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Indspilning i fuld skærm 28-07-2016

By Martien Pennings, historian, Amsterdam

“One could almost get curious about the content of that thesis. But even without this knowledge, enough has meanwhile become clear about Mogherini: a gushing islamophile, of whom we are not sure whether she is more stupid than malicious, but who is at a position that makes her deathly dangerous for Europe and Israel and the West. “

Mogherini, unlike what is suggested in the title of this piece, will not of course get the Islamization of Europe done singlehanded, because she will receive help from the leftist monopoly-conglomerate that controls Europe’s culture. Via that leftist monopoly she also achieved that unique position in the anti-democratic EU from which she can help prevail the Evil of Islam in Europe.

Federica Mogherini is the “High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy” of the EU. An earlier article of mine about her was entitled:

“Federica Mogherini is Head of Security in the European Union and sides with the Jihadists. What did you say? Yes, that’s what I said.”

This ” Secretary of Foreign Affairs” of the EU is a typical representative of the leftist superficial monopoly-culture that controls the media, politics, education and all official institutions in Europe. It is a culture of a quasi-youthful “idealism” full of “diversity” and seemingly nice intentions, a culture that serves mainly to arouse and maintain pleasant feelings inside the leftist “idealists”. They are narcissistic hedonists, suffering from self-exaltation-neurosis.

In the absence of true talent they are constantly engaged in moral self-manifestation to show the world of scary “rightists” that they are better people. Doing so they cause disaster on a global scale and create from the times of Robespierre totalitarian systems that have committed hundreds of millions of murders. Communism and Nazism were products of this leftist thinking. Now these European sources of “idealism” are polluted and have become buried under apocalyptic mountains of dead bodies, the leftists have discovered as their ally the most horrible totalitarian system in world history: Islam.

Indspilning i fuld skærm 28-07-2015 215233

MOGHERINI MET ABBAS. In the pictures taken of Mogherini I smell a flavour of excitement. When she poses for a picture with powerful men, especially if they are Muslims, she often carries a smiling blush. That’s her “idealism” and I’m afraid with Mogherini there is a girlish-dreamlike erotic dimension to it.

But there are also pictures of her where she looks just like a grown guy. On those pictures there is something indignant and very harsh in her eyes. That is, I think, at moments when she is underway to a better world and her idealism gets blocked by bad rightists. Sentimentality, so the Sage knows – that’s me, of course – is the other side of the coin on which “cruelty” is engraved. You should never hinder leftists like Mogherini in their love for mankind, like you should never hinder Muslims in their love for the Prophet.

Mogherini was born in June 1973 and therefore is now 42 years of age. So she has grown up in a time when the true nature of communism was known to her: she was 16 when the Berlin-wall fell in 1989, but in 1996, aged 23, she still was member of the “left-wing youth organization Sinistra Giovanile”. Her Wiki portrait does not mention it: but that is a front organization of the Italian Communist Party.

So Mogherini’s love of humanity is also at least partly hatred of Western culture (“capitalism”) and like communists and Nazis leftists like Mogherini apparently are willing to deploy any means to break up the West. The auxiliaries of Mogherini-and-associates are not “the workers”, the European “proletariat”, but the “world proletariat” and those happen to be in majority Muslim.

Probably Mogherini has used her personal charms to reach her current position, because there is not one known special achievement of her. She has studied “politics” and her graduation paper was about “the relationship between religion and politics within Islam”. In 2014 she was during eight months Minister of Foreign Affaires in Italy, and next she was already called to her high office in the anti-democratic juggernaut of the EU.

Mogherini has held a speech on June 24, 2015 inspired by that that mixture of idealistic exitement-with-a-blush, islamophilia, superficial stupidity, careerism and hatred of the West. That speech is the typical lying narrative about Islam which paves the way for the kind of discourses held by Robespierre, Mao, Stalin and Hitler. But this time it will be held by an al-Bagdhadi, the Führer of IS.

