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og stemmen fra fortiden, Bjørn Elmquist. “Historisk set-up i TV2 News. To gode mod én ond.” skriver Mikael Jalving.

Theodore Dalrymple:The Molenbeek Problem

How do you stop ghettos like Molenbeek from forming, and what do you do about them once they have formed? The driver had no doubts: you force the residents to live elsewhere. Conceptually easy. In practice, difficult. The European Court of Human Rights recently ruled against Germany, which sought to do exactly that. Having accepted a million Syrian refugees and immigrants, the Germans wanted to prevent the development of Muslim ghettos by dispersing these immigrants throughout the country. The Court ruled that this was against their fundamental human rights, among which is the right to form several—or many—Molenbeeks. City Journal.

How long will Western leaders wait to STOP the march of the caliphate?

Geert Wilders: ‘We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet’

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