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One of the least known aspects of the current Libyan conflict is its brutal, racial component. Media reports claim Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is using black African mercenaries in his war against the rebels. In retaliation, the insurgents have targeted in violent attacks African immigrant workers living in Libya, from whom, the rebels believe, Gaddafi is recruiting his mercenaries. Before the uprising began, an estimated 1.5 million Africans resided in Libya, many as low-paid labourers, but the violence has caused a large number to flee the country or to go into hiding. […]

But another, more sinister motive lurks behind the current rebel “African hunt” than just Gaddafi’s disturbing use of African mercenaries to put down the rebellion. The ferocious animosity Libyan rebels are showing toward black Africans is actually rooted in a deeply embedded, centuries-old Arab racism the war has inflamed. This racism has its roots in the institution of Islamic slavery.

And this abomination of Islamic slavery, upon which Arab racism rests, will be difficult to eradicate. It is an ingrained, centuries-old institution that is also legal under sharia law and, according to historian Bernard Lewis, “elaborately regulated.” The case of Cairo University professor Dr. Abu Zayd, an Islamic theologian, indicates the dangers and complications of challenging sharia law’s slavery provisions. When Zayd contended that “keeping slave girls and taxing non-Muslims” was contrary to Islam, he was declared an apostate and a sharia court forcibly divorced him from his wife. He later fled to Europe to escape Islamic extremists who now wanted to kill him because of his apostate status. […] Libyan Rebels Terrorize Black Africans

U.S. Sen. John McCain, one of the strongest proponents in Congress of the American military intervention in Libya, said Friday that Libyan rebels fighting Muammar Qaddafi’s troops are his heroes. […]

“They are my heroes,” McCain said of the rebels as he walked out of a local hotel in Benghazi. […] McCain Lauds Anti-Qaddafi Forces During Libya Visit

Dearbornistan: Terry Jones har nu færre rettigheder end KKK og nazister

Frygt kan lamme et samfund. Uerkendt og bortrationaliseret frygt kan undergrave et samfund. USA er på vej imod en smertefuld læreproces (LFPC).

[…] Terry Jones was sent to jail in Michigan over a planned protest outside the largest Islamic Center in the U.S. I have seen the most vile displays of subversion, anti-Americanism, Jew-hatred and violence at anti-war rallies during the Bush years. No one said boo. It’s free speech. The KKK marches, no one says boo, it’s free speech. Monsters protest military funerals, it’s free speech. Nazis in Skokie? A-OK. But Islamic jihadis launch the most brutal and bloody attack on America on September 11, 2001, and we haven’t stopped apologizing. And now we have turned over our soul, the heart of our freedom. […] Jailed Jones Prosecutor “Un-Worthy’s” Alliances

Slyngelrettigheder og den engelske syge

Man kunne kalde dette et eksempel på det konsekvensløse samfund kørt ud i det ekstreme, men for samfundet selv er dette selvfølgelig alt andet end konsekvensløst. Os bekendt har vi ikke noget der kommer i nærheden af dette suicidale rettighedsregime i den danske socialpædagogik, men er de eksempler vi også har oplevet herhjemme med oplevelsesture og nye cykler til nogen der ikke fortjener det alligevel et udslag af det samme socialpædagogiske paradigme du jour? (LFPC)

When Winston Smith became a youth worker after leaving university, he was an idealistic liberal. But after ten depressing years of seeing disruptive children in care being indulged rather than disciplined, he’s written a devastating book exposing the truth about the anarchy in this country’s care homes.

Well past midnight, a thuggish teenager called Liam is playing music in his bedroom at full volume. Three adults have spent 20 minutes cajoling him to ‘make the right choice’: in other words, to turn it down and let everyone get some sleep.

As they’ve been trained to do, they’ve praised him for those few hours in the past week when he wasn’t causing mayhem. But none of this works. It rarely does.

Liam has an angry, vacant look in his eye. Even threats don’t work. When I tell him he risks not going to Alton Towers this weekend, as planned, he roars: ‘B******s! I’ll be f***ing going. I’d like to see you try and stop me.’ If I dare to come into his room, he adds, ‘I’ll f***ing smash you right up!’ […]

The next day, Liam refuses to go to school. Instead, he’s taken for a walk in the countryside and then a row round a lake in the grounds of a stately home.

You might think this a highly inappropriate reward for attempted murder, and you’d be right. But the care system prefers always to look on the positive side. In the paperwork we have to fill out, Liam’s relaxing day is magically transformed into an ‘educational outing’. […]

For the few minutes or hours that they aren’t misbehaving, they receive cash bribes and other awards. Violent rages go unpunished — a policy known as ‘positive reinforcement’. Far from receiving much-needed guidance, semi-feral kids are dictating the agenda. […]

There was no point arguing, because social services object to anything that even hints at criticism of the young people in our charge. Instead, we’re expected to inhabit a morally neutral universe, without judgments or standards. […]

Naturally, the residents also require rewards for things they should be doing in the first place. So, they get ‘points’ (which can be exchanged for cash) every time they apply for a job or enrol on a training course. In other words, the taxpayer has to reward unemployed teenagers simply for trying to find employment. […] The untouchables: How violence and drugs go unpunished in Britain’s care homes where all that matters are children’s rights

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Søren F.
Søren F.
9 years ago

Endnu en artikel om sagen: “Tavshed om oprøreres angreb og mord på sorte libyere”, http://www.udenriget.dk/?p=1036.


[…] man altså vil vide mere om vore arabiske demokrater kan man f.eks. besøge Snaphanen, som efter min mening er den danske blogosfæres kulturelle flagskib. Her skildres den islamiske […]