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By Martien Pennings

What do we see here?

We see Gutmenschen who try to give the “refugees” water and food.

Very . . . . . eh . . . . . . assertive young Arabs, full of . . . . eh . . . . . pride . . . . . eh . . . . . well okay: we see unbelievable arrogant young islam-nazi’s who are full of arrogant contempt for what the kafir-Gutmenschen are offering. We see jihadistic contempt for the “kafir”, the unbeliever, and all what he brings and stands for.

These young Arabs are undercover jihadists, I would bet my life on that.

They are intimidating their fellow-“refugees”.

Pay attention to the young Arab in the light-brown half-long trousers and the black T-shirt: how he throws away the water.

Look at the row of young Arabas that stands by.

Look at the young Arab with the white shoes and the knee-long jeans and the black T-shirt who also throws away the water.

Look at the young Arabs with the long blue-jeans and the black T-shirt kicking al last bottle of water onto the railway.

There are the female Hungarian soldiers with the sandwiches, ready-made to feed the “refugees”.

Look at the three young Arabs – one sitting and two standing – in the open door of the train and how they are making repulsing hand-gestures to stave off the women-soldiers with the sandwiches. They don’t allow the women to get in the train and present the food there. Only a few very young girls come off the train onto the platform and dare to acept the food.

The women-soldiers go alongside the train with the food and a man with a megaphon is telling them the food is there.

But the windows of the train stay closed. Just one window opens and a very young girl grabs a bag and then a man in a purple shirt – her father? – talks a to the women-soldiers. But in seconds a young Arab in a yellow T-shirt appears besides him, makes repulsing hand-gestures and closes the window.

So what did we see in this short docu?

We have seen how a terroristic minority of young male islam-criminals intimidate and set the margins for everyone.

You see an illustration of what Brigitte Gabriel is telling a young muslima about terroristic minorities in world history. And it is coming to North-Westen-Europe.

May I add a personal note? Would I have had empathy for a soldier who would have executed the water-and-bread-throwers on the spot? Yes, I would.

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5 years ago

A sad spectacle seeing police officers acting as humble house niggers, humiliated by their young masters. The ingrates who kick the offered water onto the tracks, should be jailed until they’d reimbursed the Hungarian people for it. Yes, these people are certainly going to be a boon for Germany. They are not poor, they are middle-class brats, and there’s no way a bunk in a re-purposed school with a communal shower is going to be good enough for them. Cued on by Western pundits, they know it’s their human right to have their own apartment with broadband internet, flat screen… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  FelixKrull

I thank these honest men for revealing what lies ahead for us all.

5 years ago

Just the beginning of havoc in Europe; they have barely set foot on European soil before they start acting up – like real followers of the oh, so peaceful proffffet…! Expedite them back to their brethren in Raqqah. We don’t want them, Frau Merkel! Once Again, you, Germany, is creating disaster in Europe! Thought you had learnt your lesson….