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Islamism Goes Mainstream:

French author Caroline Fourest has made an intensive study of Ramadan’s discrepant appearances in Europe and in the Muslim world, and has concluded that he speaks with a forked tongue and deliberately gives different impressions to different audiences. Having listened to him, I would say that the problem is not quite that. He possesses a command of postmodern and sociological jargon (of the sort that you may easily recognize by its repetitive use of the terms space and discourse to delineate the arena of thinkable debate), and he has a smooth way with euphemism.

Thus, he tells Egyptian television that the destruction of the Israeli state is for the moment “impossible” and in Mantua described the idea of stoning adulterous women as “unimplementable.” This is something less than a full condemnation, but he is quick to say that simple condemnation of such things would reduce his own “credibility” in the eyes of a Muslim audience that, or so he claims, he wants to modernize by stealth. Slate 

Skattetryk: Video- Jens Blauenfeldt håner 3000 terrorofre

Seks måneders  fængsel

for denne  tale. Manden racist og “nationalsocialist”,  han dømmes  for “the N-word” og sine voldtægtsbemærkninger. Døm selv, talen kan ses på video  her, min 17:58


i al fald  én svensk avis har nu sluttet  sig til verdenspressen, fra Wall Street Journal til DR, og  bemærket  Bruxelles demonstrationen med en meget komplet  sammenfatning – Kyrkans  Tidning. Den har 116.000 læsere og et oplag på 51.000. (tack f. tip)

 Polis och demonstranter drabbade på tisdagseftermiddagen samman i Bryssel i samband med en demonstration mot “islamiseringen av Europa”. Ett dussintal personer greps, däribland tre ledamöter i Europaparlamentet.

Protest i Bryssel mot “islamisering”

 Slovak Christian-Democrat Says Belgian Violence Reminds Him of Communism

 Bert vs Bengt – 14 år senare

SVT1, OCH HÄR PÅ WEBBEN, ONSDAG KL 20.00: I kväll ser ni Bert Karlsson och Bengt Westerberg möta varandra i en tv-studio för första gången sedan 1990-talets intensiva invandringsdebatt.
Dessutom: vår reporter Lina Makboul avslöjar hur elever medvetet misslyckas på SFI-prov (svensk for indvandrere) för att få behålla sina socialbidrag.
I debatten efter ställer Janne Josefsson bland andra intergationsminister Nyamko Sabunimot väggen. Bengt Westerberg, det definitive  argument:

 “Om man tänkte bort alla invandrare så skulle äldreomsorgen och sjukvården braka ihop” 

   SVT – også online

Bengt Westerberg kom undan med att det inte skulle finnas ett samband mellan den omfattande invandringen och den misslyckade integrationen! 

I själva verket är ju detta samband direkt: desto större och mer okontrollerad invandring, desto större problem. Självfallet!

• Ansvaret för den misslyckade integrationen med alla dess katastrofala konsekvenser ligger hos dem som – utan att fråga vad svenska folket vill – drivit fram denna massinvandring.   Jan Milld om Uppdrag Granskning

Birgita  Steene og Lars Vilks´ “uansvarlighed”

(Steene er  filmprofessor emeritus)  Flemming  Rose  svarer hende:

The Irresponsibility of “irresponsible speech” Flemming Rose
Birgitta doesn’t mention that Vilks was asked why he only
ridiculed Muslims and whether he would make a drawing of a
jew as a pig. He immediately did, and I haven’t heard of
any reaction to this provocation yet.

2. If we were to follow the logic of Birgitta’s argument all
art has to be judged exclusively by the public’s reaction
at a certain point in time. That would exclude quite a few
pieces of art that we consider an integral part of our
cultural heritage.

3. One of the most important functions of art is to
provoke. Are we to do away with this now, or does this ban
on provocations only concern Muslim sensibilities?

4. It offends me deeply that Birgitta speak of the Muslims as
an ethnic group, because it means that if you are born a
Muslim you’ll stay a Muslim throughout your entire
life. Frankly, I don’t think Salman Rushdie or Ibn Warraq
would subscribe to this definition. What makes a religion
different from ethnicity is that one is free to leave
it. You have a choice that, in fact, is central to the
notion of freedom of religion. Apostasy is a fundamental
human right, while it is a crime in most Muslim countries.

5. The Swedish art institutions’ reason for rejecting Lars
Vilk’s drawings was a security considerations, i.e. the
drawings were not judged on their merits. They did not say:
your drawings are offensive or bad or outrageous, and
therefore we will not put them on show. No, they said, we
are afraid to show your drawings, we feel intimidated, and
there we will not exhibit them.

6. Birgitta has a seemingly well intentioned perspective, when
she criticises those who practise “irresponsible speech”. I
agree that one should not offend just for the sake of
offending, but the fact of the matter is that a critical
right one does not have in a democracy (one does have many
other rights) is the right not to be offended (in Ronald
Dworkin’s eloquent phrase).

“Irresponsible speech” was awide spread accusation leveled at dissidents in the former Soviet bloc when they insulted the communist ideology or
communist leaders. And today the same kind of accusations
are being directed against those who in other parts of the
world insist on the right to free speech. Especially in the
Muslim world, repressive regimes have laws on the books
that criminalize “irresponsible speech”, i.e. ridiculingthe prophet, the religion of Islam, the king of Thailand and
so on and so forth.

The problem with the call for”responsible speech” is that individuals do have differentunderstandings, and so do countries and regions. Whatsounds responsible to me, may sound irresponsible to Brigitta. If you use the percieved feeling of insult as a yardstick for irresponsible speech, those who scream loudest about how offended they are will decide what is responsible and what is not. The only legal limitation we should put on speech is defamation and incitement to violence. Free speech is indivisible, especially in a globalised world.   Open Democracy

Sweden denies apologizing over cartoon row

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