In that speech Mogherini makes the basic assumption that Islam is “good”. All leftists embrace this fundamental lie eagerly because their priority is not analysis of reality, but elevating themselves above the rightist people and by doing so creating a nice feeling in their own heads. For that tickle in their own organism, it is necessary to deny that Islam is a Great Evil. Listen to this:

“Inclusiveness can be the key to our success – both when we talk foreign policy and when we deal with our home affairs. ( . . .) We need to pass a cultural message, to lay the basis for our political message: any attempt to divide the peoples of Europe into ‘us’ and ‘them’ brings us in the wrong direction. The migrants and us. The Muslims and us. The Jews and us, as anti-Semitism has not been defeated at all The ‘other’ and us. We learnt from our history that we all are someone else’s ‘other’. The fear of the other can only lead us to new conflicts.”

Yes, that non-fear óf Islam, and that good faith ín Islam is exactly to the advantage of the Evil of Islam, just as Chamberlain was to the advantage of the Evil of Nazism. Like Hitler spoke of “ein Fetzen Papier” (a scrap of paper) so Muslims will never feel bound by agreements with unbelievers. In fact, their religion forbids it! Islam itself is also a Nazism, avant, pendant et après la lettre, an ideology already 1400 years proving that it shares every essential characteristic with Hitlerism.

Pay attention to the perverse way Mogherini puts Jews beside Muslims. Perverse, because Islam has its own strong tradition of anti-Semitism and after the Second World War Islam incorporated and continued the tradition of Hitlerism. That is shown in the attempted genocides of the Jews in Israel in 1948, 1967 and 1973. Meanwhile, Islam is the most powerful source of anti-Semitism in Europe and around the world.

So if Mogherini wants to ‘defeat’ antisemitism, like she says, she should stop pretending that islam is a normal religion and not an antisemitic ideology of hatred. Also note Mogherini’s literary Quatsch that everyone is someone elses “Other”. Of course that is so, but that does not relieve us of the obligation to distinguish between Good and Evil.

It is important to know that Mogherini gave this speech shortly before she went to Vienna to work with Obama on July 14, 2015 to close the so-called “nuclear deal”: to help Iran towards the atomic bomb and financially enable Iran to expand the support of global terrorism. Accordingly, Netanyahu spoke of a “mistake of historic proportions”. Assad in Syria, by contrast, who is financed by Iran, congratulated Ali Khamenei with his “great victory”. Israel, which is the most immediate danger from Iran to fear, incidentally, was excluded from the negotiations.

Even during the negotiations in Vienna the “supreme leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei placed on his own website a photo of himself using the Israeli flag as a doormat with the caption: “The Zionist regime is doomed.” Similarly even during the negotiations in Vienna, Khamenei spoke to a huge crowd in which he pointed to America as the source of all evil. Mogherini heads the EU machinery that is funneling hundreds of millions directly to genocidalistic Palmaffia’s, but also to the so-called NGO’s that support these Palmaffia and provide the Israel–demonizing propaganda in Europe.

Khamenei himself tramples on the Israeli flag. Iran celebrates yearly a special hate-Israel-day (Al-Quds-day) and a special hate-America-day


Mogherini with the representative of the messianistic-apocalyptic-theocratic regime that she helped get the atomic bomb: worth a good laugh!

Mogherini’s basic statement on islam reads as follows:

“Islam holds a place in our Western societies. Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe’s history, in our culture, in our food and – what matters most – in Europe’s present and future. Like it or not, this is the reality. ( . . .) With the European project, after World War II, not only we accepted diversity: we expressed a Desire for diversity to be a core feature of our Union.”

“We need to show some humble respect for diversity. Diversity is the core feature of our European history, and it is our strength. ( . . .) For this reason I am not afraid to say that political Islam should be part of the picture.” [my underline]

Mogherini is therefore not satisfied to state that “Islam” should be part of Europe, but political Islam, that is to say that she considers the striving for the abolition of democracy and the introduction of sharia law in Europe is a legitimate political aspiration . Sharia is what Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is consistently applying. But. . . . . that again is what Mogherini flatly denies. Listen to this:

“Da’esh is Islams worst enemy in todays world. Its victims are first and foremost Muslim people. Islam is a victim itself.”

