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16:30:Tommy Robinson Released on Bail and Referred to Attorney General, Will Be Cross Examined at Next Hearing (Breitbart)

“We don’t need the media, we are the media. MSM are the enemy of the people”

Man fornemmelsen af, at engelske politikere træder vande og tøver. Tommy Robinson er blevet for stor, hans folkemasser er blevet for store. Han har nu – også takket været medierne – fået et format som en engelsk Lech Walesa i det 21 århundrede. Han endte med at blive Polens præsident.

Øverste video ser lang ud, men Tommys tale er kun 23 minutter. Ezra Levant taler min. 43.  Hør til sidst hele gaden synge Leonar Cohens ‘Hallelujah.’ Hør endelig også hans tale foran Old Bailey i video 2.

Robinson er ægte – politikere og medier er ‘fake.

Hvis jeg må citere mig selv: Tommy har alt det, enhver engelsk politiker mangler. Ærlighed, begavelse, karisma, charme, troværdighed. Han er ægte – de er ‘fake.’

Man kan ikke købe det nogen steder, man kan næppe lære det, og intet spin kan kompensere for det. Derfor frygter enhver engelsk politiker ham. Hvem kunne ikke tænke sig at se den kiksede ‘Dancing Queen’  Theresa May og Tommy Robinson i en debat-duel?

Hele sit partis reklamebudget, er alt hvad hun udstråler. Andrew Lawton blev vidne til MSM’s interne snak om Robinson i I Overheard How Reporters Talk About Tommy Robinson.The Media Party bekræfter, hvad Robinson sagde til folkemængden inden retssagen: “Medierne er jeres fjender.”

While I was preparing my own coverage before the judge’s arrival, two reporters were conversing behind me.Both reporters—a man and a woman—were from the Press Association (PA), a British wire service. They aren’t columnists, but news reporters whose work fills the pages of publications across the United Kingdom. I would normally not share details of private conservations—especially those in which I was not a part. In this case, the conversation was taking place surrounded by people, with no attempt to be discrete. The reporters just assumed everyone around them shared their worldview.

They mocked and chuckled at the “enemy of the people” comment, even asking a couple of arriving journalists from other outlets if they knew they were enemies of Britons.Over the next few minutes, the bias became even more apparent. The male reporter had seen commentator Ezra Levant outside and remarked to his colleague that Levant had apparently broken an unspecified law.

“He needs to be arrested,” he said in a markedly non-jovial tone. “He’s whipped up hate.” The reporter didn’t extrapolate and his colleague didn’t respond. Moments later, the female reporter said there was no ambiguity about Robinson’s guilt. “He is in contempt of court,” she said. “There’s not really any doubt.”

Tommy Robinson deltog i Pegidas 4 års dag og blev interviewet af Michael Stürzenberger. Hele arrangementet er her – to timer. 2.000 tilhængere var samlet ved Old Bailey, da Tommy ankom. Delingpole: Tommy Robinson, Britain’s Last Lion, Roars

Tommy Robinson-møde torsdag 25 oktober på Christiansborg

 Er de britiske myndigheders behandling af Tommy Robinson en knægtelse af ytringsfriheden og grundlæggende retsprincipper?

Sweden — Number 2 in world rape ranking

The Spectator Index released the world rape report today which shows number of rapes per 100,000 women. Shockingly, the once-so-safe country Sweden is now #2 on the list with 63 rapes per 100,000 women.

The small country which in the ‘80s and ‘90s was well known abroad for big brands like Volvo and Saab and safety has in recent years has seen peaking crime rates and a police force that can’t handle the number of reported rapes.

So what has happened to Sweden? If you ask the mainstream media and the left-wing reporters, the big increase in the number of rapes is due to the fact that women have suddenly started to report them. The 600% increase in the number of reported rapes is also, according to the left-wing journalists, due to “good weather”.

If you look at the victims it is now in Sweden not only women being raped — since the big immigration from the Middle East 2015 young boys have started to be raped / gang-raped by refugees as a punishment, due to the culture in Afghanistan.

In Sweden the former top police chief Dan Eliasson didn’t want to comment on why the number of rapes has suddenly started to peak — but on Swedish television he did feel sorry for the perpetrator who had molested and raped a young girl severely; he wondered what bad things the refugee has been through in his home country that made him start to rape girls.

Sweden is starting to become a country where freedom of speech is no longer available and dissidents are being silenced by all means, from security police to being deleted from social media and banks shutting down their bank accounts.

Finally 1.1 million of the population voted in the election in September for a big change in immigration policy by giving the party Sverige Demokraterna (SD) their vote. However, since they only received approx 17% of the votes it is unlikely that they will be able to influence the immigration question. Sweden Is Still No. 2, But It’s Trying Harder

Donér engangsbeløb?Kan du forpligte dig til fast betaling?

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