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Man kan se om ham, at Sverige vil deportere ham. Han forklarer mere om Sverige her.

Omar Makram, an ex-Muslim, vocal atheist and a critic of Islam from Egypt fled his home country due to the threats he faced. Despite the threats, the Swedish authorities have refused his application.

Currently, the Swedish authorities seek to deport him back to Egypt were his freedom and perhaps even his life would be in danger. To further prove his convictions he had to resort to making a video where he renounced Islam by desecrating the Quran public for all the world to see. Omar Makram must be granted asylum

Flådeblokade af Libyen og masserepatrieringer får ok fra NATO 

Det er tre år siden, Moten Uhrskov foreslog en flådeblokade på Middelhavet. Man kan have nok så meget ret, der går årevis inden man for det. Og så skal man huske, der stadig ikke er nogen virkelig vilje til at stoppe invasionen af Europa: “It is unlikely, however, that the operation would seek to turn boats back on the model Australia has adopted in recent years.”

NATO is three months from launching a naval mission off Libya under a controversial plan to close the Western Mediterranean migrant route to Europe and begin mass repatriations, Italy said on Monday.

The advanced state of preparations was revealed by Italian Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti as leaders of the US, Britain, France, Germany and Italy prepared to meet in Hanover, Germany for talks expected to touch on the migrant crisis and instability caused by the rise of the Islamic State group.

Modelled on an existing NATO operation in waters between Turkey and Greece, the Libya mission is set to be approved by alliance leaders at a Warsaw summit on 7 July, Pinotti said in an interview with Italian daily La Stampa. Italy says NATO 3 months from Libya naval mission to stop migrants. NATO blockade of Libya to stem migrant flow gets Obama OK

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