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Wilders tale kommer på, når videoen foreligger. Teksten findes nedenfor. – Der er lokalvalg i Berlin den 18 september, en by på 3.5 millioner mennesker. Geert Wilders og Oscar Freysinger (SVP) er til formiddags kommet til Berlin for at støtte den lokale kandidat og formand for Die Freiheit, det tidligere CDU medlem René Stadtkewitz. Mødet foregår på et for tyskere symbolsk sted, et hotel i Bendlerblock, tidligere Oberkommando der Wehrmacht og arnested for den tyske modstand mod nazismen ved blandt andre oberst Stauffenberg og general Olbricht. Det er nu et museum og et must for enhver Berlin farer, Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand. Hele området er afspærret mod omfattende demonstrationer, naturligvis. Vi opdaterer her med tekst og videos.Protest gegen Rechtspopulist Wilders, Islamfeind im bürgerlichen Gewand, Wilders & Co stoppen! Geheimhaltungsstrategie erneut unterlaufen – Fotoserie: Wilders in Berlin: Die große Geert-Show.

Speech of Geert Wilders in Berlin 9/3/2011

The Threat of Europeanization and the Need to Defend the Nation-State

Thank you for inviting me to Berlin. It is an honour to be here in this beautiful city of Berlin. When I was here last year I emphasized how important Germany is for all of us. We all benefit from a healthy, democratic, self-confident Germany.
Much has happened since my last visit. In the Netherlands we were able to achieve many amazing things. We have successfully started to roll back the process of Islamization in the Netherlands.
We have done so in a peaceful way and through the democratic process. Recently, a deranged narcissistic psychopath from Norway committed a horrible crime. In cold blood he murdered nearly eighty innocent fellow citizens. The assassin pretended to be a concerned European. He said that he had committed his atrocity because “It is meaningless to participate in the democratic process.” By Geert Wilders

Hemmeligtstemplede dokumenter afslører britiske Labours forræderi

‘Forræderi’ er et virkeligt begreb der let går inflation i brugen af, men vi kan ikke umiddelbart få øje på bedre betegnelser der opsummerer Labours løgne og dobbeltspil over for den britiske befolkning i forbindelse med Storbritanniens skjulte samarbejde med Gaddafis Libyen. Egentlig kunne det ikke blive værre efter afsløringen af Labours intentioner om at ‘tvære de konservatives næser rundt i mangfoldighed’ ved hjælp af strategisk masseindvandring. Disse afsløringer får måske, måske ikke, konsekvenser for nogle af de involverede Labourpolitikere, men vestlig politik i almindelighed, og britisk i særdeleshed, er så labil at heller ikke dette vil ændre radikalt på noget som helst.

The startling extent to which Labour misled the world over the controversial release of the Lockerbie bomber is exposed today in top-secret documents obtained by The Mail on Sunday.

In public, senior Ministers from the last Labour Government and the Scottish First Minister have repeatedly insisted that terminally ill Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was freed on compassionate grounds in a decision taken by Scottish Ministers alone.

But the confidential papers show that Westminster buckled under pressure from Colonel Gaddafi, who threatened to ignite a ‘holy war’ if Megrahi died in his Scottish cell. […]

The revelations come in documents – some marked ‘UK secret: UK/Libya Eyes Only’ – found strewn on the floor of the British Ambassador’s abandoned residence in Tripoli.

Many of the papers demonstrate the warmth of the relationship between Britain and Libya and, in particular, the extraordinarily close links between the Blair Government and the Gaddafi regime.

The notes show how:

Tony Blair helped Colonel Gaddafi’s playboy son Saif with his ‘dodgy’ PhD thesis while he was Prime Minister.

British Special Forces were offered to train the Khamis Brigade, Gaddafi’s most vicious military unit.

MI6 was apparently willing to trace phone numbers for Libyan intelligence.

Gordon Brown wrote warmly to Gaddafi in 2007 expressing the hope that the dictator would be able to meet Prince Andrew when he visited Tripoli.

MI6’s budget (£150 million in 2002) was readily disclosed to Libyan officials, along with details of how Britain’s Downing Street emergency committee Cobra operates.

Britain’s intelligence services forged close links with Gaddafi’s brutal security units. […]

Uh-oh: En vis oppositionsleders svigerfar er også involveret (LFPC):

Even former Labour leader Neil Kinnock became involved, holding discussions on education with Saif Gaddafi.