The thing about the victimization of course is right: with the proviso that not “Islam” ís victim, but that Islam mákes victims. Islam is an anti-humane system that imprisons everyone. But IS (Da’esh) is simply nothing but the consistent application of Quran and Sunnah. IS (Da’esh) is the essence of Islam. I have often analyzed Islam as in all essential characteristics corresponding to Nazism, but I’ve also been defining it several times as follows:

“( . . .) Islam is a systematized obsession with sexuality, with what people have between their legs. That Islamic “culture” consists of two concentric circles of repression: in the outer circle all men suppress all women and in the inner circle a male elite suppresses socially weaker men. The game is about the possession of women – about sex in the first place, as always and everywhere – and about wealth and power. Islam is an empty, harsh system in which baffling blockheads, cynical murderers, hypocritical bastards and sex addicted pedophiles set the tone. Islam is an already 1,400-year ongoing slow Holocaust in which besides the Jew the woman also plays the role of Jew.”

In the above I have speculated on the question of what exactly goes on in the heads of leftists. But in the final analysis it remains a mystery. There were communists who were innocent and unjustly sentenced to the Gulag by Stalin and believed until their dying day there had indeed to be something wrong with themselves, because “the Party i always right” (die Partei hat immer Recht). Of course it is not quite similar: to be sure the current leftish mono-culture in Europe has strong Orwellian traits and you can forget about a carreer if you are critical of Islam, but in Europe it still remains possible to some extent to criticize Islam, though the repression is, for example, worse in England and Sweden than in the Netherlands. In any case, as Head of EU-Security (!), Mogherini chooses to tell this kind of obvious and dangerous nonsense on a European stage and speaking for an audience of an “elite” of the EU. And there is no one who calls for her to be removed in a straitjacket.

On the contrary, without the audience bursting into ridicule, she may tell these people that all those who in Europe speak ill of Islam, have not understood what the European idea should be. It’s the familiar tune: inclusivity & diversity & open borders. In practice, that of course means the evil of Islam increasingly gets “enrolled”, an ideology that will put an end to all diversity, especially under EU leaders like Mogherini who welcome expressis verbis political Islam.

Indspilning i fuld skærm 28-07-2015 214807

I’m not the only one who interpreted the speech of Mogherini of June 24, 2015. For the Gatestone Institute George Igler also made a Mogherini-analysis and in my piece I’m partly leaning on his text. Igler discusses this passage from Moherini’s speech:

“Western media like to refer to Da’esh with the world “medieval”. This does not help much to understand the real nature of the threat we are facing. Da’esh is something completely new. This is a modern movement, reinterpreting religion in an innovative and radical way.”

The whole speech of Mogherini shows total ignorance of Islam, but especially these sentences are of a hallucinatory stupidity. If anything in the history of Islam is certain, it will the line that runs from the 7th century straight to 1683, when the Turks were for the last time before Vienna and that is the line of apocalyptic waves of massmurdering violence that Islam for centuries drew over the world. George Igler recommends Mogherini to, when anyway in Vienna to extradite the world to the Ayatollahs, just to go to the Wien Museum on the Karlsplatz. There the text can be consulted of the 1683 declaration of war of Sultan Mahmud IV to Emperor Leopold I:

“Because I’ve decided without delay to ruin both you and your people, to conquer the German Reich at my pleasure and to leave in the Empire such a reminder of my terrible sword that all will see it. It will be my pleasure to recommend the public institution of my religion and persecute you crucified God, whose wrath I do not fear nor do I fear that he will come to help you to free you from my hands. I will be glad to harness your holy priests to the plow and uncover the breasts of your nuns to have them sucked by dogs and other animals. You would therefore do well to renounce your religion, or else I will give the order to destroy you with fire. “ (1)

The aggressive spirit of Islam, of course, remained since the 7th century the same. That aggressiveness has also not changed since 1683. Only the West since then got a huge lead on the Islamic world through Enlightenment, Science and Industrial Revolution, so the fangs of Islam became powerless.

