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Dette er midt i det historiske Rom, nogle hundrede meter fra Pantheon og Villa Borghese.Migrant riots break out in Rome: Man throws gas cylinder as Italy police clash in capital

Over halvdelen af polakkerne parate til at forlade EU

Polen går til modangreb på EU

Polish ministers confirmed they will bring legal action against eurocrats unless they immediately drop infringement proceedings, enacted last month over the country’s refusal to take in refugees.


The move marks a further ramping up of rhetoric between the two parties over the issue of migration, with relations deteriorating between Warsaw and Brussels at an alarming rate.

EU officials have notified Poland of their intention to take action over the government’s refusal to accept migrant quotas, with punishments potentially including suspending the country’s voting rights.

But with the latest opinion polling showing that more than half of Poles would be prepared to quit the bloc altogether if the EU imposes its migration policies, neither side looks likely to back down. Poland threaten to take EU to court as voters say they could QUIT BLOC over migrant quotas

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