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Optagelserne er netop blevet offentlige i eftermiddags. De hører godt sammen med Bassam Tibis kommentar nedenfor, som burde være tvangslæsning for enhver parlamentariker i Europa.

New footage of the infamous Cologne New Year sex attacks show how police officers struggled to contain the large crowds as an alleged hundreds of assaults were committed in the melee. More than 1,100 criminal complaints were filed relating to the chaos outside the main train station in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, with several hundred alleging sexual offences. The previously unseen video sees police scuffle with a number of young men, while fireworks are being set off into the crowd and a woman can be heard shouting ‘you mustn’t touch me, you mustn’t touch me’ in the background. New footage of Cologne New Year sex attacks shows woman screaming ‘you mustn’t touch me, you mustn’t touch me’ and overwhelmed police struggling to control crowds of migrant men

Alcohol free London – Free Palestine

MODERN DAY LONDON: Beer drinking citizens attacked in their country by pro-Palestine Muslims cheering FREE PALESTINE

Donér engangsbeløb?Kan du forpligte dig til fast betaling?

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