Secret files: Labour lied over Gaddafi… who warned of a holy war if Megrahi died in Scotland

UKs ‘Bonnichsen’: Vi må forberede os på overgivelse til Al-Qaeda

Set i almindeligt velinformeret lægmandsperspektiv er der intet, absolut intet, der giver anledning til håb om en ny æra i Churchills tegn. Hvad angår vestlige ledere taler vi allerhøjst om en håndfuld udmeldinger der for den tørstende lyder som assertivitet (“multikulturen har spillet fallit”, den slags). Skal man endelig anlægge et optimistisk perspektiv på Obamas leflen og logren for den muslimske verden og på denne eks-efterretningschefs lidet kløgtige udmelding om svaghed som et udgangspunkt, måtte det være at man spiller kortene over i fjendens lejr, inden det helt tunge skyts sættes ind. Det kan man så tro på alt efter temperament.

Den britiske bindestregs-baronesse må man antage udfylder en rolle ikke ulig Danmarks talende citronmåne, den allestedsnærværende Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen: Fri for embedets snærende bånd kan hun komme med udmeldinger der på den ene side ikke kan tages for officielle, men på den anden side formentlig er utænkelige uden en grad af officiel sanktionering. At tale og have citronmåne i munden, med andre ord. Via Jihad Watch (LFPC):

The former head of MI5, Britain’s intelligence unit, says she hopes the UK and US are looking at different ways to talk to Al Qaeda.

Eliza Manningham-Buller, who ran MI5 until 2007, has used a BBC lecture to say she hopes British and US intelligence are examining who to talk to within Al Qaeda, as well as how and what could be discussed.

But she says negotiations are still a way off.

Baroness Manningham-Buller says military and security responses to terrorism can only go so far and eventually a political settlement with terror groups is needed.

She says the September 11 attacks were “a crime, not an act of war”.

She adds she has always the phrase “war on terror” unhelpful, saying the Iraq invasion was a distraction in the West’s pursuit of Al Qaeda. Former MI5 boss wants Al Qaeda settlement 

Bat Ye’or: Had mod Israel er had mod Koranens virkelige rødder

[…] Why Israel? Ye’or asks. “Given the immense territories conquered and Islamized over thirteen centuries of expansion and war,” she writes, “why would Muslim countries keep plotting to destroy Israel?” And further: “Why does the immense oil wealth of Muslim nations nourish a flood of hatred that poisons the heart of humanity against such a small nation? Why is Israel considered so alarming?”

The well-read global citizen might regurgitate something about land, modern Zionism and the post-1948 “plight of the Palestinians,” but these are stock narratives overwriting the age-old reason. “What Israel possesses,” Ye’or explains, “is the Bible.”

To appreciate the depth and breadth of this perhaps obvious but seldom pondered explanation, it’s essential to realize that Jewish and Christian Bible characters, from Abraham to Moses to Jesus, pop up in the Koran as Muslim prophets who actually preach Islam, not Judaism or Christianity. This is the time-wrinkling, religion-morphing way in which Islam repudiates what it regards as falsifications in both the first (old) and second (new) testaments. Given that the Jewish and Christian religious books long predate the Islamic religious book, it’s not surprising that in their Koranic guises the biblical characters “wander,” as Bat Ye’or writes, “in uncertain space with no geographical or temporal references.” Still, Muslims claim that these same “Muslim” characters lived in “Palestine,” Bat Ye’or writes, on the basis of the “Jewish and Christian scriptures that they reject.”

It follows from this highly unstable construct that Islam sees the biblical past as Islamic history “usurped” by Jews and Christians. Thus, “the land in which it took place — though … never mentioned in the Koran — is (considered) a Muslim land, and Jewish and Christian holy sites are all (considered) Muslim,” writes Ye’or, the pre-eminent modern historian of “dhimmitude,” the diminished condition of non-Muslims under Islamic law (Shariah). […] Diana West: The Jihad Is Against the Bible 

Donér engangsbeløb?Kan du forpligte dig til fast betaling?


Posted: 3 september 2011 - 20:41 - Svar

Islamerna vill en sak, ta över. Dom olika länderna måste vakna upp och inse det.


