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Video: Gregorius Nekschot’s Speech at the Free Press Society, Copenhagen

“A poisonous cocktail of religion, religious insanity, Christian opportunism and left-wing self-interest has created a deadly threat for Freedom & Democracy in the Netherlands”

En ægte hollandsk intellektuel og fritænker, en åndelig efterkommer af Provo bevægelsen og Jasper Grootveld, (anarkistisk, hollandsk forløber for hippiebevægelsen, som Ole Grünbaum introducerede i Danmark i 1965), en  blid og civilliseret person i skarp kontrast til hans egne ubesmykkede tegninger. En mand der ikke var nær så fikseret på islam, som på sine myndigheders fejghed, opportunisme og faneflugt. Hvorfor til gengæld hans tegninger er så fikserede på sex, ville jeg godt have hørt mere om, men man (=jeg) kan ikke fotografere med to kameras og tænke samtidigt.
En mand der er mere beskyttet, desto mere offentlighed han får. Al offentlighed, undtagen om sit rigtige navn og sit blottede ansigt. Fra det øjeblik de blev kendt, vil han være fredløs i Holland og en berettiget asylsøger i ethvert andet ikke-muslimsk land. Indtrykket bygger også på en times samtale efterpå under otte øjne og uden formummelse. Venligere menneske kan man dårligt forestille sig, med det tolerante frisind, der har været alle de hollænderes adelsmærke, jeg har truffet rundt omkring i verden.
Der var to ud af 17 mio hollændere, der vidste han var  i København. Den ene var journalisten på de Volksrant, der mailede sin forsidehistorie hjem direkte  fra Forfatterforeningen: Nekschot spreekt in Kopenhagen.Den anden hans livvagt. Han var taknemmelig og imponeret over PET´s dygtighed og grundighed, derfor en stor cadeau til dem. Villy Søvndal rumsterede rundt i bygningen. Jeg troede først, der var et hollandsk hallucinogen på færde, men hans ærinde gjaldt ikke dette møde, naturligvis. Jeg var ikke  skæv alligevel. Det var virkelighed altsammen.


Ladies and Gentlemen

In the Netherlands, satire is an old tradition. This tradition began seven centuries ago, in the thirteenth century, with the epic poem Reynaerd ‘the Fox’. The poem Reynaerd ‘the Fox’ ridiculed nobility and clergy – the highest civil and religious authorities of that era. The author must have been a wise man, he managed to keep his identity a secret. Monty Python’s movie Life of Brian pokes fun at Christianity. The movie stirred up anger and controversy in 1979. Nevertheless, the movie could be watched almost everywhere. The makers, Terry Jones, Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Eric Idle and Michael Palin received neither death sentences nor did the Public Prosecutor lift them from their beds and put them behind bars.

These two fairly random examples illustrate that in Western Europe, religion – in the cases mentioned Christianity – has been ridiculed for ages. First this was done anonymously or under pseudonym, later openly. In Western culture, rationalism, science, humanism and democracy, in a lengthy and painful process, created the separation between Church and State. Freedom of Speech became a constitutional right in many countries. Thus, ridiculing Christianity, without fear of losing one’s life, has been possible for quite some time.

When large numbers of migrants with a different cultural and religious background came to Western Europe, things fundamentally changed. Poorly educated – and without exception raised under dictatorial regimes – a lot of immigrants with an Islamic background cannot agree to our separation between religion and politics, no matter how self-evident this separation appears to us.

Monty Python makes fun of Jesus in Life of Brian. A comparable movie about the life of Mohammed – the founder of Islam – is out of the question. The dreadful fate of film director Theo van Gogh says it all. The horrible and sadistic manner in which Theo van Gogh was ritually slaughtered by a fanatical Muslim meant a return to the Dark Ages for the Netherlands as far as the freedom of speech is concerned. Anyone who has the urge to say something about Islam has to do so most carefully.

On May the 13th of the year 2008, however, the cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot was dragged out of his house by ten civil servants and thrown into jail. Moreover, his home was searched and his computer, mobile telephone, agenda and sketchbooks were confiscated. Cartoons that allegedly discriminated against ethnic minorities and against Muslims caused captivity and a far-reaching infringement of his privacy. Such is the state of affairs in the Netherlands, a country which until recently, was seen as broad-minded, ‘free-thinking’, and enjoying a satirical tradition of more than seven centuries.