Surely Mogherini will have never heard about Emmet Scottl. For not only has Islam in its entirety remained “medieval” to the present day, Islam, according to Scott is also the reason why the European Middle Ages . . . . . were so “medieval”. If the barbarizing influence of Islam had not been there, says Scott, the medieval world of Europe would have been much more like Byzantium . I quote from Part I of my two pieces on Emmet Scott entitled “Islam is the primaeval venom in Europe’s veins” (click here for Part II):

“According to Scott, the big negative impact of the conquests of Islam were not of a material but of an intellectual and moral nature. (…) He believes the “medieval world” of Western-Europe would never have arisen in that form without the pernicious effect of Islam. Things would have been different without Islam, more “Roman-like”. Byzantium would have continued to raise the cultural level of the West. In Europe the Renaissance, i. e. the re-flourishing of classical civilization, might have occurred 500 years earlier. Perhaps in the late 7th century the whole of Western Europe would have come to resemble the former Byzantium, with a thriving urban culture. The raids of the Vikings would never have been so destructive. Those 400 years before the First Crusade (1096) would never have resulted in so much terror, suffering and destruction in the South of Europe, because. . . . there would have been no Islam. There would have been no Crusades at all. The lack of Viking influence but especially of Muslim influence would have contributed to the development of a more peaceful culture. Without the islamic influence the particularly virulent form of anti-Semitism which ravaged Europe in the 11th century probably would not have arisen. Without the impact and constant threat of Islam, there would probably have been less paranoia, less persecution of heretics and witch-hunt. The Inquisition, the persecution of ‘infidels’ Western Europe, according to Scott, is also something Western-Europe learned from Islam. Particularly in Spain, Islam had a barbarizing effect. And where did again that Inquisition originate? Right! Without that barbarizing influence, especially without the Islamic example of slavery, i. e. without a moral and spiritual corrupted Christianity, the cruelty in the 15th century New World [the Americas] and in sub-Saharan Africa would perhaps not have occurred.”

But the Chief of Security of the EU, with her mature 42 years, believes that “political Islam”, i.e. the proponents of Sharia, must have a legitimate place in Europe. By virtue of the fact that she once wrote an undergraduate thesis about Islam, she pretends to know that IS (Da’esh) is something “medieval” and that IS has nothing to do with Sharia. And on behalf of the EU she is pursuing a policy of Palmaffia-love, Israel demonization and “open borders”. Especially: she grants Iran the atomic bomb, and a resurrection of its economy to boost Iran’s support of global terrorism.

Connect the dots! And among these dots is also the word “Apartheid”. Meanwhile, the book by Martin Bosma has made it clear that the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa consisted mainly of supporting the ANC and therefore supporting a genocidal and racist organization that has changed South Africa in a corrupt and murderous Apartheid-hell that makes the old Apartheid regime fade. And of course Mogherini has also been active in that fight. In a short biography of her we read that her basic principles are “dialogue and inclusiveness” and that she campaigned actively in the 1990s against “racism, xenophobia and apartheid”. A passionate girl, in short, that with all her hormones embraced the black man and the Muslim and everyone the world.

One more word about her islam-thesis. With that subject she begins her speech:

“I will start with an anecdote. I graduated two years before 9/11 and it was hard at that time to find a professor who would accept that political Islam could be the subject for a dissertation in political science. Italy has a great university system, but I had to go to France with the Erasmus programme to find someone who would consider Islam as a topic not for history, or literature, or cultural studies thesis, but for political science.”

It truly is un-f**ing-believable! Not only the representatives themselves of the most aggressive “religion” that this planet has ever seen, namely muslims, always manage to present themselves as the victims, but also their leftist fellow travelers always play the role of the oppressed minority. And all while leftists occupy every single important position in politics, media, bureaucracy and academia in Europe. No funding channel or the left has control of it.

Mogherini ‘s private pathetic message is not further substantiated. Are we supposed to understand that Europe-wide among academics islam was considered politically uninteresting in 1999? That is impossible because Samuel Huntington’s famous “Clash of Civilizations” as an article in Foreign Affairs dates from 1993 and as a book from 1996. At its most abstract level Huntington’s main contention – that had power to provoke even among academics much discussion – was that “religion” and especially Islam would become the strongest political factor in the period after the Cold War.

Two years before 9/11 – i. e. in 1999 – the interest in Islam and the problem of mass immigration of Muslims annex the “multicultural society” was enormous and stayed so. So why could Mogherini not find a supervisor in Italy? Was it perhaps because she already started from the premise that it was about time there should be a thesis in which the Sharia was to be defended as just one more democratic possibility?

