decide whether they will continue to be replaced by foreigners. In 2017 alone, Sweden let in around 74,000 people from the Third World—the equivalent of the United States letting in 2.5 million. The polls now show that the restrictionist party, the Sweden Democrats, will get anything from 15 to 23 percent of the vote. Occasionally, someone from a mainstream party says something unenthusiastic about immigration, but only one party is willing to take real action to stop it. [..]

Sweden is certainly in dire straits, but the capitulation is strictly mental. In the 17th century, Swedes were the most feared soldiers in Europe. If Swedes rekindle even a small part of their willingness to fight, the newcomers will not stand a chance against such an intelligent and organized people. Even a badly run country like Greece could seal its borders in 24 hours if the will were there. It will be much easier for us Scandinavians. In the short run, the Swedish people will go through a terrible ordeal, but I am optimistic that they will take back their country. What Future for Sweden?

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