How do we interpret this arrest? What has changed in the Netherlands in the past years? Why was Gregorious Nekschot, with his skeptical view on the blessings of a multicultural society, thrown into jail? A number of possible motives and explanations present themselves.

First, the Second World War has left deep scars in Dutch society. The lack of resistance against the deportation of Jewish fellow countrymen has long been a taboo in The Netherlands. This lack of resistance led to a collective trauma in the post-war generation of baby boomers. Satirizing aspects of religion, except Christianity, became something suspicious. In the eyes of baby boomers, any joke about a strange religion or race became the first step towards the trains to Auschwitz. Nekschot was born in the sixties. He is younger than the baby boomers. Therefore a generation conflict could be the motive for this attempt to silence Nekschot’s cynical comments on modern times.

Another Dutch trauma is the colonial past. For a long period the sun never set on Dutch controlled lands. The Dutch profited from the slave trade, and exploited the local populations in the East and West Indies. But they did more than that: they also introduced health care and education, built roads and railroads. This, however, does not lessen the guilty conscience of our baby boom airheads regarding their colored fellow countrymen. Every joke or critical remark about immigrants from our former colonies is seen as an expression of racism. Thus, the ‘we-are-dreadful’ mentality of these do-gooder baby boomers could also be a motive to get rid of the cynic Nekschot.

After the Liberation by the Red Army in 1945, Poland, East Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Romania experienced the abominations of communism. The Netherlands, thank God, was liberated from fascism by the Americans, British, Canadians and the Free Poles. Safe under the American nuclear umbrella and indulging in the welfare boom, for decades socialist inspired Dutchmen nourished their dreams of a utopian Socialist Welfare State.

When communism collapsed, socialist inspired Dutchmen simply exchanged their bankrupt belief in the Socialist Utopia for a belief in a Multicultural Utopia. The romantic image was of a Multicultural Utopia that ought not to be disturbed by anything. The antisocial behaviour and religiously inspired insanity of a number of immigrants should not be discussed or even criticized, not even in a cartoon.

In typical and reliably old fashioned ways, left extremists do not shun censorship, because a Socialist or Multicultural Utopia does not create itself. It is therefore no surprise that the ultra-leftwing non-governmental private organization Dutch Complaints Bureau for Discrimination on the Internet (MDI) cooperated with an orthodox imam to nail Gregorius Nekschot. The pathological need for a romantic ideal, with Muslims and colored people in the role of noble savages, is hence yet another possible motive to silence the anti-romantic cartoonist called Nekschot.

Danish meat and dairy export suffered from boycotts after the publication of the – by now well-known – Danish cartoons. In the Netherlands, fear of decreasing exports of deserts, chocolate milk and sausages to the Middle East, led to the creation of a secret Interdepartmental Cartoon Problem Bureau. This secret Bureau, perhaps the most laughable institution in Dutch history, appears to have come to the conclusion that cartoonist Gregorius, on his own, presented a much larger threat to Dutch export than all Danish cartoonists put together did for Danish export. Thus, economic considerations may have been a motive: prevent export losses by silencing Nekschot.


In the Netherlands everybody still remembers the hysterical way in which Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende reacted to Fitna, the anti-Islam film by the Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders. Balkenende distanced himself loudly, well in advance of the release of Fitna, even without knowing the contents of the film. Prime Minister Balkenende also put severe pressure on Wilders to refrain from releasing Fitna, despite his being a parliamentarian and having a constitutional right to freedom of expression. Fear of trouble with Muslims drove the Prime Minister and his cabinet to questionable servility and compliance. Fear of Islam and panic could have been the reason for these governmental top executives to have the cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot arrested. Cowardice and betrayal are therefore imaginable as the motives for silencing Gregorius Nekschot.

With the arrival of recognizable Muslim immigrant communities to the Netherlands, Christian politicians saw a chance to gain back lost influence in a now almost entirely secularized country. Attempts by successive Ministers of Justice, Piet Hein Donner and Ernst Hirsch Ballin, both Christian Democrats, to revive an obsolete law on ‘offensive blasphemy’ after the murder of Theo van Gogh by a Muslim, point in that direction. Thus, Christian Democratic opportunism whereby the role of victim and perpetrator is reversed once again, could be a motive to teach the godless heathen Gregorius Nekschot a lesson.