One could almost get curious about the content of that thesis. But even without this knowledge, enough has meanwhile become clear about Mogherini: a gushing islamophile, of whom we are not sure whether she is more stupid than malicious, but who is at a position that makes her deathly dangerous for Europe and Israel and the West.

(1) “Denn ich habe mich entschlossen, ohne Zögern sowohl Euch als auch Euer Volk zu ruinieren, das Deutsche Reich nach meinem Wohlgefallen zu erobern und im Reich eine Erinnerung an mein furchtbares Schwert zu hinterlassen, so dass es sich allen zeigt. Es wird mir ein Vergnügen sein, eine öffentliche Etablierung meiner Religion zu veranlassen, und Eueren gekreuzigten Gott zu verfolgen, dessen Zorn ich nicht fürchte und auch nicht sein zu Hilfe Eilen, um Euch aus meinen Händen zu befreien. Ich werde nach meinem Wohlgefallen Euere heiligen Priester vor den Pflug spannen und die Brüste Euerer Oberinnen entblößen, um von Hunden und anderen Tieren gesaugt zu werden. Ihr tätet daher wohl daran, Euerer Religion zu entsagen, oder andernfalls werde ich den Befehl erteilen, Euch mit Feuer zu zerstören.”

Originally published on Martin Penning WordPress, july 28, 2015

Donér engangsbeløb?Kan du forpligte dig til fast betaling?

Jakob Wibroe

Posted: 28 juli 2015 - 23:16 - Svar

Når man ikke tror, det kan blive meget værre…. Og en sådan grundig gennemgang vil ikke engang blive omtalt i de almindelige massemedier. Fred i vor tid! Det skal nok blive spændende.


Posted: 29 juli 2015 - 00:27 - Svar

En kvinne fra helvete ! hvordan kan en slik sinnssyk kvinne få slik makt ?

Hans Und

Posted: 29 juli 2015 - 02:00 - Svar

Hold da kæft. Spot on af Penning. Jeg har i lynfart kigget en masse billeder igennem af hende.

Der er ikke tvivl om, at hun bliver stangliderlig af muhammedanske mænd. (beklager ordvalget, piger).

Især når man sammenligner med billeder af hende med Putin og Bibi er det slående.


Det kunne være rigtig, rigtig spændende, at høre fra fagfolk, såsom kriminalpsykiatre/psykologer. Og fra de stuepiger, der har rengjort hotelværelser efter hende…

Clare Spark

Posted: 29 juli 2015 - 02:26 - Svar

Holding the Left responsible for Nazism is ahistoric and deeply false. No historian would agree with that claim, but organic conservatives will eat it up..

    Hans Und

    Posted: 29 juli 2015 - 02:50 - Svar

    Excuse me, Mam. Nazism (and fascism) are homegrown in the leftwing political garden. Which on the other hand does not implie, that all leftist are nazis and fascists. Some are worse such as communists.

    Maybe you hold a explanation, that it was so easy, Germany pre and post ’45, for these people to shift around various socialist ideologies?

    And maybe, you have a fundament to your claim; “organic conservatives will eat it up..”


    Posted: 29 juli 2015 - 09:56 - Svar

    Why wouldn’t the left be responsible for the acts of nationalsocialism, just as it’s responsible for internationalsocialism aka communism, marxism, maoism, potism, or whatever you prefer to call that bloodthirsty, culturally despicable idealism?
    There is no difference between communsim, nazism or fascism, just different labels on the same ideology.

    Niels Henriksen

    Posted: 29 juli 2015 - 23:06 - Svar

    Well, it did actually start on the left side as a socialist competitor of communism,
    so maybe you should just start reading some SERIOUS history books instead of
    displaying your ignorance so openly? 😉

    Communism and nazism are basically two sides of the same coin and very hard
    to tell apart in the way they display themselves in practice – just think of the old
    Soviet Union and its barbaric treatment of its “subversive ( critical ) elements”
    who were worked to death in camps in Siberia or locked up in inhumane mental
    institutions for many years without any medical reasons.


