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December 7 2013 110

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Svensk sundhedsvæsen dårligst i Norden

Long queues to see a doctor and get treatment in Sweden have dragged the country far down a European ranking of healthcare providers, with Sweden now the worst among its Nordic neighbours despite efforts to cut waiting times. On Tuesday, a Brussels-based Swedish researcher revealed that Sweden had the worst health system of any of the five Nordic countries. Sweden slipped from sixth to eleventh place among 35 European countries, with Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland all racing past it.

The report in particular had harsh words for waiting times in the Swedish healthcare system. It gave as an example that teenagers suffering anorexia at times have to wait six months for an appointment with a specialist. It also highlighted its concern that cancer patients were left to wait.

“Why can Albania operate its healthcare services with practically zero waiting times, and Sweden cannot?” the report authors from the Health Consumer Powerhouse (HCP) organization in Brussels asked, albeit acknowledging modest improvements. “The Swedish queue-shortening project, on which the state has spent approximately 5 billion euro, has achieved some shortening of waiting times.” Sweden aims to make sure people can see their general practitioner within one week max, which the organization said was a modest goal in and of itself.

“The target for maximum wait in Sweden to see your primary care doctor (no more than seven days) is underachieved only by Portugal, where the corresponding figure is 15 days,” the report stated.”Only Serbia has equally long waiting times as Sweden today,” HCP founder Johan Hjertqvist said in a statement. “Despite the government pumping billions into the queue system, very little is happening.” Sweden’s health system ‘worst in the Nordics’

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Sveriges resultat p√•verkas av bland annat den nya abort-indikatorn, d√§r den mycket h√∂ga svenska abortfrekvensen kan tolkas som att aborter anv√§nds som ett preventivmedel, med h√§lsorisker f√∂r m√∂drarna och belastning p√• sjukv√•rden. Lika m√•nga aborter som i Sverige ‚Äď fler √§n 30 aborter per 100 f√∂dslar – √•terfinns idag bara i l√§nder som tillh√∂rt det forna Sovjetblocket.

Samtidigt som den svenska politiska debatten handlar om brister i v√•rd och omsorg presenteras idag √•rets Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI), d√§r Sverige halkar fr√•n 6:e till 11:e plats av 35 europeiska l√§nder. Sverige f√•r se sig passerat av alla √∂vriga nordiska l√§nder. Sverige rasar i √•rets ranking av EU-sjukv√•rden ‚ÄĚFortfarande bra v√•rdresultat men of√∂rm√•ga ta itu med kroniska svagheter‚ÄĚ

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Tak for et fremragende fotografi Steen.

Kan kun anbefale at man klikker på helskærm og nyder det.