In contrast to the ‘Old Media’, the Internet has until now escaped governmental control. Naturally, this is a thorn in the flesh of moralists. For this reason, under the leadership of Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, a ‘civilizing offensive’ has started. Christian Democrats firmly believe that ‘freedom comes with responsibility’. For Christian Democrats this means that constitutional laws on Freedom of Speech are subordinate to those on Freedom of Religion. As they see it, Christians and Muslims may for religious reasons discriminate against women and homosexuals as they see fit, but Christians and Muslims themselves may not be criticized, as this would be seen as legally forbidden discrimination.

Gregorius Nekschot, manifesting himself mainly on the Internet, was forcibly arrested. A clear signal to the general public there are limits to what is acceptable on the Internet. Thus, the desire to get a grip on the Internet may have been a motive to shut up this fiendish Nekschot.


The last motive on this list concerns – for the time being – is the personal ambitions of the Public Prosecutor in Discrimination Cases. A Public Justice Magistrate who wants to play God is indeed a new phenomenon in the Netherlands. With the arrest and the breaking of Gregorius Nekschot’s anonymity, the Public Prosecutor loads a heavy responsibility on his shoulders. Not only is the arrest of a cartoonist a direct attack on the Freedom of Speech, in a world full of Muslims who wish to impose sharia law by force, it is a license to kill.
In short: even Nekschot himself could have thought of enough motives to arrest a Dutch cartoonist in the Year of our Lord 2008.

So, what has changed in the Netherlands? The present governing coalition of orthodox Christians, Christian Democrats and Social-democrats is an outright disaster. The Christians in the cabinet try to rob the Dutch of their traditional small pleasures. A smoking ban, a ban on prostitution, a ban on smoking weed, and a ban on magic mushrooms have been introduced. The list is longer but, one by one, these are all attempts to teach the Dutch that their life on earth is not meant to be pleasant.

Christian politicians’ fear of social unrest is deeply rooted. Former Prime Minister Colijn even advised his fellow countrymen to collaborate with the Nazis and abort all resistance after the defeat of the Dutch army in 1940. A cartoonist who pokes fun at Islam is exactly the type of “subversive element” that orthodox Christians and Christian Democrats would rather see the backside of.

Social-democrats, previously well known for their anti-religious behaviour, appease Islamists with subsidies and preferential treatment. They do this for electoral purposes. For instance, Job Cohen, the social-democrat mayor of Amsterdam, has personally abolished the separation of Church & State in the Dutch capital, only to please Muslim voters.

This poisonous cocktail of religion, religious insanity, Christian opportunism and left-wing self-interest has created a deadly threat for Freedom & Democracy in the Netherlands.
Extremists have already killed a politician and a movie-director in the Netherlands. Now the Dutch State has started to arrest and intimidate artists. It is frightening to see how fast, and how easily, the Netherlands is slipping back into dark times.

In the year 2008 it was Gregorius Nekschot who was arrested and thrown into jail, in 2009 there will be others.

Ladies and Gentlemen, once you trade your freedom for peace, you are doomed. The Netherlands, and I am sorry to say so, has set a very poor example.
Long live a free Denmark!

Gregorius Nekschot


Gregorius Nekschot in Copenhagen, Nekschot treedt op in Kopenhagen, Cartoonist Nekschot treedt gesluierd op in Denemarken,Gregorius Nekschot: Hij geeft in Denemarken een lezing over zijn penibele situatie in Nederland,Diana West: Holland’s Cartoon “Criminal”

Donér engangsbeløb?Kan du forpligte dig til fast betaling?


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 07:22 - Svar


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 10:19 - Svar

“In Western culture, rationalism, science, humanism and democracy, in a lengthy and painful process, created the separation between Church and State.” Tak for det!

Desværre ser vi i dag at flere af de mennesker der kalder sig selv for humanister f.eks. Politiken og segment og en stor del af SF nu er gået hen og har udviklet sig til teo-ister = guderettighedsvogtere. Det er mærkeligt at se f.eks. SF sådan gå bag af dansen frihedsmæssigt. Fra at have været et progressivt parti med humor har partiet udviklet sig til at være et dybt konservativt og dogmatisk parti der kollektivt støtter f.eks. religiøse symboler (hijabs) på kvindelige dommere og på mange andre kvinder ansat i offentlige institutioner og et parti som vælger religiøse retningslinier (halal) når der skal vælges skolemad, beklædning af piger osv.


