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Det er næsten det dobbelte af, hvad Danmark har på et helt år. Det er dyrt at have et rygte som suicidal snart forhenværende nation ude i verden. Mens de giver landet væk for fulde gardiner, pludrer de om hvorvidt minister Billström er racist: Meningsterror for fuld udblæsning i Sverige. Journalistkorpsets Quislinge hælder til, at han er.

Importing Islamic Nightmares While Denying Them

By Fjordman

jennyA report prepared by groups in the various Nordic countries has proposed instituting a legal ban on anti-Feminist “hatred,” comparing this to “racism.” Representing the left-wing coalition government in Norway, Ahmad Ghanizadeh from the Socialist Left Party (SV), the State Secretary in the Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion, was positive towards the proposal, and promised that the government would look into it.

My initial thought upon hearing this is that Leftism is now officially a religion, and that its proponents desire a “blasphemy statute” to ban any serious discussion of left-wing doctrines and their consequences as “hate speech.” (foto: Jenny fra Gøteborg, gruppevoldtaget og racistisk mishandlet af somaliere, løjet om i socialdemokratiske Aftonbladet. En af somalierne voldtog senere en 84-årig svensk kvinde. Jenny Lemon Metapedia.)

Writer and fellow online dissident Takuan Seiyo commented that not even George Orwell could have come up with anything that tops this scenario. Yes, there is a serious proposal afoot in Norway to ban “anti-Feminist hatred”. Yes, the ministry really has the Orwellian name of Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion. And yes, this State Secretary in Norway really is called Ahmad Ghanizadeh, originally from Iran.

In 2013, Norway’s Minister of Culture is Hadia Tajik, whose Muslim family came from Pakistan. One must assume that Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg of the Labour Party appointed her partly to remind the native population that they no longer have a culture, only “Multiculture,” but mainly in order to appeal to the Muslim and other Third World immigrant voters whose support his left-wing coalition depends upon in order to stay in power.

PM Stoltenberg in his prestigious New Year’s Speech for 2013 promised that his government would seek to ban “hateful utterances” on the Internet. The year before, Stoltenberg used his New Year’s Speech, always broadcasted on prime-time national TV and watched by a large proportion of his countrymen, to launch a frontal attack on alleged “totalitarian seducers” who use the Internet to spread unfounded “hatred.”

I was shortly afterwards contacted by the journalist Ragnhild Sleire Øyen from the state broadcaster NRK, the local equivalent of the BBC, who considered it obvious that the Prime Minister was referring to me personally. I’m sure many other citizens got the same message, and that may well have been intentional.

The PM didn’t mention any names explicitly, but then he didn’t have to, since so many others had done that dirty job for him. His right-hand man in Labour, Party Secretary Raymond Johansen, has singled me out for public attack by name several times, both before and after the Prime Minister gave this speech, as one of the individuals spreading irrational “hate” against Islam and therefore holding me partly responsible for the mental climate that allegedly created Anders Behring Breivik. I wasn’t the only name on that short list, but I usually topped it.

Norway is a small country, but I still find it unhealthy that a sitting political head of state uses his most prestigious annual speech addressing the nation to launch a thinly veiled attack on individual citizens who have done nothing criminal. An analogy for Americans would be if the President of the United States used his State of the Union speech to launch a thinly veiled attack on writers who use the Internet to publish ideas he dislikes, for instance the conservative author Michelle Malkin, or Glenn Reynolds with his major blog Instapundit. Even Obama hasn’t gone that far, at least not yet. The Social Democratic Prime Minister of Norway has.

Who gets to define “hate,” and do negative feelings always come out of nowhere? What if public anger, assuming it exists, actually has a cause that needs to be addressed? For example, being displaced in one’s own country by often hostile tribes? Should we simply ban any real discussions of this problem instead of dealing with the actual cause of public frustration? If so, what will be the long-term results of such a policy?

Elisabeth Skarsbø Moen is the debate editor and a regular columnist in VG, one of Norway’s two largest newspapers, and the largest one with a truly national readership. She writes in positive terms about Feminism, while at the same time championing the continued mass immigration of people from cultures that are extremely hostile to women. Like most other Western Feminists of her ilk, she sees no contradiction in this.

In October 2012, Skarsbø Moen wrote a deeply emotional column in VG entitled “Our children”, where she lamented that her society sometimes makes a distinction between “our” children and “other” children, that is, people born in other countries. She chastised her own country for not treating all children born anywhere on the entire planet as equally ours. The occasion concerned two young male Muslim asylum seekers from Afghanistan. læs videre på Frontpage Magazine (Se også Våldtäkter begågna av “barn” (under 18 år) har blivit åtta gånger fler på 13 år.)

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8 years ago

@Farbror Pelle,

“Hur fan skall det här gå? 10.000 på tre månader ger ca. 40.000 per helår”

Ingen fara, vi hade mer än det dubbla under Westerbergs glada dagar på tidigt 90-tal-

“är det ingen som tänker den första tanken, nämligen var i helskotta skall alla dessa BO?”

Den frågan besvaras här:


Farbror Pelle
Farbror Pelle
8 years ago
Reply to  Utlandssvensk

Men snälla du, den krönikan hade jag mycket stor behållning av redan när den kom i september. Går det så långt att man börjar att expropriera sommarstugor för att förlägga våra kära kulturberikare – tja, då kommer det att gå åt helvete ordentligt. Hade jag själv haft en sommarstuga som blivit exproprierad, så nog fan kan du tro att jag hade INTE låtit den stå – det hade blivit vådeld eller skorstensbrand i samband med expropriationsbeslutet, var så säker. Samtidigt sker det ju nu en märklig sak – alla dessa kulturberikare får gå före i den kommunala bostadskön, samtidigt som… Read more »

8 years ago
Reply to  Farbror Pelle

@Farbror Pelle “Men snälla du, den krönikan hade jag mycket stor behållning av redan när den kom i september” Ok, jag visste inte det. “Tokstollen Westerberg ja, jo, nog var det många som kom när han satt, det är ju helt klart, men det var mestadels europeer – eller har jag fel?” Det stämmer, men det var mest en slump. Vi släpper helt enkelt in alla som råkar komma från sönderfallande länder. Just då var det Jugoslavien, nu är det Somalien, Syrien, osv. “Samtidigt sker det ju nu en märklig sak – alla dessa kulturberikare får gå före i den… Read more »

Farbror Pelle
Farbror Pelle
8 years ago

Hur fan skall det här gå? 10.000 på tre månader ger ca. 40.000 per helår – är det ingen som tänker den första tanken, nämligen var i helskotta skall alla dessa BO? Jag röstar i och för sig klart för den enklaste lösningen, nämligen tältförläggning i skogen i Norra Norrlands inland nu på vintern. Torde väl avskräcka en del att komma hit nu, och resten när myggsäsongen börjar. Den här stackas tjejen som blivit gruppvåldtagen – vi lär nog se ännu fler. Det kanske är dags att börja tillämpa sharia-lagstiftningen på missdådarna – det vill de ju själva, inte sant?… Read more »

8 years ago

“Invandringsindustriella komplexet” innefattar även Röda Korset och diverse “ideella” föreningar.
Biståndsbranchen kan man också räkna in. Detta exempel är från 2007, siffrorna är nog högre nu: