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Islamisten Safia Aoude,  der  blev smidt ud af de Konservative for blandt andet at have relativeret Holocaust,  fotomanipuleret Brix og Hedegaard  med  hagekorsarmbind, stukket  øjnene ud på Hirsi Ali og villet fratage homoseksuelle  organisationer statsstøtte, –  som har kaldt Naser Khader “psycho”,”psykopat ind til benet”, “Uncle Tom”, “Chimpanse” og “Borderline Bob” , og hvis speciale er  injurier og at  (tabte) søgsmål mod alt  hvad der bevæger sig, deriblandt Nyhedsavisen,  har været til middag hos James P Cain . Han har vist glemt  at checke  sine gæsters almindelige omdømme. Ambassadøren kunne  have  nøjedes med at forhøre sig hos de Konservative´s Svend Bergstein, der senest har haft fornøjelsen af nærkontakt med Aoude:

To kontroversielle muslimer blev inviteret til middag hos den amerikanske ambassadør James P. Cain. »Direkte latterligt,« mener Dansk Folkeparti.
Den amerikanske ambassadør i Danmark, James P. Cain, er en »nyttig idiot« for rabiate islamiske kræfter. Sådan lyder beskyldningerne, efter at han i sidste uge inviterede to kontroversielle muslimer hjem til et middagselskab. Det er andet år i træk, den amerikanske ambassade inviterer danske muslimer til såkaldt iftar – aftensmåltidet, som bryder den muslimske faste under ramadanen. Blandt de inviterede i år var imamen Mohammed Albarazi, der var med i den delegation af danske muslimer, der under Muhammedkrisen rejste til Mellemøsten og angiveligt opfordrede til opstand mod Danmark og Jyllands-Posten. Desuden var bestyrelsesmedlem for Muslimer i Dialog, skolelæreren Safia Aoude, inviteret. Hun vakte opsigt, da hun på sin hjemmeside sidestillede holocaustbenægteren David Irving med andre historikere.  Nyhedsavisen

Hege Storhaug:  Norges største demokratiske problem ?

“Det er helt avgjørende at Hege Storhaugs kampanje for å undergrave den religiøse minoriteten muslimenes rettigheter i Norge blir stansa. Det er det største demokratiske problemet vi har nå.”

Jens Tomas Anfindsen ,  Useriøst fra Michelet
Filmen: Amatullah kommer tillbaka

Lars , jag lyckades köra ut dig från ditt hem och det var jag som medelade världens Muslimer vad du gjorde. (Du vågar inte gå till Pakistan och visa dina teckningar där, medan jag vågar hota dig till livet här i ditt Sverige , på ditt teritorium )
Jag är milioner gånger starkare än dig även om jag är en kvinna .Du kommer att ha blod på dina händer om någon människa blir dödad för att hon hade den tröja med teckningen på sig .Du är redan besegrad och för varje dag du är äldre och äldre och äldre. Förresten , har du planer att resa utomlands ? Eller har du tappat reslusten ?” (kommentar på Vilks.net)

Filmen: Amatullah kommer tillbaka
Vi har återigen Amatullah med oss. Varmt välkommen till kvällens samtal! Hon skriver att hon har drivit mig ut ur mitt hus och detta betraktar jag som ett icke oävet inslag i projektet: Den fördrivne konstnären. Dessutom inger hennes senaste inlägg även ett visst försonande drag. Jag är besegrad och blir för varje dag som hon säger trefaldigt: Äldre, äldre och äldre. Skall jag förstå det som om Amatullah förespråkar att min ändalykt skall ske genom den naturliga vägen, ”naturlig avgång”? I så fall tackar jag för denna glimt av kärlek.  Lars Vilks

Snaphanen bidrager med et foto til biffens  udhængsskab og en video af den egyptiske tegner som Vilks er så “förtjust i ” . Videoen med hundegøen er også god. Marcel Duchamp ville have lavet den, hvis han havde kunnet. Når der  foreligger et billede af den snart berømte Amatullah, – og det gør der utvivlsomt,  så kry hun er –   bringes det her med det vuns.


Norwegian author warns of militant Islam

A well-known Norwegian author and former statesman describes his latest book as a wake-up call about militant Islam.