Posted: 3 september 2011 - 21:53 - Svar

I haven’t played the video yet, but I have a very important question: in the still image visible before the video begins, in the picture there is a fellow next to Wilders. On his right side, but to the viewer’s left. The guy is wearing a white shirt, open collar w/o a tie, and dressed in jeans with what looks like an American Indian belt. His hair is long and pulled back in a “pony tail”.

Do you know who he is? Is that one of Wilders’ body guards? Oh my, what a hunk! He’s gorgeous…

…yes, I know the speech is important — I read it — but that body guard (or is he Wilders’ VBFF?) is very cute indeed.

Now. I’ve used up my quota of trivial silly comments for today. But it was worth it 😉


Posted: 3 september 2011 - 21:58 - Svar

@ Dymphna: But that´s Oscar Freysinger of the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) He is a great speaker too, I hope we will see him in Copenhagen one day.


    Posted: 4 september 2011 - 02:03 - Svar

    Ha, maybe you should set up some sort of contact service, Steen? 😀


Posted: 3 september 2011 - 23:53 - Svar

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for an English equivalent of Geert Wilders and the PVV. The EDL may be raising public awareness of Islamisation here, but it’s in a different league to the PVV, which means that the Leftists (such as the Islamo-Marxist mob pictured in the following video taken today in London) are able to reach out to the mass media and let their view reign without effective challenge: http://durotrigan.blogspot.com/2011/09/video-islamo-marxist-mob-confro nt.html


Posted: 4 september 2011 - 01:58 - Svar

Nyt fra “kulturberigelsen” af Tower Hamlets – og om EDLs bevæggrunde.

Er dette virkelig, hvad vi ønsker for Europas fremtid?

Så stem endelig på R, Ø, F – eller S ( “Giv plads til islam i Europa!” – Mogens Jensen i Europarådet ca. 2009 )


Welcome to Tower Hamlets
by Esmerelda Weatherwax (September 2011)

Why I am going to Tower Hamlets on Saturday.

I am of an old East End family. We define the East End as the three old boroughs of Bethnal Green, Stepney and Poplar which since 1965 make up the current London Borough of Tower Hamlets, plus that area of Shoreditch around Shoreditch Church which since 1965 is part of the London Borough of Hackney. Although my mother was born in Hoxton (which is adjacent to, but not part of, the East End) where my grandfather had a market stall, her parents were born in Bethnal Green as were all of my father’s family. My cousins and I have traced many lines of our families back to the 18thcentury. We span 4 centuries and 10 generations in the area, at least. Welcome to my ancestoral homeland.

It isn’t the size of the Mosque complex (they are now building upwards, nine floors and counting) which is cause for concern, however, but the nature of their speakers and preachers, the malign influence of the Islamic Forum of Europe [!!!], the corruption of local politics [!!!] and the imposition of Sharia law. [!!!] The Telegraph Journalist Andrew Gilligan chronicles this regularly.

The following are a few the reasons why the English Defence League will be rallying in Tower Hamlets next week. The Home Secretary Theresa May, at the request of the Metropolitan Police, acting under the orders of the notorious Lutfur Rahman [ !!! – Se “Channel 4 Dispatches – “Britain’s Islamic Republic” – kan ses pt. via link her fra Snapahen ( 9/11 Kavalkade) ], the Mayor (for elected mayor, read Islamic dictator) has banned any march for a month through 5 London boroughs, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest, Hackney and Islington. So the demonstration will be a static one, which is our democratic right from which we cannot be banned.

[ Liste af eksempler – med billeder og detaljer ]

Imposition of a Sharia controlled Zone.

The treatment of Women

The hijab is near universal. The niqab is imposed on women in greater numbers than in Bangladesh itself.

Treatment of gays.

The most obvious example is the declaration, some months prior to the Sharia Controlled Zone, that Tower Hamlets is a “Gay Free Zone” …

Treatment of Jews

There are very few Jews left in the East End; most have moved into the general East End diaspora in Essex. As I said above a Jewish councillor is regularly abused, even during council meetings. The East London Mosque would love to get its hands on the land occupied by the Great Fieldgate Street Synagogue . …

Treatment of Christians and Christianity

Attempted Murder of English Christian RE Teacher

Attacks on historic churches, Christian clergy and congregations.

In 2008 Canon Ainsworth of St Georges in the East Shadwell was beaten seriously enough to merit time in hospital after he asked some ‘Asian youth’ to behave.