Posted: 29 juli 2015 - 05:16 - Svar

När Stalin och Sovjet dog och inte Putin blev den diktator som de önskat så sökte de med ljus och lykta efter en ny diktator. Ja, inte ens “opium för folket” blev ett hinder för kommunistmarxismen.

Genom att dessa tillät islam få tillträde till denna kontinent genom att maoisten Barroso i Bryssel hade sett till att inte medborgarna varken kunde tillsätta eller avsätta denna elitmakt, som kan mycket väl påminna om “politbyrån”.

De gav islam pengar och gåvor och klädde sig i den nya diktatorns lättare klädsel, så trodde de att islam därmed skulle visa den nya “härskarklassen” sin lojalitet.

Men det gick sönder som den sköraste kristall, den dagen, när Sveriges utrikesminister Margot Wallström (S) sade åt Saudi Arabien att de skulle implantera kulturmarxism i Koranen. Det var Bryssel teknokraten Margot Wallström som skulle kräva detta av islam. Som en gest från en diktator till en annan diktator.

Men “den dagen” så föll allt ihop som en sörja av förräderi inför kontinentens medborgare. Det var nu som folket kunde se hur eliten i Bryssel försökte att få till stånd ett sammarbete med islam. Det var nu som folket borde ha sett att detta var inte kulturmarxism. Utan det var kommunistmarxismen som önskade att islam skulle stå för “knektarna”. Och Bryssel för politiken.

Kommunistmarxismen var så säker på sin sak att de hade ett sammarbete, att teknokraten Margot Wallström helt öppet föreslog att det i Koranen skulle skrivas in tillägg som byggde på kulturmarxism.

Men “den dagen” för någon månad sedan så krossades kommunistmarxismens alla drömmar om att islam skulle bli deras knektar på denna kontinent. Ett enigt Arabförbund fördömde på allvar teknokraten Margot Wallström och de förklarade krig mot kommunistmarxismen. Budskapet var “Underkasta er eller dö”!

Bryssel eliten försöker nu att få tillstånd med alla medel en försoning och den ene teknokraten efter den andre i Bryssel klär sig och niger och ler inför arabiska ledare. Allt för att behaga islam och att de hoppas att islam ändå skall tillåta att eliten i Bryssel får vara den politiska kraft som bestämmer på denna kontinent.
Teknokraterna bör nu i alla fall veta att de inte varken har några vänner inom islam ock ej heller snart hos någon av alla miljoner medborgare på denna vår kontinent. Margot Wallström har ännu inte hämtat sig efter att hon fick buga och bockandes retirera bakåt när Arabförbundet utlyste en Fatwa. Vet inte kommunistmarxisterna efter alla dessa uppståndelser som har varit runt bilder på profeten Muhammed, att de förolämpade deras heliga bok Koranen.

Bara så vi på denna kontinent vet så försökte kommunistmarxisterna få så att islam skulle stå för “soldaterna” eftersom Bryssel eliten visste att de aldrig skulle få med sig medborgarna på denna Sovjetska ideologi. Men de har nästlat in sig på många platser i samhället och de har sin bas i Bryssel. De tänkte införa diktatur och de trodde dessa dårar att de skulle få islam att ställa upp, eftersom kommunistmarxisterna behöver knektar som inte har någon samhörighet med folket på denna vår kontinent.

Och har de varit läskunniga så har de förstått innebörden av ordet islam = underkasta er eller dö!
Men kommunistmarxismen tillhörde segrarmakten efter andra världskriget och har därmed skaffat sig privilegier och stort självförtroende. Men de tog sig aldrig tid att läsa på om islam och de förstod aldrig att de själva var de mest hatade personerna som en muslim kan tänka sig. Ja de är hatad av islam och de är numera avskydda av medborgarna på denna vår kontinent.


    Posted: 29 juli 2015 - 09:52 - Svar

    Socialister är själva sinnesbilden för idioti. De försöker gång efter gång alliera sig med islam för att krossa den västerländska civilisationen med resultatet att efter revolutionen så dinglar socialisterna i änden av en snara. Men likt förbannat resonerar de att “nästa gång blir det annorlunda. DÅ kommer vi att vinna och sedan kommer muslimerna inse att Marx är bättre än Muhammed!”.