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 10:24 - Svar

Teo-isterne er godt i gang med at forsøge at nedbryde adskillelsen mellem kirke/moske og stat.


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 10:36 - Svar

@ Janne

Du skriver om at Politiken segmentet kalder sig humanister…..

Ganske tankevækkende, at det er den “jumanistiske” fløj, der fører kartotek over andre menneskers udtalelser tanker og holdninger, ikke?

Ja – på den yderste yderste “humanistiske” fløj førte de faktisk kartotek over danske jøder.

Skl vi ikke fremover glemme ordet humanister og bare kalde dem for “kartoteksførere”?


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 10:52 - Svar


Jeg er sikker på at paven også synes at han er en ægte humanist, når han nu – som han selv formulerer det – af “faderlig barmhjertighed” lukker holocaust-benægtende præster ind i den katolske fold igen.


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 10:55 - Svar

Den nuværende amerikanske præsident kan vel også siges at være en humanistisk mand, når han nu faderligt barmhjertigt rækker en hånd ud til det iranske teokrati som er kendt for at halshugge og piske og hænge egen befolkning.


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 12:08 - Svar

When you dine with the devil you need a very long spoon.

Lad os håbe at alle de (skin)dialog hungrende pleasere husker at skrive sig dette ordsprog bag øret.


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 12:15 - Svar

Ytringsfriheden i Holland har fået burka på.
Meget symbolsk vist af Gregorius Nekkschot i Trykkefrihedsselskabets regi.

Man kvæler friheden, når man appeaser en formørket ideologi og dens følgesvende. Dør friheden, så dør det moderne, liberale demokrati.


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 12:35 - Svar

I guess its our turn to fight for Denmarks freedom now.


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 14:45 - Svar

To: UN Secretary General
Mr Ban Ki-Moon

Subject: Hamas leadership to be brought to trial for War Crimes

Hele brevet og underskriftsindsamlingen: http://www.petitiononline.com/tap12009/

't Scheldt

Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 15:08 - Svar

Congratulations !

We print regularly cartoons from Gregorius Nekschot.
We believe in Freedom of Press.

Bert Murrath
Chief Editor ‘t Scheldt.


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 15:25 - Svar

Lavere valgretalder: http://jp.dk/indland/indland_politik/article1592369.ece

Hehe de kan ikke slippe af med demokratiet hurtigt nok, lad de nye kæmpe hjernevaskede årgange stemme så kommer der nok gang i sagerne!


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 15:44 - Svar

Jeg har slet ikke fået skrevet at jeg er meget stolt over at Nekschot har været i Danmark for at tale. Jeg er også meget imponeret over Trykkefrihedsselskabets store indsats i den forbindelse og i det hele taget. Og så er jeg glad for at se at Karen Jespersen også var tilstede under foredraget.


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 16:02 - Svar


Glædeligt at også Ammitzbøll tager afstand fra religiøse symboler – f.eks. tørklæder – på dommere i danske retssale.

h t t p://www.information.dk/181588

Dommere skal selvfølgelig fremstå neutrale. Vi kan heller ikke have at dommere er klædt i religiøse symboler f.eks. tørklæder, så borgere i danske retssale kunne komme til at associere dommere med f.eks. denne radikale kvinde fra Irak.

h t t p://jp.dk/udland/article1592163.ece


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 16:07 - Svar

Janne – at dømme efter de hollandske avis links, der dukker op løbende nu, synes det også at have virket efter hensigten: opmærksomhed = beskyttelse.


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 16:40 - Svar

Tak for en særdeles interessant video og ditto referat. Det er meget værdifuldt stof. Lad os håbe, at vi også får Geert Wilders til Danmark som taler til den antiislamiske konference.

Ang. “Der var to ud af 17 mio hollændere, der vidste han var i København”

Det er ikke sandt. Nogen havde reklamret for det på en danske blog, og andre havde fundet det på nettet og fortalte mig det for mindst en måned siden. Det var en dansker bosat i Holland, og han havde diskuteret det med flere hollændere.

Ang. billederne. Jeres billeder gør reportagen mere interessant og generer vel ingen. Men det ser ud, som om en af deltagerne sidder og tager billeder med sin mobil. Sært at hun kan få sig selv til det.


