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Mange har sikkert læst Greenes profetiske og allegoriske roman i gymnasiet, uden at forstå alt for meget. Hverken om kærlighed, krig eller politiske spejlkabinetter, som er det den drejer sig om. Det hele går op i en højere enhed når man ser filmatiseringen fra 2002 med Michael Caine som den desillusionerede, katolske, opiumstilbøjelige krigskorrespondent Thomas Fowler (Graham Greene), der kolliderer med den idealistiske amerikaner, Alden Pyle, der ikke forstår hvad han har rodet sig ud i, og derfor ender som “quiet” – død. Det er bedst at gå ned og leje filmen, men den er også online ovenfor i sin helhed fra en kinesisk server, tekstet på kinesisk til ære for eventuelle kinesiske læsere. Lad den lade eller download. Se traileren her “Vietnam – en krig amerikanerne ikke forstod.” Historien gentager sig. Modvilligt, for USA´s vedkommende.

Immigration made America strong – but it threatens to ruin Europe

Caldwell forstætter sit fint sete tema – at multikulturen koster i individuelle frihedsrettigheder, vi tidligere kunne tage for givet. Vi kunne gifte os her med hvem somhelst, vi kunne tale  frit uden frygt, gå på gaden uden at blive filmet, politikere behøvede ikke livvagter – osv. osv. osv. Man ser også at Caldwell har opdaget ordet “kædeindvandring” (chain migration.) “Kjedjeinvandring” giver nul hits på svensk, 1290 på dansk, exklusive Infomedia. I Sverige og Norge, hvor det foregår i stor stil, har de ikke ordet. Sproget, diskursen, er udelukkende  venstrefløjens,  Man ser her den borgerlige lederskribent Gudmundsson kæmpe mod ordet “islamofobi”, der er et mainstream-udtryk i Sverige, men han kan ikke få skovlen under det, for han kender ikke dets islamistiske , propagandistiske oprindelse.

Are Britain and Europe being swamped, overrun, defeated by a wave of mostly Muslim immigrants and their descendants? Or are Europe’s ethnic problems the figment of a febrile political imagination – something created by racism, dishonesty and manipulation by extremist parties such as the BNP? Both sides will take lots of fodder for their arguments from a study released last week by the highly reliable Pew Forum On Religion And Public Life. According to the report, there are now 1.6 billion Muslims, a quarter of the world’s population. And they are distributed in surprising ways – there are more Muslims in Germany than in Lebanon, for example. [..]

Consider female circumcision, common in Muslim countries such as Somalia and Sudan. A study by a Dutch university found this mutilation is widespread among Europeans of East African descent. So what does Sweden – which has a relaxed attitude towards sexuality but also a lot of female circumcision – do?Nyamko Sabuni is the Burundian-born Swedish Minister for Integration and Gender Equality – her title alone gives an idea of how important a battleground feminism is in countries of heavy immigration. She called for gynaecological inspections of all schoolgirls in Sweden – not just Muslims, since this would violate equal treatment, but all girls. This approach was rejected. But the fact it was even proposed at the highest levels of government is shocking.

In the Nineties, Denmark lost control of its immigration policy almost completely. One problem was a set of guidelines on asylum that overwhelmed the country’s bureaucracy. Another was marriage migration. The great majority of Danes of non-Western background married people from their ancestral countries, and the figure was even higher for those from Muslim countries. This was seen as a threat as it made chain migration possible, where a spouse uses his or her newly acquired citizenship to bring in extended families. It also showed that many people who held Danish passports did not fully think of themselves as Danes.
Denmark had to act, but it was hard to do so in a way that would not be xenophobic. In 2001 it passed a law called the Aliens Act. Citizens under the age of 24 who marry spouses from outside the European Union are not allowed, except in special cases, to reside permanently in the country. So Denmark succeeded in stemming the implantation of Muslim culture on its territory – within five years only a third of foreign-background Danes were marrying abroad. But there was a high price, and the price was paid by all citizens in rights. The right to live in your own country after marriage was no longer self-evident. by CHRISTOPHER CALDWELL.  ( Mehr Muslime in Deutschland als in Emiraten)

Robert Spencer: Mosque-hopping in Berlin

Last Sunday I entered the surreal world of cultural enrichment in Berlin. Being from Vienna, where the Socialist government has given the multiculturalists a free hand for the past century, I thought I was already used to the sight of hijabed women of all backgrounds, with countless children in tow. Well, I was in for an unpleasant surprise.

The first mosque was owned by DITIB, a religious organization which is part of the Turkish embassy in Germany and as such enjoys diplomatic immunity. DITIB is in charge of all imams preaching in Germany, with the Turkish ministry of religious affairs, the Diyanet, in charge of the content of all Friday sermons.

We entered the mosque itself, which was empty except a mumbling old man crouching on the floor, all but ignoring three infidels, one without the usually prerequisite head covering. We walked about, pretending admiration, and were out soon. Nothing really to see. The courtyard, however, was a lot more information-friendly. The wall sported some interesting posters. One showed a girl covering her face with her hands and the text: “Domestic violence and what to do about it”. DITIB will help you in case of: family conflicts and problems; problems with education, school and puberty; (drug) addiction; crisis situations; domestic violence; sexual abuse; marriage, separation and divorce; debt; family reunification; questions regarding residence permits; questions regarding public institutions; and last, but not least: DISCRIMINATION!

One photograph shows us in front of an office with a sign saying: “Consul/Attaché for consular and religious affairs”.

We happened upon the next mosque by chance as we peered through a dark window and saw a young boy cowering on the floor. A young man waved us to the entrance and politely asked us to enter. Since I pretended not to speak any German, and Uwe was not part of the mosque, a man who appeared to be Syrian was quickly summoned, shaking Robert’s and Uwe’s hand, but ignoring me completely. Having lived in Muslim-Arab countries for a number of years, I did not expect anything else. However, the feeling is one of utter humiliation every time. The man proudly showed us the mosque which was still under construction, and with its elaborate arabesques and ornate dome, clearly showed signs that enormous expenditures had been made. There were children running around everywhere as well as young girls, some no older than nine or ten years, in full hijab mode. Jihad Watch

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11 years ago

Hvorfor gjorde den europæiske immigration Amerika til en stærk nation. Fordi de som udgangspunkt anså alle mennesker for at væreligeværdige og have en ret til at søge lykken….og en protestantisk arbejdsmoral ikke at forglemme…

Hvorfor den muslimske kolonisering en ulykke for Europa kan udtrykkes med den muslimske arbejdsmoral: “insh´allah”.

11 years ago

“…man who appeared to be Syrian was quickly summoned, shaking Robert’s and Uwe’s hand, but ignoring me completely. Having lived in Muslim-Arab countries for a number of years, I did not expect anything else. However, the feeling is one of utter humiliation every time.” Der er ikke noget med at tage hensyn til om kvinden mener sig krænket dér. Jeg kender flere der i faglig sammenhæng har været udsat for det samme her i Danmark. Også mænd som hijab og burka kvinder ikke vil give hånd til. De tager ikke hensyn til andre kulturer og skikke. Læg i øvrigt mærke… Read more »

11 years ago

The Quiet American må være en af de mest underkendte film jeg kender. Man forstår Michael Caines skuffelse over at den blev forbigået ved Oscaruddelingen. Hans præstation er fantastisk, og glemmes skal bestemt heller ikke den særdeles øjenvenlige kvindelige hovedrolleindehaver 🙂 .