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Ezra Levant er hjemme i Canada igen efter Danmark, Sverige og Tyskland. En hel times konservativt TV, det er man virkelig ikke forvænt med.

What imams REALLY preach in European mosques

In Germany and Denmark, imams of recognized and authoritative mosques are preaching koranic and Islamic values to Muslims in Europe. But what are those values?In Germany, Imams are praying for the extermination of every ‘Zionist’ Jew.”Count them and kill them to the very last one”

Meanwhile, at a mosque in Denmark: ““If a married or divorced women engages in fornication, and she is not a virgin, she should be stoned to death.”

The instruction to kill those who abandon Islamic values are also very clear among other things. This is part of an upcoming documentary about Islam in Denmark, “Mosques behind the veil” by TV2. A link to their page in Danish is here. The google translate of that page is actually very good. Rebel

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