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By Martien Pennings

What do we see here?

We see Gutmenschen who try to give the “refugees” water and food.

Very . . . . . eh . . . . . . assertive young Arabs, full of . . . . eh . . . . . pride . . . . . eh . . . . . well okay: we see unbelievable arrogant young islam-nazi’s who are full of arrogant contempt for what the kafir-Gutmenschen are offering. We see jihadistic contempt for the “kafir”, the unbeliever, and all what he brings and stands for.

These young Arabs are undercover jihadists, I would bet my life on that.

They are intimidating their fellow-“refugees”.

Pay attention to the young Arab in the light-brown half-long trousers and the black T-shirt: how he throws away the water.

Look at the row of young Arabas that stands by.

Look at the young Arab with the white shoes and the knee-long jeans and the black T-shirt who also throws away the water.

Look at the young Arabs with the long blue-jeans and the black T-shirt kicking al last bottle of water onto the railway.

There are the female Hungarian soldiers with the sandwiches, ready-made to feed the “refugees”.

Look at the three young Arabs – one sitting and two standing – in the open door of the train and how they are making repulsing hand-gestures to stave off the women-soldiers with the sandwiches. They don’t allow the women to get in the train and present the food there. Only a few very young girls come off the train onto the platform and dare to acept the food.

The women-soldiers go alongside the train with the food and a man with a megaphon is telling them the food is there.

But the windows of the train stay closed. Just one window opens and a very young girl grabs a bag and then a man in a purple shirt – her father? – talks a to the women-soldiers. But in seconds a young Arab in a yellow T-shirt appears besides him, makes repulsing hand-gestures and closes the window.

So what did we see in this short docu?

We have seen how a terroristic minority of young male islam-criminals intimidate and set the margins for everyone.

You see an illustration of what Brigitte Gabriel is telling a young muslima about terroristic minorities in world history. And it is coming to North-Westen-Europe.

May I add a personal note? Would I have had empathy for a soldier who would have executed the water-and-bread-throwers on the spot? Yes, I would.

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