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Nogle gange er DR tre år efter blogosfæren (Undercover Mosque). Denne gang kun sytten dage.LØRDAG 11-08-12 – “FEMME DE LA RUE” fra minut 7:00.

The Malmö Experiment, Part 2

There is thus a vicious circle which is difficult to break here. This is a critical challenge to anyone who wants to stop the Islamisation of Sweden. The demographic characteristics of the problem makes it difficult to stop and resolve. The multicultural project has, in terms of numbers of immigrants, extended so far that Islamisation will be a slow but irreversible process. Out of Sweden’s small but growing population there are now Muslim minorities which will be majorities in certain areas and cities.

We are, in all honesty, accommodating and funding the occupation of our own country by foreign forces. It does not matter that some Muslims engage in anti-democratic activities and some Muslims do not — They, with their values, traditions and sheer numbers, together become a Trojan horse, brought in by our cheering politically correct hypocrites.

What we are witnessing is a vile political establishment that accommodates and supports the establishment of Islam within Sweden. These politicians, coupled with continued mass-immigration of Muslims, will ensure that the process seen in Malmö will spread to elsewhere in Sweden like a fire. Wait and see if I am wrong: in thirty or forty years, Sweden will have an immigrant and Muslim population which will turn society upside down. We allowed this to happen, both in ignorance andwith all the knowledge one needs. Malmö as a city, thus, serves us as a good example of what the Swedish establishment has in store for its people in Sweden as a whole in the coming oriental and exciting future. So will we take a stand to save the rest of Sweden or any of her neighbours before it is entirely too late? Gates of Vienna.

Våldet i Malmö

Våldet i Malmö. Sammanfattning* för juli 2012. – Våldet i Malmö 2012. Kapitel 8 – augusti.

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8 years ago

Imam beklager angreb på politibetjente [ Mon dog? ]

Politifolk på Nørrebro i København trak pistol, da de blev angrebet af unge, som kom fra nattebøn [!!!]


En gruppe unge angreb natten til søndag politifolk i Blågårdsgade i København, da de var ved at tjekke en bil.

[ Tja, hvem har mon fortalt dem, at man bare skal reagere på den måde, hvis politiet laver en rutinekontrol? ]

8 years ago

Helt som forudsagt … 😉 Somaliere strømmer ind i Danmark http://ekstrabladet.dk/nyheder/politik/danskpolitik/article1806293.ece Ny møgsag for Helle og co: Dom fra menneskerettighedsdomstolen betyder, at regeringen har særdeles svært ved at opretholde dens stramme asylpolitik over for somaliere 08:29, 12. aug 2012 (Opdateret tid: 10:09, 12. aug 2012) | Sverre Quist, Sophie Bremer, Janus Østergaard Regeringen med statsminister Helle Thorning-Schmidt (S) i spidsen gør en dyd ud af at videreføre den stramme asylpolitik fra den borgerlige regering. [ Ja, hurra! ] Denne kurs er dog alvorligt truet af, at antallet af somaliere, der er kommer til landet, er eksploderet på det seneste. Konkret… Read more »

8 years ago
Reply to  Bjovulf

Ups! – 553 * 12/7 / 109 = 8.6972…