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 18:37 - Svar


“fstand fra religiøse symboler – f.eks. tørklæder – på dommere i danske retssale.”

Ja, i det mindste blev ‘kampen’ om forbud mod islamisk hovedbeklædning hos kvindelige dommere vundet. Men et det skal jo ikke få os til at ‘lade paraderne falde’. Multikulitierne har tabt et slag, men det betyder ikke at de har givet op, og jeg kan allerede nu se hvor de sætter ind næste gang inspireret af Norge:


Bliver politiuniformen mon den næste ‘slagmark’ for islamisterne og deres Danske apologeter??


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 20:22 - Svar


Ja selvfølgelig skal vi da fortsat arbejde på at tørklæder og andre religiøse symboler holdes væk fra ansatte i offentlige embeder.

Her er en kvinde, Fadime hedder hun, der vedrørende børns mulighed for at få sprogkundskaber sammenligner pærer og æbler, hvilket ikke på nogen måde gavner børns mulighed for at lære dansk i det land som de skal vokse op i. Hun viser desværre parallelsamfundssind i stedet for fællesskabssind.

“Har vi virkelig allerede glemt 50’erne og 60’ernes tvangsdeportationer af grønlandske børn til Danmark, med det formål at indoktrinere dem de sande danske værdier? Det blev en katastrofe for de ramte familier og umyndiggjorde et helt folk.”

h t t p://www.dr.dk/P1/Kanten/Udsendelser/2009/02/04093828.htm

Børn der bor i Danmark bliver netop ikke umyndiggjort ved at lære dansk. Tværtimod umyndiggøres både børn og voksne ved IKKE at lære at tale og skrive dansk i Danmark som er det land de skal klare sig i og være en del af den demokratiske proces i.


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 20:29 - Svar

Hijab til etniske politikvinder i Norge, og justitsministeren anbefales at give sit samtykke, hvilket er at læse i dagens Tekst TV.
Endnu en underminering af vestlig sekulær sædvane, hvor myndighederne
viger for islamisk ideologisk kulturimperialisme.
Eftergivenhed fra nogle gør det vanskeligere for andre, mere modige personligheder, at stå fast og stoppe lavinen.


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 20:55 - Svar

Jeg læste forleden at britiske politi-muslimaer var fritaget for at skulle give evt. nødstedte kunstigt åndedræt. Sammenhold også dette med vægring hos kvindeligt muslimsk hospitalspersonale mod at bruge alkohol til desinfektion af armene. Den slags kan jo ikke bagatelliseres væk med floskler om hensyn og tolerance. Den OCD-lignende lov står over menneskeliv. Sammenhold også dette med jødedommen, hvor der vist er generel enighed om at f. eks. sabatten må brydes når det handler om at redde menneskeliv.


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 22:25 - Svar

LFPC jeg har virkelig stor respekt for din indsigt i iSLAM, men det forbavser mig at du ikke har opfattet at tvangs-ritual dødskulten ingen respekt har for det levende menneske, men kun urimelige umenneskelige krav om underkastelse, til fordel for et umenneskeværdigt liv medens det leves, og kun et menneskeværdigr liv!!!EFTER døden!!
Det sgu da død sygt!!
Hvis jeg som Ateist, efterlevede de iSLAMiske ritual påbud, og påtvang min datter disse umenneskelige krav, ja så, ville min datter blive tvangsfjernet!
Men dette sker ikke for iSLAMisterne, fordi børnemishandling med affaldssække over hoved og kønsforskrækkelse er tabu emner for de pædagogiske vensterfløjs tosser.
Så hellere religiøs mishandling, end handling imod køns-apartheid!
Det grotesk, at kvindeundertrykkende idelogier sættes over det enkelte menneske.


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 22:37 - Svar


Ikke nok med at de muslimsek sygeplejersker ikke må spritte af efter direkte patientkontakt. Det kan man klare ved brug af andre desinficerende væsker. De må heller ikke blotte underarmene, hvis der er mænd tilstede. Det betyder at man på “et større hospital i Østjylland”, har været nødt til at indrette vaskerum til de muslimske sygeplejersker, hvor de så skal hen og vaske sig hver gang de har haft direkte patientkontakt. Hvad det betyder for effektiviteten af deres arbejde kan enhver tænke sig.
Men vores kultur er blevet beriget…..


