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Læger uden Grænser indstiller virksomhed på Middelhavet

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said on Saturday it was suspending its migrant rescues in the Mediterranean because it felt threatened by the Libyan coastguard and the Italian government’s policies have made its job harder.The aid group’s decision is the latest development in mounting tensions between Rome and NGOs as migration dominates Italy’s political agenda ahead of elections early next year.

“We are suspending our activities because now we feel that the threatening behaviour by the Libyan coastguard is very serious … we cannot put our colleagues in danger,” the president of MSF’s Italian arm Loris De Filippi told Reuters. Doctors Without Borders suspends migrant rescues in the Mediterranean og RFI.fr.

Black Pigeon: Bogbrænderne på You Tube og Gogle

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3 years ago

OT: Watching “Single Children” fra Sverige, ledsaget af glad Benny Hill musik. Skal ses !!