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Konstnären Lars Vilks skulptur Nimis i naturreservatet Kullaberg, har förvandlats till minaret med böneutrop sex gånger om dagen. En konstnärsgrupp berättade på söndagen i en video på Youtube att de ville utveckla verket i en “anda av yttrandefrihet”.Vilks skulptur Nimis i Kullaberg blev minaret

Google HQ: Allahu Akhbar

Det er ikke sådan at øve pression på Google, hvis man ikke er et potentielt kæmpemarked som Kina, hvad den muslimske verden ikke er. Lidt vold vil måske fremme en ellers tabt sag.

Thousands of Muslims have pledged a series of protests against Google HQ for a “hateful and offensive” anti-Islam video, saying they now live in an “age of mockery”.A protest by thousands of British Muslims outside the offices of Google in London today is just the first in an orchestrated attempt to force the company to remove an anti-Islamic film from website YouTube. Organiser Masoud Alam said: “Our next protest will be at the offices of Google and YouTube across the world. We are looking to ban this film. Muslims protest outside Google London HQ, 10,000 Muslims at Google’s London offices demand removal of Muhammad video.

France as a Palestinian Camp – Old Fuhrer, New Furors

That is the cry that began the 20th century genocide. Do you realize what is going on in France? Today the same cry resounds in Europe as in the Judea and Samaria areas under Oslo-caused Arab control.

In France almost every week synagogues are firebombed, kosher butchers are attacked, Jewish men are assaulted by youths taunting “Palestine kills the Jews”, Jewish schoolgirls are beaten by criminals jeering “Jews must die”, Jews are stoned leaving Sabbath worship and Molotov cocktails are hurled at Jewish cultural centers. Sometimes Jews are also gunned down in broad daylight.How is it that this inhuman hatred has been able to contaminate the country that gave Europe freedom, equality and brotherhood?

In the French mosques, the Jews are often described as sub-humans by expressions like “pig”, “cancer,” “filth”, “microbes” or “vermin”; hate material such as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion or school maps without Israel are being disseminated by the Islamic centers; the Jewish right to self-determination is denied by the French politicians who claim that Israel’s existence is “apartheid”; comparisons are drawn between Israeli policy and the Nazis in the French press; world Jewry is being held responsible collectively for the actions of Israel – always villified – by ordinary citizens.Evil has won in France as it has in the Palestinian Arab areas of Israel……. Giulio Meotti

71 procent af franskmændene mener i dag, at terrortruslen er høj Kronik AF JONATAN COHN : Bliver København det nye Malmø?

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