Posted: 4 februar 2009 - 23:19 - Svar

en overlæge -Paul GH, havde dette i Fyens Stiftstidende forleden.Politik er for vigtigt til at overlade læger af hans kaliber:

TØRKLÆDER: Uanstændigt indhold

Af PAUL GRAM-HANSEN overlæge, Abels Allé 10, Odense SV

I Debat bringes læserbrev ” Hvad forventer I mere” om muslimer vist nok på OUH.
Indholdet er uanstændigt.Jeg vil mene, Fyens Stiftstidende burde have afvist et sådant uinteressant læserbrev.
Vi har et beklædningsreglement på OUH, der tillader diskret, hvidt tørklæde og ingen patienter har klaget of-ficielt.
I den sidste tid har nogle ganske få medarbejdere ( på én afdeling) forsøgt at miskreditere tørklædet, men både vores sygehusdirektør og de pågældende medarbejderes ledelse har taget afstand: Tørklædet er velkomment på OUH.
Nævnte læserbrev har da ingen mening uanset ytringsfrihed.
I vores personaleblad Focus er debatten om tørklæder slut, og Fyens Stiftstidende burde følge trop og frasortere i alle tilfælde læserbreve med racistiske undertoner.

Cassandra Troy

Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 01:13 - Svar

Thanks very much for that. Nekschot’s analysis of the ideological mess reaches a new level of understanding. I hope it will contribute to disentangling some of the confusion. I find his notion of the age gap an interesting approach. Undoubtedly there is something there: the baby boom generation consists of the habitual traitors to Western civilization who have drunk in collectivist ideas with their mother’s milk. Having defended the Soviet Union and other communist paradises to the level of moral bankruptcy, the current siding with the Muslim collectivist enemies of freedom should come as no surprise. The questions rather is, will liberty survive their continued onslaught.


Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 07:29 - Svar

In the last ten years Holland has gone from playground for the world to a nation with nothing left to distinguish it from any other place. The Christian center right government has bowed and scraped with each threat from muslims. And with NO SHAME the dutch have gone along with all demands
Planning a European holiday? Go somewhere else! Where once freedom was unbounded now are women bounded in hijabs, where once kids played in the residential areas GANGS of Muslims youths run the streets… gangs the police will neither chase down nor arrest. Pushing people off bikes. Punching them and running off. Teachers attacked in the classroom are told NOT TO PRESS CHARGES of these “gangs” will be given the victims home address. While the criminals information is kept private.


Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 07:47 - Svar


Overlægen mener vist også at han skal være OVER – et eller andet – når det gælder borgeres og kollegers ytringsfrihed. Tak for kaffe.

At overlægen agerer sådan viser netop hvor nødvendig hele tørklædedebatten er.


Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 08:36 - Svar

Det er ikke kun overlægen der har det svært med ytringsfriheden og religionsfriheden – det har nogle svenskere også:

“Under en forelæsning på Stockholm Universitet blev Israels ambassadør tildænget af flere genstande, heriblandt en sko.”

h t t p://jp.dk/udland/europa/article1593117.ece


Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 08:49 - Svar


Nu vi er ved Overlæge Paul Gram-Hansens fine fornemmelser for presse-etik, så har de Svenske medier virkelig fået ‘en sag’ de sandsynligvis kan få uger til at gå med:

http://svt.se/svt/jsp/Crosslink.jsp?d=22620&a=1432092&lid=puff_1432145 &lpos=rubrik


Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 09:10 - Svar

Lidt multikulturel humanisme:

“Mange børn i socialt svage indvandrerfamilier bliver opdraget med hård hånd og fysisk afstraffelse. Skoler har pligt til at indberette enhver sag, som de får kendskab til, men det sker ikke hver gang.”

h t t p://politiken.dk/indland/article642479.ece


Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 09:20 - Svar


Ja, og på vej til arbejde havde jeg desværre bilradioen slået ind på P1, og endnu engang havde de inviteret Manu Sareen ind som ‘ekspert’-vidne, og det var selvfølgelig en lang bortforklaring om dårlige sociale forhold og så burde der selvfølgelig ofres flere rescourcer på at give disse stakkels forældre nogle ‘værktøjer’ så de kunne håndtere kriser i familien uden at bruge vold mod deres børn.

Den samme gamle sang. Indavndrene er ofre og skatteyderne bør hoste op med flere penge til det bundløse hul der hedder ‘integration’, suk!!!


Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 09:23 - Svar

I dagens B.T. -kyllingefilet pumpet med svinehud-protein.
Nu kan muslimerne ikke spise supermarkedskylling 😀
Eller når de nu har opdaget dette svineri giver det furore.
Man kan læse nærmere om dette på side 18-19 i B.T.
for d. 5. februar.


Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 09:28 - Svar

Også indvandrerbørn skal naturligvis være fri for at blive slået af forældre. Det er virkelig langt ude hvis ikke engang offentligt ansat pædagogisk personale hjælper børn der oplever omsorgssvigt og vold i hjemmet. Skolelederen burde fyres.


Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 11:27 - Svar


Overlægetitlen er steget ham til hovedet. Han er højt hævet over vi andre i sit elfenbenstårn, hvorfra han dømmer det stinkende folkedyb. Da jeg læste det, manglede bare lige menneksesynet, så var den hjemme. Anstændighed er overlægen selvfølgelig garant for ifølge ham selv. Han skal nok fortælle os dødelige, hvornår tørklædedebatten skal stoppe.

Det er trættende med alle disse gutmenschen, som ikke fatter en brik af den principielle diskussion.
Det kan aldrig være en opgave for en sekulær samfundsinstitution at stille religionspolitiske symboler til rådighed. Repræsenterer man det verdslige, så skal man helt indlysende fremtræde neutralt. Hvor svært kan det være at forstå noget så basalt?
Jeg har fået nok af den multikulturelle utopi, som Biederman-segmentet trækker ned over hovedet på os alle sammen.
Ud med multi kulti. Jeg vil have de moderne sekulære værdier tilbage i vore verdslige institutioner. Mindretalstyranniet er ulideligt.

Willem van Buuren

Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 12:30 - Svar

Not only I, but a growing part of the Dutch people believe that our law will soon be replaced for the sharia. Things are goiing terribly wrong in our country. Our rights are on sale and the atmosphere to speak freely has been killed by the muslims with the help of a christian-left wing coalition government.
At my age, I’m over 60, I’m looking for a country to move. I’m really frightened, not only for myself but also for my children and grand-children.

Maybe Denmark is a safe haven ?


Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 13:24 - Svar

@Willem van Buuren

“Maybe Denmark is a safe haven”

There is no such thing as a ‘Safe heaven’ in Europe. Islam is everyhere here on the continent, and also Denmark has it’s naive center-left parties, which might be in goverment after the next general election in 2010 or 2011. If you’re really looking for a Safe Heaven, then you should consider settleing down in USA.


Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 13:24 - Svar

I don’t believe there is such a place as a safe haven anymore. All Western countries are affected by this rot to a varying extent, although the Netherlands may be the first place to ignite. If you have the option to move the US is probably the wisest choice. The strategy must be going for the place with the best guarantee for personal freedom and the fewest Muslims. Europe will go down for sure, and this may wake up the Americans to act while time still remains, and put Obama’s emerging appeasement strategy on the ash heap of history.

The thing to go for with respect to self interest and preservation is constitutional rights, a culture of assertiveness and patriotism, and a military apparatus and an infrastructure that can be mobilized during a crisis. And as few Muslim immigrants as possible. That’s what I would place my bets on. Canada and Australia are by now headed down the same path as Europe, which in reality leaves the US as the last stand of freedom. They chose unwisely during the recent presidential election, but they may still mend their ways.

Willem van Buuren

Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 14:56 - Svar

To JensH and LFPC
Thank you guys for your comments and advice.

You are probably right in believing that the US is the only civilized place to go.
I often have sleepless nights and I am worried about the future.
It’s been more than 15 years since a friend who died a few years ago, told me that “Islam is the cancer of the world”.
I didn’t believe him at that time, but now I know he was a true visionair.


Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 16:37 - Svar

Willem, Im sure you wil be wellcome here. We offered the same to mr. Neckschot, in case he needs it.

Willem van Buuren

Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 16:55 - Svar

Steen, thank you.
We will take it in consideration.
I already started advising friends to spent their holidays in Denmark instead of islamic countries.


Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 17:22 - Svar

Willem , you probably know already, that a good deal of ductmen has setlled in Denmark, mostly farmers in the southern part of Jutland. I meet them once in a while. They are much liked there, and it seems it only takes a grown up dutch about a year to speak danish fluently.