      Posted: 30 juli 2015 - 07:27 - Svar

      Islam kommer aldrig att överge ett vinande koncept.

      De är så enormt många över världen att de kan bara tänka sig att ta men inte att ge.

      Men vi kan väl kasta ut de kommunistmarxisterna i samma veva som islam kastas ut från denna vår kontinent. Ut med vänsterliberalerna och genusfeministerna på samma gång. De har ju ändå förkastat demokrati och yttrandefrihet.

      Det finns gått om plats för dem i muslimska länder så det blir inget problem med det. Där kan de propagera för sin Marx.

      Med andra ord så bör det finnas en dubbel drivkraft att kasta ut islam. Och det är att göra sig fri från en bolsjevism som blev kommunism som i nutid döljs via kulturmarxismen.

      Man kan även tänka att i islamska länder så kommer de att ställas till svars. Och därmed så kan man även säga att de därmed får sitt straff efter sin ideologiska härjning under och efter andra världskriget, och som de aldrig har behövt göra upp med, eftersom de tillhörde segrarmakten.


Posted: 29 juli 2015 - 11:12 - Svar

Perhaps in the late 7th century the whole of Western Europe would have come to resemble the former Byzantium, with a thriving urban culture. The raids of the Vikings would never have been so destructive. Those 400 years before the First Crusade (1096) would never have resulted in so much terror, suffering and destruction in the South of Europe, because. . . . there would have been no Islam. There would have been no Crusades at all. The lack of Viking influence but especially of Muslim influence would have contributed to the development of a more peaceful culture. Without the islamic influence the particularly virulent form of anti-Semitism which ravaged Europe in the 11th century probably would not have arisen.

Vikingtoktene var snarere et motsvar til Karl den Stores invadering av Nord-Europa og spesielt ovenfor den brutale “kristningen” av sakserne som også britiske prester deltok i. Når det gjelder anti-semittisme så var en temmelig grovkornet antijudaisme blitt en del av den ortodokse katolske kirkens læregrunnlag lenge før 600-tallet. Avstandtagen til judaismens “fariseisme og skriftlærdhet” finner man jo i og for seg også i Det Nye Testamente, hos den apostoliske kirkefaderen Ignatius omkring år 100 også en mer formell avstandtagen. Det store skiftet, hvor jødene ble tildelt mye den “syndebukkrolle” de senere kom til å beholde, fant sted da kristendommen ble statsreligion på 300-tallet. Fra og med den tiden oppstod også den langt mer åpenbare motsetning mellom en presumptivt kristen overklasses levevis på den ene siden og Jesu lære på den annen – og som dermed også utløste et desto sterkee behov for å avlede opprør ved utpeking av syndebukker. Tilsvarende var det også godt og vel hundre år før Muhammeds herjinger at den første store forfølgelsen av “kjettere” fant sted:

Before we discuss the year 508 further, we must go back to the year 496. In that year Clovis, king of the Salian or Merovingian Franks, became the first of the pagan barbarians to adopt Catholicism. The Anglo-Saxons were still pagan, but all the other Germanic kingdoms had accepted the Arian form of Christianity. In the conversion of Clovis, the Catholic Church acquired a champion upon whose military might would hang the theological future of Europe. “With the conversion of Clovis, there was at least one barbarian leader with whom the Bishop of Rome could negotiate as with a faithful son of the Church. It is from the orthodox Gregory of Tours that most of our knowledge of Clovis and his successors is derived. In Gregory’s famous History of the Franks, the cruel and unscrupulous king appears as God’s chosen instrument for the extension of the Catholic faith. Certainly Clovis quickly learned to combine his own interests with those of the Church, and the alliance between the pope and the Frankish kings was destined to have a great influence upon the history of western Europe.” James Harvey Robinson, An Introduction to the History of Western Europe, pp. 35, 36. What Happened in A.D. 508?