    Posted: 4 september 2011 - 12:12 - Svar

    Ja, den er rigtig god. Vi linkede til den 1 september.


      Posted: 4 september 2011 - 13:53 - Svar

      UPS! – det havde jeg så ikke lige bemærket i farten – beklager 😉

      Men så er der måske lidt flere, der ser den og opdager, hvad multikultur i England anno 2011 i
      virkeligheden går ud på – noget der er temmelig fjernt fra Jakob Illeborgs lyserøde luftkasteller i
      TV-Avisen som del af DRs folkeopdragelse af danskerne.

      Danmark om 15-20 år? – eller måske endnu tidligere, hvis S, SF, Ø & R får magt, som de har agt
      nu måske ghm. med Mogens “Giv Plads til Islam i Europa” Jensen som ny kulturminister.

      De naive tåber sgu burde tvansfodres med de to Channel 4 Dispatches – “Mosques Under Cover” programmer samt den seneste Dispatches “Britain’s Islamic Republic”, så de kunne få bare lidt
      hårdt tiltrængt basal viden om, hvad det egentlig er, vi er oppe imod og hvilke udemokratiske og uetiske metoder, der bliver og vil blive anvendt.

      Det foregår sikkert allerede i det små herovre. Ellers er det i hvert fald svært at fatte, at man er så
      beredvillig til at lægge sig på maven for de evindelige muslimske krav om halal og anden særbehandling
      og konstant viger tilbage for at stille seriøse krav til dem og sætte faste grænser for vores tolerance – aldrig tør tage konfrontationen for alvor. Måske er det i virkeligheden det, “inklusionen” i København går ud på?
      Har man simpelthen helt opgivet at stille krav overhovedet og med at forsøge at dressere vore “kulturberigere” til at leve i et VESTLIGT demokrati?


Posted: 4 september 2011 - 05:44 - Svar

Radikal plan lemper krav til udlændinge

Tja, det er jo bare at bukke dybt og takke de trofaste radikale. Man kan altid regne med, at nogle af dem ikke kan holde deres vanvittige planer for dyrkelse af deres egen endeløse selvgodhed skjult ret længe ad gangen – ikke engang, når det ellers i den grad er påkrævet, set fra deres side 😉

Valgkampen er langt fra afgjort – nu mangler vi så “bare” lige at få en uge med voldelige eller dødelige bandeopgør, Hizb-Uth-Tarirs vanvid og provokationer, nogle yderligere muslimske særkrav om særlige bede-og baderum i offentlige bygninger samt et æresdrab eller to, så … 😀

http://politiken.dk/politik/ECE1380808/radikal-plan-lemper-krav-til–ud laendinge/

Radikal plan lemper krav til udlændinge

Radikale fremlægger udlændingepakke, der lemper på asyl- og familiesammenføring.

AF Jens Anton Tingstrøm Klinken og Kristian Klarskov

De radikale er klar med de syv krav på udlændingeområdet, som partiet vil møde op med til regeringsforhandlinger hos S-formand Helle Thorning-Schmidt, hvis oppositionen vinder valget.

Kravene omfatter både punkter, som der længe har været åben uenighed om i den røde blok, og en håndfuld elementer, hvor de radikales synspunkter nogenlunde flugter med S-SF-alliancens.

Mens S-SF bakker op om 24-års reglen og tilknytningskravet, ønsker de radikale reglerne for familiesammenføring lempet.

Både 24-års reglen, tilknytningskravet og pointsystemet skal afskaffes. [!!!!!]


Ha, de radikale, som jo ellers er ih-og-åh-så-højt-begavede, visionære og højtuddannede – udi deres egen indbildning altså -,
magter ikke engang at bare holde kæft på dette højeksplosive område i 2-3 uger af rent strategiske grunde 😉

Storhedsvanvid måske? Det ville ikke være første gang for Marianne Jelveds vedkommende. Hun får jo – efter eget udsagn! – ligefrem åbenbaringer fra de højere magter, om hvad hun skal gøre 😀 Eller måske er det bare desperation efter 10 barske, men velfortjente år ude i kulden – så mange ydmygelser fra Pia & co., og nu endelig SÅ tæt på målet, og så kan man altså bare slet ikke “holde sig tilbage” af ren og skær iver og hævngerrighed med at få afviklet alt, hvad “de onde” og de “ikke-stuerene” har fået indført af hårdt tiltrængte opstramninger på dette felt. Mageløst! Af hjertet tak, Marianne 😉

http://politiken.dk/politik/ECE1379359/jelved-presser-sf-24-aars-regel -er-i-spil/

Politik 2. sep. 2011 KL. 10.42
Jelved presser SF: 24-års-regel er i spil

De radikale vil forhandle om 24-års-reglen efter valget, og kritiserer skarpt SF for sin alliance med S.

