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Uwe Max RundetÄrn 29.05.2015 012

Citizens of Sweden—a welfare-state society—probably never thought that they would see the day when shantytowns dotted their major cities.

Sharing this worldview, Swedish political elites are reluctant to vacate the shantytowns and discourage begging. Instead, they pledge additional public resources that will serve only to enable the begging behavior and ensure that the problem continues to grow, to the real detriment of the social fabric. Even Sweden’s largest center-right party recently announced that it supported criminalizing “organizers” of begging but keeping the act itself legal. Sweden shows every sign of repeating the destructive story of many American cities a generation ago, as Myron Magnet chronicled in his 1993 book, The Dream and the Nightmare: in which elites churn out the dreams, but society pays the cost. Johan Wennström: Shantytown Sweden The welfare-state country finds itself engulfed by international beggars.

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5 years ago

I wish there was one Romanian/Bulgarian gypsy beggar in every street corner of Söder, Bromma, TÀby, Saltsjöbaden, Djursholm, Danderyd, Stocksund, Kungsholmen and where the f*ck else all these anti-swedish traitors that let this happen live. I hope them gypsies take a dump on their doorstep every single day!

Peter Buch
Peter Buch
5 years ago

Billedet er fra Frederiksborggade, nÊr NÞrreport i retningen mod Kultorvet i KÞbenhavn, tror jeg, hun var der hÊndervridende i gÄr, med pappet hvorpÄ der stod at lÊse, hun havde tre bÞrn, i min hukommelse.

Peter Zichau
Peter Zichau
5 years ago
Reply to  Peter Buch

Og hvis det er den mÄde hun har tÊnkt sig at forsÞrge dem pÄ, skulle hun jo nok aldrig have haft dem..!

Reply to  snaphanen

Det stÄr en sÄdan utanför Gleerups i Lund. Tror det var första gÄngen jag sÄg en sÄdan med för kort krycka i verkligheten. Det Àr en sak att se dom pÄ film eller foto. Men att se en i verkligheten Àr sÄ absurt att det nÀstan blir skrattretande.