I dont speak dutch, but when I combine my danish and german, I actually understand a good deal. I read the article in Elsevier, that linked to this blog, and I got the overall meaning.

I still like holland , though. As you do not read danish, I commented on my personal impression of mr. Neckshot: very sympathetic, a gentle intellectual and a broadminded anarchist. We had a very fine evening, indeed.

Willem van buuren

Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 18:02 - Svar

Steen, I didn’t meet any dutchmen in Denmark, when I was there on holidays last year. We have spend our summerholidays in Jylland in the village Bonnerup.
I liked it there very much. The people are very nice and friendly, my kind of people.
I found out that although I cannot read or speak Danish that shopping wasn’t a problem and even reading newspapers tought me what was goiing on in the world.

Since November 2004 I’ve seen all cartoons of Gregorius Nekschot. They are sometimes cruel but mostly I have to smile about them. I changed emails with him once or twice and I think he has a great sense of humour.


Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 18:36 - Svar

Willem, no they are farmers down near the german border. But if you plan a visit to Copenhagen, just write me here snappost@yahoo.dk

Willem van Buuren

Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 21:16 - Svar

OK Steen, I will, thank you.
tak for lån og adjø


Posted: 5 februar 2009 - 23:34 - Svar

@ Willem van Buuren

Hallo ik geloof niet dat de US echt een alternatief is ik heb de laatste tijd aardig wat info gehad van mensen daar die goed in de gaten hebben wat ook daar aan de hand is.
Er zijn er aardig wat die serieus nadenken om de US te onvluchten en dit is niet alleen om dat het gehele land straks bankroet zal zijn, maar omdat het in snel tempo verandert in een dictatuur. (de grondwet is al compleet om zeep gelopen net als in Europa trouwens).
We stomen op naar een New World Order en om dit te bereiken is alles geoorloofd, maar we moeten vooral bang gemaakt worden zodat we allerlei “veiligheids maatregelen”tegen allerlei gevaren zullen slikken,welkom in Europa as a police state.
Hoewel de Islam verschrikkelijk is geloof ik dat er niet het grootste gevaar van uitgaat, Maar dat dit komt van de Illuminati welke onze westerse regeringen in hun macht hebben.
Deze lieden gaan letterlijk over lijken om hun doel te bereiken een One World Government.


Posted: 6 februar 2009 - 00:35 - Svar

Bravo! Thank you! Je vous félicite! Mireille du Québec/Canada


Posted: 7 februar 2009 - 12:19 - Svar

Voor de Nederlanders in Denemarken, hier staat een vertalling van zijn tekst in het Nederlands:

http://hoeiboei.blogspot.com/2009/02/toespraak-gregorius-nekschot-in.h tml


Posted: 7 februar 2009 - 13:27 - Svar

D. G. Neree

Posted: 7 februar 2009 - 20:00 - Svar

To all dutch people and fellow countrymen/women: You are all a bunch of cowards, whining that you’re afraid now. Mr van Buuren, go away, hide under a stone. If Holland DOESN’T need anyone, it’s people like you. It is YOUR country. It is YOU who voted for the people in power. It is exactly this cowardice (did Nekschot mention it as one of the possible reasons for his arrest?) that really makes my blood run cold. You have lost already. Go! Run! it’s people like you that made it all happen. now go and cry in Amerika.


Posted: 7 februar 2009 - 20:42 - Svar

@ Steen. Yes, we did, several times even.

Willem van Buuren

Posted: 10 februar 2009 - 11:08 - Svar

@D. G. Neree

Thank you for your kindness

Willem van Buuren

Posted: 10 februar 2009 - 11:11 - Svar

@D. G.. Neree

Oh, by the way: it’s America with a C

D. G. Neree

Posted: 11 februar 2009 - 02:33 - Svar

Willem van Buuren, I’m sorry if i have offended you, but not everyone is in a position or willing to pack their bags and leave. These people feel they are being betrayed and are rather helpless, except that they can speak up. This last resort is now being taken away. I respect every man/womans decision to lead their lives as they see fit. What do I care? I am for a free world, so whatever you do, go or stay, I wish you all the hapiness in the world. And please don’t feel guilty. You have only a responsibility to yourself and your loved ones.

D. G. Neree

Posted: 11 februar 2009 - 02:34 - Svar

en ja, “happiness” is met 2 p’s 🙂

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