Hallgrim Berg, who has twice written humorous books and spent 16 years in Norwegian Parliament, said the goal of militant and imperialist Islam is absolute, grandiose and global and it may already have its grip on Europe. Unfortunately, the majority of European residents are unaware or don’t care that subtle changes in their nations now taking place may haunt the entire free world in years to come.

“My writing is straight forward on how our values are being undermined,” Berg said. “If you look at Europe 15 to 20 years from now, there is already a Muslim majority in Amsterdam and Rotterdam (Holland) and in some school districts. So if you project out, is this what we want?”

Berg said he doesn’t have an issue with Islam or with Muslims who want traditional family values, but with those who use Islam as a crutch to take control of something or someone.

“I differentiate clearly between the Muslim home and family,” Berg said. “I differentiate clearly between them and the militants who want to use force. But the point is, they don’t stand up against the militants. I am convinced that most Muslim families in Europe are law-abiding and hard-working people. They want nothing but a normal family life and the best of care for their children. Of course, they are eager to exploit social benefits and free arrangements from our welfare systems, as do the spoilt natives. It would be unfair to look upon all Muslims as potential warriors.”

As an example, he said 6 percent of British Muslims were sympathetic with the extremists who blew up the London subway in July 2005.

“Where then does the loyalty go?” Berg asked. “Does it go to those (militant) Muslims, the queen of England or to Allah?”

Berg realized several years ago that most people living in the western world live in a hurried society and see the world through rose-colored glasses. Even their governments don’t look very far beyond the hand in front of their faces.

According to Berg, most residents of Europe think only as far ahead as their next summer holiday. Politicians, who are often considered visionary, look ahead the next two to four years, or until their terms end. Islamic strategists, such as Osama bin Laden, look ahead centuries and plan accordingly.

“The book describes ‘Eurabia’ (a future Europe taken over by Islamic extremists) and how armies were beaten in France in 732 and Vienna in 1683,” Berg said. “But they (militants) don’t need armies. They have oil, demographic change, baby boomers, exploitation of democracy, emigration, spread of fear and millennial patience. They can win without armies if they’re patient, and they are.”

According to Berg, western democracies must stay united instead of picking one another apart.

He mentioned France and President Sarkozy as being snide toward the United States, when instead, the United States could be the only nation in the world to secure the world’s free nations.

He discusses the growing anti-Americanism in Europe, a phenomenon evolving despite the role of the United States as a guaranteeing force for democracy and freedom.

In one passage of “Letter to Lady Liberty: Europe in Danger,” Berg writes that Americans work hard, fight and take risks and Europeans take their vacations. He suggested that anti-American sleepwalkers do not see that if the American way goes down the drain, Europe will follow.

“I would advocate a stronger cooperation between Europe and North America, such as a trade or political union,” Berg said. “There should be a new world organization to replace the United Nations.”

The 159-page book isn’t widely available in English, but Berg had copies printed in English at a Fargo press and has them available this week in Trondheim Hall at the Norsk Høstfest. It is sold throughout Norway and is available on the Internet in Norwegian. The book was released early this year in Oslo, Norway, by Koloritt Press.

It is written in the first person as numerous pages of a long letter to the Statue of Liberty as if the monument given to the United States in 1884 by France was a person.

The controversial book doesn’t hold back any punches and also describes some of the flaws in the American system, such as this nation standing fast against Soviet and Chinese communism, but turning a blind eye to atrocities in some Middle Eastern nations to make sure the U.S. keeps stable partners in the region. He writes about issues in Serbia and Nigeria and how Somalia and Uzbekhistan could be the next great battlefields.

In the beginning of the book, Berg writes that the torch of freedom and enlightenment represented by the Statue of Liberty is threatened. The events of Sept. 11 were terrible, but are only an omen about what is coming. Powerful alliances are building up against the United States and they will strike again, the book states.

Berg admits that what he has written is not politically correct, but people had better wake up to Islamic fascism, a kind of absolutism with no tolerance for alternative thinking, and one that does not refrain from violence and terror to achieve its goals.

“In Norway, I’m famous for telling jokes,” Berg said of his first two books. “This is no joke.”

Minotdaily.news Norge Idag :  Europa i fare

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