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Berøringsangst. Svenske kunstinstitutioner tør ikke have Muhammed-tegneren på programmet.

29. marts 2010 Uwe Max Jensen

Lars Vilks er blevet udelukket fra at bidrage til udstillingen Konstrundan Mittskåne. Ifølge Lars Vilks’ samarbejdspartner Fredrik Axwik tør udstillingscenteret i Frostavallen ikke lægge lokaler til et foredrag med Lars Vilks, da udstillingsstedet opfatter tilstedeværelse af den svenske Muhammed-tegner som “farlig”. Lars Vilks beklager situationen og opfatter udelukkelsen som et udtryk for, at “folk bliver mere og mere paranoide”. Sappho. Lars Vilks stoppas från konstrundan. Video, TV 4 fra i går:

Lars Vilks blog er værd at læse. Jeg har arbejdet med mange billedkunstnere, det er de færreste, der kan skrive. Palle Nielsen kunne. Lars Vilks kan. Hør også Lars Vilks and Kent Ekeroth on islam in sweden.

New EU Gestapo spies on Britons

Og ikke kun på briterne, vel at mærke. Steen og undertegnede må overveje om vores skriverier kan anses for “preparatory activities” – ikke at det får os til at holde mund. EU er lige blevet en tand værre.  Dette sætter al den lokale snak i andedammen i det rette perspektiv: Det er uendeligt ligegyldigt med undersøgelseskommissioner, tilsyn med PET og bekymret hændervriden over disses overvågningsbeføjelser, når det hemmelige politi i virkelighedens verden er gledet ud af det nationale regi. Vil dette overhovedet blive nævnt i danske medier? Der burde ellers være interessante spørgsmål at tage fat på for journalister af den gamle skole – hvem er de lokale  aktiver der rekrutteres til at monitorere danske ytringer? Hvilken position i ytringsfrihedsdebatten tager de udgangspunkt i? Kan sande ytringer være subversive? Ville de overhovedet bryde sig om at ende på forsiden? (LFPC)

MILLIONS of Britons face being snooped on by a new European intelligence agency which has been handed frightening powers to pry into our lives. Europol can access personal information on anyone – including their political opinions and sexual preferences – if it suspects, rightly or wrongly, that they may be involved in any “preparatory act” which could lead to criminal activity.[…]

It is understood the agency will concentrate on anyone thought “xenophobic” or likely to commit a crime involving the environment, computers or motor vehicles. This could include covert monitoring of people who deny the existence of climate change or speak out on controversial issues. […]

Campaigners last night expressed concern over the vague list of “serious crimes” which the agency can help investigate, which include racism and xenophobia, environmental crime and corruption. Among personal details that can be gathered and stored are “behavioural data” including “lifestyle and routine; movements; places frequented”, tax position and profiles of DNA and voice. Where relevant, Europol will also be able to keep data on a person’s “political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership and data concerning health or sex life”. […] ” New EU Gestapo spies on Britons

He knew now that for seven years the Thought police had watched him like a beetle under a magnifying glass. There was no physical act, no word spoken aloud, that they had not noticed, no train of thought that they had not been able to infer. Even the speck of whitish dust on the cover of his diary they had carefully replaced. They had played sound-tracks to him, shown him photographs. Some of them were photographs of Julia and himself. Yes, even … He could not fight against the Party any longer. Besides, the Party was in the right. It must be so; how could the immortal, collective brain be mistaken? By what external standard could you check its judgements? George Orwell: Nineteen Eighty Four

Storbritannien: Politiet bag ‘kriminalpræventive indbrud’

Ikke kun EU tiltager sig Orwell’ske magtbeføjelser over briterne. I forvejen er hjemmets ukrænkelighed i Storbritannien udhulet i en grad der er helt fremmed herhjemme. Børneværnskommisærer, affaldssorteringskommisærer og andre myndigheder kan således uden videre kræve adgang til boligen. En brites home er ikke længere noget castle, så dette kreative tiltag bør overhovedet ikke overraske (LFPC).

When it comes to fighting crime, a certain understanding of the criminal mind is essential. But the police have been criticised for their attempts to prevent a spate of house thefts – by committing the burglaries themselves. Officers have been entering private homes through open windows or unlocked doors, supposedly as a warning to residents about a lack of security. Once inside, officers pick up any valuable items they see such as iPods or purses and leave them in a ‘swag bag’ for the owner to find.