En mærkesag for de radikale ser nyt lys, efter Villy Søvndal (SF) fredag luftede sin uenighed med Socialdemokraterne om den omstridte 24-års-regel.

Marianne Jelved (R) vil derfor presse S og SF til at afskaffe den omstridte regel for udlændinge under 24 år, men hun mener, at det vil blive svært at slå en kile ind mellem de to partier.

»Vi vil påpege over for vælgerne, hvor uklog SF’s vending har været fra starten af. At Socialdemokraterne og SF laver forlig flere år før, der er folketingsvalg, så er de bundet på forhånd«, siger Jelved og tilføjer:

»SF har allerede tilkendegivet inden valget, at der er ting, de accepterer og som de ikke vil kræve ændret«.

»Nu siger Villy Søvndal, at det vil de så kræve efter næste valg. Han har bragt sine vælgere i en situation, hvor de har svært ved at se, hvad SF egentlig står for«.

[ YES, keep it coming, Marianne J.! Vvi er rigtigt mange, der sætter vores lid til dig og vennerne. Jer kan man nemlig altid “regne med”, når det rigtigt gælder 😀 ]


    Posted: 4 september 2011 - 11:50 - Svar

    Panikken breder sig for alvor henne på Politiken 😉

    http://blog.politiken.dk/oestergaard/2011/09/04/udl%c3%a6ndingedebatte n-far-s-til-at-sla-pa-vennerne/

    SKREVET AF Mette Østergaard 4. sep 10:17
    Udlændingedebatten får S til at slå på vennerne [ Hvilke venner? ]

    Udlændingespørgsmålet er potentielt sprængfarligt stof i den røde blok. Emnet får i Socialdemokratiet hovedansvaret for, at partiet tabte valgene i 2001, 2005 og 2007. [!!!]

    Dengang var linjen uafklaret internt, og holdningerne i oppositionen så vidt forskellige, at de borgerlige havde held til at skabe et billede af, at indvandrere ville strømme ind over grænserne, hvis oppositionen kom til magten.

    Siden har ledelserne i S og SF gjort, hvad de kunne, for at valget i 2011 ikke kan afgøres af selvsamme tema. Danskerne har vænnet sig så meget til Pia Kjærsgaard og blokpolitikken, at realiteten er, at det er meget svært at vinde valg i dag, hvis man ikke har styr på sin udlændingepolitik.

    [ Ja, men vi takker da R & SF for lige at minde os om, at det har de ABSOLUT IKKE. Og de får det heller aldrig! – da de overhovedet ikke vil erkende de massive problemer med indvandringen af uintegrerbare muslimske fanatikere, krævende ballademagere og dybt kriminelle – problemer som de især bærer hovedansvaret for! ]


    [ Tja, skal vi gætte på, at det bliver alle gode gange fire? 😀 ]


Posted: 5 september 2011 - 00:39 - Svar

Stakkels England 🙁


Posted: 6 september 2011 - 16:48 - Svar

Lidt pedanteri skal der til: Den historiske Bendlerblock husede ikke Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW), som lå i Zossen syd for Berlin med en forbindelsesafdeling i Førerhovedkvarteret, men Allgemeines Heeresamt under Oberkommando des Heeres (OKH), hvis øverstbefalende siden december 1941 var Hitler selv. Formelt hørte OKH under OKW, men med Hitler som øverstbefalende for begge avancerede OKH til en jævnbyrdig kommando, som stod for felttoget mod Sovjetunionen og dermed for langt størstedelen af den tyske krigsindsats, mens OKW kommanderede de øvrige tyske krigsskuepladser.

Ellers: total enighed herfra.


    Posted: 6 september 2011 - 17:04 - Svar

    Takker. Det ER 17 år siden, jeg selv var på museet i daværende Bendlerstrasse. ( Stadtkewitz omtaler stedets symbolik i sin tale.)

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