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Woe to anyone in Sweden who dissents from the orthodox view that welcoming large numbers of indigent peoples from such countries as Iraq, Syria, and Somalia is anything but a fine and noble idea. Even to argue that permitting about 1 percent of the existing population to emigrate annually from an alien civilization renders one politically, socially, and even legally beyond the pale. (I know a journalist threatened with arrest for mild dissent on this issue.) Stating that there exists a Swedish culture worth preserving meets with puzzlement.

And yet, the realities of immigration are apparent for all to see: welfare dependency, violent bigotry against Christians and Jews, and a wide range of social pathologies from unemployment to politically motivated rape. Accordingly, ever-increasing numbers of Swedes find themselves — despite known hazards — opting out of the consensus and worrying about their country’s cultural suicide. Daniel Pipes: National Review

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6 years ago

I stedet for at afvikle landet i småbidder, burde Sverige løse konflikten i Mellemøsten ved at tilbyde Sverige til palæstinenserne, så de kunne slippe for at bo så tæt på de skrækkelige jøder. Værsgo, et helt land fuld af servicepersonale, lige til at gå ombord i, alle er velkomne.

Sverige eller Ekssverige vil dermed have fastslået, at det virkelig er verdenshistoriens ALLERGODESTE land. Det eneste der taler imod denne endelige og fuldstændige løsning på mellemøstenkonflikten er, at israelerne så slipper for palæstinenserne. For mange i Vesten vil det ikke være til at bære.

6 years ago

Leonard Cohen – The Future: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D97OxHZzBeQ