They also leave a letter explaining how easy it was to break in, with a recommendation to the homeowner to lock their doors and windows. Officers in Exeter, Devon, have so targeted around 50 properties in the first month of the scheme. […] Police accused of trespass after ‘burgling’ 50 homes… to show owners how insecure they are

Orwell igen igen: Fingeraftryks-ID i britisk skolekantine

Steen forstår Sveriges patologi bedre end jeg forstår Storbritanniens. Jeg kan bare konstatere et mønster: Igen og igen er der myndigheder der får autoritære, dehumaniserende ideer der, bevar’s, sikkert er rationelle nok i den konkrete situation, men på næsten DDR’sk vis er blottet for respekt for menneskelig integritet, værdighed og frihed. Reaktionen er hver gang den samme – forargede avisartikler, med læserkommentarer der svømmer over af harme. Og alligevel er primus motor for landets deroute, ‘Nu Labour’, ikke dømt ude ved det kommende parlamentsvalg (LFPC).

A school has provoked uproar after taking children’s fingerprints without permission from their parents. Pupils were ‘frogmarched’ to be fingerprinted so they could use touch screens in the canteen to have money deducted from their account, thereby speeding up lunch queues. Capital City Academy in Brent, north London, was later forced to apologise and wiped all prints it obtained before asking for consent.

It also introduced an opt-out for parents uncomfortable with the technology, allowing pupils to enter a four-digit pin code instead of scanning their print. The revelation comes as teachers today warned schools are routinely taking children’s fingerprints without permission from their parents. As many as 3,500 schools take biometric data from pupils to speed up basic administration such as buying canteen lunches or borrowing library books. Youngsters place their thumbs on a scanner and lunch money is deducted from their account or they are registered as borrowing a book. […] School apologises after pupils were ‘frogmarched’ to be fingerprinted so they could eat in canteen

Hate crimes force Jews out of Malmoe

Anti-Semitic threats come from Muslim community.Marcus Eilenberg is a Swedish Jew whose family roots in Malmo run deep. His paternal grandparents were Holocaust survivors who found shelter in this southern Swedish city in 1945. His wife’s parents fled to Sweden from communist Poland in the 1960s. Now the 32-year-old law firm associate feels the welcome for Jews is running out, and he is moving to Israel with his wife and two children in May. He says he knows at least 15 other Jews who are leaving for a similar reason.

That reason, he says, is a rise in hate crimes against Jews in Malmo, and a sense that local authorities have little desire to deal with a problem that has exposed a crack in Sweden’s image as a bastion of tolerance and a haven for distressed ethnic groups. Washington Times. AP: Muslim-Jewish tensions roil Swedish city.

Donér engangsbeløb?Kan du forpligte dig til fast betaling?

Deltag i debatten...

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Peter Buch
Peter Buch

Pointing out hate speech is now hate speech, while hate speech itself, is not.
Læs det, og se eventuelt videoen.

Robin Shadowes
Robin Shadowes

Mycket skrämmande. Snart kommer tanke-polisen och hämtar oss. Förresten så är RFID-chippet omodernt. Nu är det RFID-tatuering som gäller.




EU har i mange år registreret internettrafik, jeg kan prøve atr finde et par harmdirrende og kloge indlæg fra dengang, der selvfølgelig ikke røg gennem redaktiossekretærernes censur. Der logges hvem du udveksler mails med, men selvom der dengang var stærke kræfter i gang for at registrere mailens indhold, blev det dog ikke til noget. Det logges også hvilke websites man besøger, så lige p.t. registreres mit besøg på den højreradikale snaphanen, og lidt tidligere på Uriasposten og Jalvings blog. OIC logger også, de har et center ligesom Morten Kjærums. I modsætning til Morten Kjærum kan de dog ikke få oplyst,… Read more »

Matti från Finland
Matti från Finland

[retorisk fråga]Undrar om islamofobia är med på listan av farliga tendenser .. eller ?[/retorisk fråga]


Og ikke kun på briterne, vel at mærke. Steen og undertegnede må overveje om vores skriverier kan anses for “preparatory activities” Præcis! Men internet-censuren er jo kun et skridt i retning af den chip, som vi allesammen i nærmeste fremtid skal have indopereret under huden – på samme måde som Obama har tænkt sig at gøre med amerikanerne som led i den nye “sundheds”reform. Selve denne reform var jo bare et påskud for at kunne kontrollere borgerne endnu mere i retning mod big-brother samfundet, hvor staten overvåger vores mindste aktiviteter og tanker. Så er der jo heller ikke så langt… Read more »