Arianismen, i den form den fikk under biskopen Ulfilas, og som ble utradert av Clovis I, utmerket seg dessuten nettopp ved sin en mer egalitære karakter – som passet dårlig overens med både den katolske kirkens funksjon som redskap for den romerske statsmakten og med de stormannsgale ambisjonene til mer eller mindre psykopatiske skikkelser som Clovis. Tilsvarende plyndringstokter i regi av Muhammed og hans etterfølgere har ganske sikkert bidratt tiil en ytterligere brutalisering av forholdene i årene som fulgte etter. Men denne prosessen var godt igang allerede et par-tre hundre år tidligere. I siste instans handlet vel dette om “folkevandringstiden” og de årsaker som lå til grunn for den.


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    Bare som et apropos fra vår egen tid:

    ”Just in the past few months,” Bartlett said, ”I think a light has gone off for people who’ve spent time up close to Bush: that this instinct he’s always talking about is this sort of weird, Messianic idea of what he thinks God has told him to do.” Bartlett, a 53-year-old columnist and self-described libertarian Republican who has lately been a champion for traditional Republicans concerned about Bush’s governance, went on to say: ”This is why George W. Bush is so clear-eyed about Al Qaeda and the Islamic fundamentalist enemy. He believes you have to kill them all. They can’t be persuaded, that they’re extremists, driven by a dark vision. He understands them, because he’s just like them. . . . ”This is why he dispenses with people who confront him with inconvenient facts,” Bartlett went on to say. ”He truly believes he’s on a mission from God. Absolute faith like that overwhelms a need for analysis. The whole thing about faith is to believe things for which there is no empirical evidence.” Bartlett paused, then said, ”But you can’t run the world on faith.” New York Times 17 October 2004. Faith, Certainty and the Presidency of George W. Bush.



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Hun skal nok komme op ad muren en dag.


    Posted: 29 juli 2015 - 13:23 - Svar

    Ja – komme op ad muren med en prustende patriarkalsk palæstinazi inde i sig.


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“Federica Mogherini is the “High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy” of the EU.”

Nu ved I hvorfor EU ikke “kan” beskytte sin bløde italienske bug! Denne civilisationsforræder er årsagen!

Mogherini er spydspids for Euro-Med unionsudviddelsen til nordafrika og mellemøsten som er baseret på den hemmeligholdte Barcelona erklæring fra ’95!

There you have it! Derfor vælter det ind igennem sydeuropa lige nu.

Peter Zichau

Posted: 29 juli 2015 - 19:28 - Svar

Frederica Mogherini er jo bare Italiens svar på Zenia Stampe..!
Alle disse stupide, blåøjede småpiger, der ikke har det fjerneste begreb om verden, men tror det handler om, at bestyrer et dukkehus.
Jeg bringer jer nyheder – kære småpiger..! Den hvide mand vil ikke komme jer til undsætning mere..! Ta’ I bare jeres ædle vilde i hånden og spring ud over kanten. Ingen af jer vil ikke blive savnet..!
Blot forbander jeg den dag vi gav jer magt og indflydelse. Det vil ikke ske igen..!

Tim Pallis

Posted: 29 juli 2015 - 22:27 - Svar

Glimrende artikel af Martin Pennings. Det er godt at flere har fået øje på hendes flirten med islam. Det glædede mig meget at Pennings kendte til Emmet Scotts forskning om islam og den mørke middelalder. Det er en helt ny forståelse af middelalderens historie – det er vigtig ny historiefortolkning. Stor tak til Martin Pennings.


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är det inte dags att upphöra med kvoteringar till olika tjänster? Säg en enda lyckad kvotering!


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Sionistic hatred pervades this article. What about Netanyahus war crimes in Gaza? The iranians have a right to defend themselves against the axis of evil from Washington DC via City of London to Tel Aviv.

Peter Hyatt

Posted: 14 oktober 2015 - 01:07 - Svar

Follow the money. No educated woman is going to support Islam without proper motivation.


Posted: 22 marts 2016 - 19:47 - Svar

‘Guess Mogerini ,head of security in the the EU. dreams about Rudolph Valentino in the Film ‘The Sheik’. She wishes to become some Mulsim’s whore, When informed of the latest Islamic bombs in Belgium she was on Jordanian tv, she snivelled, dramatically and had be comforted by a handy Muslim man. I do not think this will do much for the image of women in the retarded, Islamic, middle east .

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